10 Advantages of Biking Adult Tricycles

It is trite that cycling is one of the most popular acts of outdoor exercises common among humans, but it’s not every Dick and Harry out there that knows how to ride a bicycle. Besides, there are those who are incapacitated by one form of disability or the other, lack of stamina or fear of sustaining injuries, are some other factors that restrain some people from “conquering” the bicycle. It was based on these reasons that the tricycle was created.

Tricycles are also known as “trikes” are innovations that feature two wheels at the back, compare to bicycles which have a single wheel at the back. When it comes to tricycles, most people believe that they’re strictly for kids, but that’s not true. Lots of adults have been using and enjoying the services of tricycles to gain improvement on their level of fitness and also for the purpose of strength-building, both presently and in time past. Tricycles are perfect choices for fun and workout activities at any given age, time or place.

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In this article, we shall seek to look into the 10 advantages of biking adult tricycles, with regard to acquiring one for use.

Advantages of Biking Adult Tricycles

Advantages Of Biking Adults Tricycles

Are you an adult seeking a day out in your neighborhood but you’re afraid to ride a bike with two wheels? Are you partially disabled, or simply aged and you feel the need to exercise those veins and sinews under a more comfortable and less strenuous condition?

The advantages inherent in biking tricycles are numerous and they practically represent the best means of keeping you fit and making your errands less difficult.

Below are the 10 major reasons why every fairly aged or partially disabled adult needs a tricycle.

#10. They Give Reassurance

One of the main reasons why so many adults are increasingly taking to riding trikes is primarily due to the degree of safety they offer. Unlike a bicycle, a tricycle will not easily veer off track or simply crash to the sides when it runs into an object or when something suddenly enters its pact unaware. Adult trikes comes with a well-balanced center of gravity that helps in avoiding spills and tips or such other obstacles, as the case may be.

Most adult trikes are constructed out of high quality, sturdy, strong and extremely durable metals and materials that ensure the tricycle will last longer and not easily get damaged.

#9. Additional Stability

The third wheel added to a tricycle makes it more stable than a bicycle, meaning you can maintain your balance far much better than you can on top a bicycle. By provision of the two wheels at the back, an adult can simply and steadily crawl up a hilly terrain, go over a wet street, loosed on a gravel surface or poorly maintained road, etc, and still would not fall. You would only spin instead of losing total control and crashing down like a log of wood, with the possibility of sustaining extensive injuries.

If you’re suffering from a particular condition or a poor balance that prohibit you from riding on the normal conventional bike, the tricycle is certainly for you.

#8. Enhancing Outdoor Exercising

Another major advantage of riding a tricycle is in the aspect of improving body fitness through exercising on a trike. When riding on an upright seat tricycle, most of the works are done using your hands and legs, a process which enables you to loosen the muscles of your hands and feet, while still maintaining a balanced seating position. On the other hand, your exercise is even more complete when riding on a recumbent—the other version of a tricycle—as you’re able to make much use of core muscles and hamstrings when pedaling.

The beauty thereof is even more complete in the sense that you can simply rest by seating on the top of your tricycle whenever you get tired of exercising, instead of propping your bike on a kickstand and standing next to it like you would normally do with a bicycle.

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#7. Beast Of Burden

There are tricycles with wide wheeled basket-like cargo packs fitted on racks and attached just in between the back two-wheeled regions just behind the adult rider. These cargo packs make them very suitable for carrying a heavy amount of loads. Even the recumbent versions are not left out as they can as well be fitted with cargo packs to carry heavy cargo.

In spite of the added weight, the tricycles still showcase profound stability and comfort. You certainly can’t beat the best.

#6. Climbing Made Easy

There are people who love to ride bikes but they just can’t get past the task of going up hill or difficult terrain. However, the advent of tricycles has made the task easier for those who have balance problems—those who cannot go uphill as quickly as possible, or those who have difficulties in mounting or dismounting and stopping a bike.

Tricycles that comes with multiple gears and far much effective and capable than bicycles in the sense that, while it’s mandatory for a rider on a bicycle to keep it upright by maintaining a forward motion. The adult tricycle rider doesn’t need to worry about maintaining any form of forward motion; meaning he can simply put the trike in low gear and comfortably ascend up the hill without any fear of crashing.

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#5. Unparalleled Comfort

The greatest advantage of biking tricycles to adults is the extreme comfort it provides the rider. Most tricycles come with seats that help distribute the load from the rider’s weight to a large area. This ability to distribute weight helps in reducing the pressure, pain and discomfort you might feel on your bottom as a result of sitting on the tinning seats common with the conventional bicycles.

The broad, padded tricycles seats are much more comfortable and suitable for the use of adults having back problems. The ability to seat very comfortable and ride for a long time without pain and fatigue makes tricycles more enjoyable and preferable.

#4. No Discrimination

Who says that older riders or riders with a certain physical disability can’t ride a bike also?

There is no disputing the fact that all adults are capable of benefiting from using tricycles. For instance, there are specially designed trikes wonderfully created with hand cranks instead of the conventional foot pedals, for the sake of people suffering from certain injuries or disability, to ride and cruise with ease.

Adults who have aged considerably can easily get out on a tricycle for their routines tasks—riding with ease and comfort without putting much pressure on those areas of the body that are susceptible to pains and illness. The tricycle equals all.

#3. Health Boost and Risk Reduction

Statistics have shown that type 2 diabetes is on the increase, especially among the elderly, which is a serious health challenge and one major cause of this notorious ailment is a lack of physical exercise. Researchers in Finland have discovered that adults who engaged in cycling or bike riding activities for at least, 30 minutes daily, has a 40% lower risk of developing the ailment.

This is truly good news to the elderly and to those with paralysis or people recovering from strokes, as they can also and adequately carry out the required outdoor exercises by simply riding on their tricycles—hand cycles or recumbent tricycles–with ease and matchless comfort; achieving the same cardiovascular and aerobic benefits in the same manner like their bicycle counterparts.

#2. Optimizing Fitness Level

Similar to cycling, tricycle biking also has some notable advantages capable of making your outdoor exercise a memorable one. It’s no longer a secret that the riding experience in tricycles is one that’s structured for comfort and ease, together with great stability when mounting and dismounting, starting or stopping—processes that would definitely impact positively on the fitness level of aged adults who are having problems with balance and stamina.

The extra power and gear capabilities that come with tricycles for the purpose of scaling through difficult terrains can boost the morale of all riders who are ready to bike but are afraid to go uphill and face difficult routes.

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#1. Enhanced Coordination and Refined mental disposition

Perhaps the most important benefit of adult biking tricycle revolves around the profound coordination of the various muscles during the process of pedalling—the arms and legs coordinating to mount and dismount from the tricycle—the hands and eye coordinating to steer and direct—all in conjunction and in perfect unison with the mental faculties and sensual disposition of the adult rider.

Adult tricycle riding can help refined and reduce certain mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and stress common with some elderly riders. Adults can achieve these goals by regularly making use of their tricycles and enjoying the comfort and peace associated with biking adult tricycles.

Biking Adult Tricycles

Buyer’s Guides and Recommendation

When it comes to buying a tricycle, there is really not much to know. What you may really need to know is that tricycles’ comes in various forms and designs, and with so many styles to choose from, you only need to ask yourself what’s important to you and then make your choice accordingly.

  • Are you handicapped in one way or the other or simply too aged to pedal?

Then go for the Electric Tricycle, which makes pedaling optional as you can allow the tricycle to do the work itself.

For adults who find a recumbent too low and the standard tricycle too hard to pedal, the Semi-Recumbent Tricycle is for you. This type of trike combines the features of both the aforementioned trikes to give you extremely comfortable riding experience.

  • Do you have to cope with the issue of limited storage space?

Then you may consider buying a Folding Tricycle—suitable for managing limited storage space, and it also has an Electric Folding version.

  • What about adults who want to ride but lacked the flexibility to mount and dismount comfortably?

The Low Step Tricycle is for you.

  • Wants to share the riding experience with your spouse, child or friend?

The Double Tricycle is your friend. It provides you the opportunity to converse with the order rider while in motion, and also allows one rider to relax or take a nap while the other rider does the pedaling.

  • Are you planning to go shopping?

Get a tricycle with a large fitted cargo pack and make your shopping easier.

Lastly, you must understand that all tricycles have similar features and produce the same end results in terms of comfort, ease of riding, and flexibility. All that you need to do is to make a choice that rhymes with your needs, and you’re good to go.

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Tricycles offer profound benefits to all adults regardless of class, height or physical nature. They come in different designs, and sizes, making it possible to choose a suitable one for any need, age, and condition.

Tricycles are the perfect choice for all adults especially the physically challenged ones, to undertake and achieved a positive and memorable exercise, to burn off extra energy, go shopping, run errands or simply for short visitations.

Without any doubts, the advantages of adult biking tricycles are simply indispensable especially in an era when people are looking for alternative means of improving their health, physical and mobility challenges. The adult tricycle is a must get.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

10 Advantages of Biking Adult Tricycles



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