5 Simple Steps to Build Your Own Websites

Most of websites on the internet these days do not cost us a penny to access. Yet, you can use website as a way to earn extra money. Website is known as where you can gain knowledge and gather information you need and it could be was important if your business depends on it. Plus, it is also great for online users as well since these day; people tend to check the internet to get their products rather than spending effort to get to the physical store to buy one. Below are some guides to follow if you want to build your own website.


Content Management System

When starting to build a website and spreading your website faster, you have to choose the right platform. Platform here refers to what you might have known as “Content Management System”. Content management system (CMS) or website building platform comes to make all the website that is being created getting accessed by anyone as well as allowing you to control your own content without using tons of HTML pages. Anyway, there are many kinds of platform to choose including Wix, Square Space, Weebly and so on, but we would like to recommend the most popular site building platform “WordPress”.

Below are the reason why WordPress should be considered when building a website:

  • WordPress takes you less days to create a website. By just having basic knowledge of HTML is enough to go.
  • WordPress is much cheaper than any other website builders.
  • WordPress is way easier to understand and to work with. Perfectly for the beginners but you are required some technical coding as well.
  • WordPress is the perfect option for online seller, small business owner and some bloggers.


how to get domain name

If you have already put your trust in WordPress, you can step up to another step-the step where you are required one Domain Name and another website hosting. Here is some information about domain name. Domain name refers to web address or digital address that allows people to find and connect to your site. You can get WordPress platform for free but for domain name, you have to pay some bucks. You can decide whether you could get your domain name by purchasing from third party or who we know as website builders and so on. Getting the domain name for yourself will make your website a lot more professional than staying under the domain of the others and most importantly, it won’t cost you a thousand dollar for the beginner one.



Web hosting is where your sites are connected to the internet. The same as domain name, web hosting also need to eat your penny as well since you have to purchase it from another website builders. By having web hosting, your website will load very fast and it will never go down for a very long time at once making the one who visiting your website could still get their eyes on your contents. Anyway, four types of website hosting are available for you to consider including:

  • Shared Hosting: Sharing a server with the other website
  • VPS Hosting: Sharing a server with the other website as well but gain capacity to handle your own visitors
  • Dedicated Hosting: Have your own server without depending on another website
  • Free Hosting: Free for all website builders



When you have already got one domain name and one web hosting, let’s start setting up the website.

  1. Pick a Domain Name
  2. Fill in Your Information Required
  3. Enter Your Payment Method
  4. Check for Package
  5. Check the Package Information
  6. Finish Registration
  7. Create Your Own Password


how to set up a website

After getting a domain name and setting up your website hosting, let’s continue to customize your own site. Now get your own website up and run it, but there are still many steps to follow.

See also:

  • Installing WordPress by using one click installation or manual installation
  • Choose a template for your website. There are tons of awesome themes out there to choose. Some of which are free of charge while some will need you to spend a few bucks. By changing template, you do not have to worry that your contents will be missed or deleted.
  • Create your content. When you have finished installing your template, you can start creating your content. Below are the basic things you have to do:
  • Add and edit the pages
  • Add those pages to the menu
  • Add and edit the post
  • Customize and tweak your website. In this step, first, you have to change your page title. Changing page title will allow the visitors know better about what your website is about connecting with a tagline as well. Anyway, if you do not want any comments from visitor, you can just go to Setting then Discussion Setting and disable the feature. You could also set your front page to be static in order to maintain the Home Page rather than Posting Page if you are to get a website, not just a blog. You will see sidebar which allow you to drag and drop the items that you want and items that you don’t want.
  • Get a logo for your website. You can consider to have your own logo as it would promote your brand well if you are selling products online. Logo design could be done by you purchasing one from a graphic designer or using logo generator if you are to spend less money on your first website building.
  • Ensure image quality for your website. You also have to make sure that the image in your website are shown in HD making your website look more professional which could possibly attract visitors’ eyes in just a glance.

how to set up a website

Completing these tasks will lead you to a website you have ever wanted. Building a website by your own is not a problem anymore. You do not really need to spend much of the money just to get a website. By following these steps above, your website will come to live.

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