TOP 5 Best 100 Gallon Water Tank Reviews and Buying Guides

10 gallon water tank

Water is extremely crucial for life. Accessing to hygiene water is more vital than anything. Some places in the world are also limited to the use of hygiene water, which can lead to many problems, such as health issues and more. Water tank allows you to store your own water, and then access to sanitized water, which keeps you healthy and avoid any diseases caused by drinking or using unhygienic water. Water tank also allows you to store water for enough use, in case the water supply in your city is cut off or you have to travel at any instances, as well as distribute them for your own business.

There are myriads of benefits you can get, just by to own a water tank. Having one would always be your advantage. If you are new to buying it and looking to have one, this page is for you. This article will introduce you the top 5 best 100 gallon water tanks in 2020. They are durable, beneficial, affordable, and available to purchase online. At the end of our article, you will also find a small section giving tips on buying a water tank.

List Of Top 5 Best 100 Gallon Water Tank Reviews in 2020

5. Detail King 100 Gallon Tank

Detail King

The first item coming off of our list is Detail King 100 Gallon Water tank. This one is made of linear polythylene, making it long-lasting and durable to use for years. This 100 gallon tank is also coating with UV stabilized, which is suitable and firm for outdoor use. Its construction is modeled according ¾ inches NPT outlets standard, which is also customizable. Its resin is also made following regulation of US food and Drug administration, ensuring safety to store your water and consume it. The tank also comes in three colors, such as blue, yellow, and red, allowing you to have choices to choose according to your preferences.

The tank weighs around 215 pounds. Detail King tank has dimension of 38.5 length x 26.5 width x 25 height inches. This one is also highly recommended to use for mobile detailers who are working on a pick-up truck, van, and so on. The tank also features molded slots, making it secure and safe as it is tied down with straps. With this one, you always find it beneficial and practical to own one. Look no further. Own a detail king 100 gallon tank today.

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4. Delta Transfer Tank

Liquid Transfer Tanks

Delta Transfer Tank is always one of the best choices you can ever have. This one is made of high-quality steel coating its outside with white paint. It has full internal baffles, creating additional strength and making it more durable. You can own this one and use it for years long. Delta Transfer Tank also features with 2 inches NPT reinforced bungs. The tank also has a control on its flow of its contents when it is moving and changing position. Delta transfer tank is also constructed with lockable filter cap as well as coupler build-up that can prevent excessive pressure. With this one, you also find it convenient and easy to lift and move the empty tank around as it is designed with built-in lifting rings. It comes in white.

The tank weighs approximately 152 pounds, offering a superior convenience to move around for mobility. The tank is also designed with strong brackets, ensuring security of the tank mobilizing to the truck bed, and all the brackets need to be sure that they are bolted firmly to the truck. Delta is practical for use and affordable to purchase.

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3. Detail King Water Tank 100 Gallon

Detail King Water

One of the best water tank you can ever find is Detail King Water Tank 100 Gallon. Its performance and quality always satisfy your need and preference. If you are a mobile detailer of a truck, van, and so on, detail King water tank 100 gallon is for you. With this one, it can offer you sufficient water to last the day and after that some. This water tank is also capable to store to the maximum of 100 gallons as its size is expanded when the tank is filled in fully. With the amount, you can either use it to clean full exterior of the cars, on the average from 10 to 15 car, depending on how saving you are. Moreover, you can also use this one for carpet cleaning van. The tank is made of linear polyethylene and UV stabilized, which makes it ideal to use for outdoor storage.

The tank comes in white and weighs 215 pounds. The tank also features molded slots, making it strap to its place securely and safely. Purchase one of the Detail King water tank today, and make your car-washing or carpeting cleaning van business grow a higher performance.

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2. RecPro Water Tank

RecPro 100 Gallon

No worry about having to travel across the country in RV and lacking of water supply anymore. Fully aware of the essentiality of water supply that is needed when it comes to travel throughout the country in an RV, RecPro Water Tank is especially made to fulfill the needs. RecPro is uniquely designed, more than just to use for RV, yet also for extra use with horse trailers as well as marine products. This one is a 100-gallon water tank, with dimension of 81 W x 11 H x 26 D inches. The amount of water will be enough for you to consume when you travel on the road. The tank is also sturdy and durable, staining-resistant, and withstand the corrosion and rust.


With RecPro, you find it convenient and easy to pour out the water, as you can rotate the tank for easy access after you have set it up on your vehicle. Always put your safety of health upfront, RecPro is made according to FDA procedures and standards. Its materials are superior quality polyethylene plastic. This water storage container also features a 1.25 inches inlet with ⅜ inches NPT connection, ensuring a great flow of your water.

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1. Polymart Water Tank

100 Gallon Rain

One of the best and last water tank on our list is Polymart 100-gallon Water tank. Polymart water tank features lots of practicalities for being a portable water tank. This one allows you to collect the rain and store it for consuming. The water tank also has a 12-inch steel strainer basket above the tank, keeping out big debris and thus ensuring a clean water. The portable water tank also consists of 3 inches steel for screening overflow.

Polymart is also designed with 0.75 inches bulkhead and 1.5 inches bottom bulkhead for easy plug and keeping its position in place. This one comes in 8 colors that you can choose up to your preferences such as dark or light blue, dark or light brown, dark green or green, grey, and black. You will never regret to own this one. Hesitate no more. Purchase one of the polymart water tank right now.

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Buying Guides

As there are many brands and types of 100-gallon water tanks have been emerged in the market, and if this is also the first time you are about to buy it, choosing the best one would be a daunting task. Be worry-free. This little section will be your solution. It will brief you a basic foundation that can guide you to choose one of the best 100-gallon water tank, according to your needs and preferences.

The best water tank should be included:

  • Molded Straps: All the water tanks should have molded straps, allowing users to safely and securely connect them to the truck or van and keep them in place. The molded strap also ensures the water tank position, ensuring a convenience and easy way to access to the water inside the tank.
  • Safety Standard: Water tank involves in keeping water for daily consuming and drinking. It is pretty important that the tanks need to be constructed and made of materials that is safe and following the standard of Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Always looking for FDA label to ensure the standard of using it and will not harm your health.
  • Strainer Basket: Strainer Basket would be another additional significant thing to have at the top of the tank, which allows you to store the rain directly into the water tank, and keep the large debris out of the tanks.
  • Weather/Corrosion-Resistant: The water tank has to be durable, sturdy, and resistant to corrosion and rust, which allows the user to use it for long years, especially for outdoor storage that can easily expose to corrosion.


Now you have come to the end of the article. The article has just pinpointed the top 5 best 100 gallon water tank review in 2018 for you. These water tanks are best for storing the rain and water for your business consumption as well as on your travelling across the country. The tanks are also sturdy and durable, as most of them are made of stainless steel, featuring resistant to corrosion and rust that is best for outdoor storage. They also have molded straps and secure plug that can be safely and securely situated on your van or truck. Quit your hesitation and purchase one today.