Best 11 ft Offset Patio Umbrella Reviews in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Are you looking for a great cantilever or an offset patio umbrella? Whether you use it for commercial or residential purposes, it’s important to choose the right offset patio umbrella that fits your desire location and need. Since there are many brands and companies compete with each other in the market, it will be challenging to find the best one that could fit all your criteria.

With the help of our team, we had put together the finest detail of the top ten 11ft offset patio umbrella we can find in 2020. Without further ado, let’s look into each one of them.

List of  Best 11 ft Offset Patio Umbrella Reviews in 2020

10. Homefun 11ft Cantilever Umbrella

 HOMEFUN 11ft Patio Aluminium Cantilever Umbrella

This offset patio umbrella is constructed from aluminum that is anti-oxidation as well as rust resistant. The fabric is 100% polyester which is weather resistant and durable. It comes with one standard beige color that fit with any surrounding and location. The crank lifting system is easy to handle and can be adjust easily. You can rotate it 360 degree to cover shade from any angles you desire.

It’s suitable for any purpose including commercial and residential purpose. Basically, you can use it anywhere you desire whether it’s your garden, poolside, or even your own restaurant. The package comes with a cross base and cover.

Especially, the cover is made from high quality fabric that is able to protect your umbrella and maintain its quality to function like a new product. This offset patio umbrella received perfect review from their customers. The quality and design are worth every of your penny.

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9. Flame & Shade – Cantilever Umbrella with Solar LED lights

 FLAME&SHADE 10' Offset Cantilever Hanging Umbrella with Solar LED Lights

Cantilever Hanging Umbrella by Flame&Shade features a solar led light that is suitable for both daytime and night use. It has a dual switch between hub light and rib light that are both powered by solar energy.

However, if you dislike this feature, you can always purchase the one without light that is cheaper. There are five colors available and the umbrella designed maximize both functionality and looks. It made from durable fabric for sun protection as well as raining weather.

The center pole is 1.9 inches and the umbrella weight 31.1 pounds. It’s simple and easy to use. It has a smooth crank winder that is comfortable for opening and closing. Plus, a powder coated steel that is fit for outdoor use.

Please note that the base weight is not included in the package so make sure you purchase one differently.
This cantilever umbrella is suitable for any outdoor locations such as by the poolside, on the balcony, in your garden, etc. Purchase one of these durable and rugged umbrellas now to enjoy your best outdoor time.

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8. Le Papillon – 10ft Cantilever Umbrella

 Le Papillon 10 ft Cantilever Umbrella Outdoor Offset Patio Umbrella Easy Open

This Cantilever umbrella has the 360 degrees rotation features that allow it to move anywhere you want. It comes with 4 colors and clever design. It can be open and extend effortlessly in just a single motion. The crank mechanism also allows for easy rotation.

There’s also a wind vent at the top for stability and let airflow. This 10 ft hanging umbrella is exceptionally easy to set up and put away, so you won’t have a rough time every time you want to open or close it.

The center pole is 1.9 inches and made from high-quality material. The umbrella has a weather-resistant design that provides more stability than the normal market cantilever umbrella. This offset hanging umbrella is ideal for both commercial and residential locations.

You can use it anywhere you desire such as a restaurant, café, garden, pool, balcony, etc. The weight of this umbrella is sold separately so make sure to purchase one with the umbrella.

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7. COBANA – 10’ Offset Patio Umbrella

 COBANA 10’ Offset Patio Umbrella

Cobana offset patio umbrella features a solar powered as well as USB chargeable function. It has a unique feature that few umbrellas possess. You can now enjoy your outdoor moment with the Bluetooth speaker and the 32 beads that installed onto the umbrella. There’s a small switch with two buttons for activating these two features under the umbrella that is extremely easy to operate.

The cordless Bluetooth speaker is installed in the center with the 4 led lights on each rib. Since it’s chargeable and also powered by solar energy, you won’t have to fear about blackout at your party anymore.

There are 4 colors to choose from and these offset patio umbrellas are made from durable polyester fabric that is weather resistant. You can enjoy your outdoor activities both day and night without having to worry about the outside weather.

Furthermore, it also has a 360-degree rotation features that is easy to rotate ,possess much better shade protection as well as more tilt styles. It has 8 ribs like most offset patio umbrella. Similarly, there’s no base in the package, so you have to purchase it separately.

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6. Sundale – 11ft Offset Hanging Umbrella

 Sundale Outdoor 11 ft Offset Hanging Umbrella Market Patio Umbrella Aluminum Cantilever Pole

This umbrella is constructed from high-quality materials in both fabric and body. The type of fabric that uses for this umbrella is polyester that is UV resistant as well as waterproof. On the other hand, the body which is the pole and ribs are made from two different materials. The pole is made from aluminum which is durable and rust-resistant, and the ribs construct from steel that is heavy and strong.

This umbrella comes in two sizes and three distinct colors. It has a 360-degree rotation system that is easy to operate with the foot pedal. The crank lifting system makes it much easier to open and close the umbrella.
There’s also an air vent install on top to strengthen the umbrella stability and also to increase airflow. Within the package, there’s a cover that protects your umbrella from the outside weather and prolongs the umbrella life and appearance.

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5. Abba- Offset Cantilever Solar Lights

 Abba Patio 11 Feet Offset Cantilever Solar Lights Patio Hanging Umbrella

Need a fancy umbrella that fits a high-standard lifestyle? Check this out, with these 11 feet offset umbrella, you can enjoy your outdoor times with more comfortability. It has many unique features that few market cantilever umbrellas have such as solar-powered light bulb. On the center, there is this light bulb that is powered by a solar panel that is located on top of the umbrella.

Furthermore, you can also charge it with the USB port, so you don’t always have to rely on the sun to recharge it. With this umbrella, you can enjoy outdoor activities from day tonight. There’s also vented install on top to let the airflow and stabilize the umbrella from any outside influence.

It is constructed from recycled polyester fabric which is waterproof and also has UV protection. The fabric is fade-resistant and comes with four available colors. The umbrella is easy to set up and put away.
There is 5 vertical tilt position that is easy to adjust and provide more angles of shade. It’s suitable for any area such as backyard, pool, garden, restaurants, etc. In the package, there’s a crossbar included but not the weight, so you have to purchase it separately.

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4. Mefo Garden – 11 feet Offset Cantilever Umbrella

Mefo garden 11 Ft Offset Cantilever Umbrella, 360° Rotated Outdoor Patio Umbrella

Mefo Garden offer a 360 rotation that can provide shade from any angles. This umbrella is construct from aluminum which is lighter than iron or steel and is less likely to rust. The pole is detachable which make it easier to assemble or put away. The umbrella is easy to set up and easy to open or close. It made from high quality fabric which is durable and last longer than the normal offset patio umbrella.

It’s suitable for any area such as garden, pool, balcony, backyard, etc. The canopy is large enough to fit one table with 6-chairs which is enough for the whole family to enjoy the outdoor times. It comes with several colors and like most market offset patio umbrella, the weight needs to be purchase separately.

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3. Purple Leaf – Double Top Deluxe Patio Umbrella

PURPLE LEAF 11 Feet Double Top Round Deluxe Patio Umbrella Offset Hanging Umbrella Outdoor Market Umbrella Garden Umbrella, Beige

This umbrella has 9 distinctive colors to choose from. It constructs from high quality polyester that is durable and weather resistant. The bones are made from aluminum that has anti-oxidation painted which able to maintain a longer life than the normal market offset patio umbrella. Furthermore, the ribs are made from heavy duty steel that is strong and sturdy.

The air vent on top design to provide more airflow and the umbrella stability. It also has a 360-degree rotation for easier control of the shading area. Likewise, the weight base in not included in the package.

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2. Grand Patio – Napoli Deluxe Curvy Offset Umbrella

 Grand Patio Napoli Deluxe 11 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella, Champagne

You can enjoy your outdoor times much better with this premium offset patio umbrella. It made from high quality materials that make it durable and weather resistant. The fabric is made from double-coated polyester that can withstand most weather and any minor damages.

On the other hand, the poles and the ribs are made from aluminum which is strong and resistant to rust. The umbrella is easy to operate and set up. The design maximizes both style and functionality which make it suitable for high-end restaurant or hotels.

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1. MF STUDIO – Offset Cantilever UmbrellaMF STUDIO Offset Cantilever 11ft Outdoor Patio Hanging Umbrella - 8 Positions - Cross Base Included, Orange Red-ft Offset Patio Umbrella

This offset patio umbrella comes with only two colors beige and red. They use a fine fabric to prolong the umbrella life and make it much durable than the normal market offset patio umbrella. The fabric is 100% polyester and it’s UV resistance as well as waterproof. The pole and ribs are made from full steel that provide great strength and durability.
The crank system is extremely easy to operate and it’s suitable for any location you desire. Whether it’s for commercial or residential use, it always fulfills your need. Though, the cross base is included in the package, the base weight isn’t. So, make sure to purchase one separately that fit with the weight requirement.

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Buying Guide: What is the best cantilever umbrella?

In order to purchase wisely, you need to know these 3 things first before deciding. It will save you both money and time when you get to choose the right one.

  • Base weight

As you know that, most offset patio umbrella in the market don’t include base in the package, so you have to purchase it separately. Also, there’s a specific weight that you need to use depend on the size of the umbrella so you have to check carefully on whether how much weight you should use with the company that you bought the umbrella from.

  • Umbrella Pole Materials

It important to choose the material that you think is best for your circumstances. There are two common materials that use for this type of umbrella. It’s either aluminum or steel.

Aluminum : is much lighter than steel and it also much more expensive. Since aluminum have rust resistance, it’s perfect for outdoor purposes. It’s also durable and extremely strong.

Steel : Umbrella with steel material possess many features that make it as great as aluminum, however, it’s much cheaper. The reason is because steel doesn’t have anti-rust like aluminum. That’s why in term of durability, aluminum has the upper hand. Furthermore, Steel is heavier than aluminum so it’s another

  • Cantilever Umbrella Accessories

Many offset patio umbrellas in the market are trying to compete with each other with a distinctive feature that make them unique from the rest. These are several unique features that few of them have.

  • Lighting

It’s not uncommon to see these features on the recent cantilever umbrella. Though, there are different method of installation but most of them have light installed onto the umbrella that can be charged through solar energy or USB port. Some Umbrella tend to put light bead onto the ribs to make it bright in a wider area. However, some put a light bulb in the center instead which provide the same amount of brightness.

  • Patio Umbrella Cover

Since we always put the umbrella outside all the times, it’s important to protect it from rusting or damages when not using it. That’s why some company invent these cover that made from high quality fabric to protect the umbrella from any damages. It’s much simpler to use these than to move the umbrella unnecessarily from outside to inside.

  • Bluetooth Speaker

Just in case, you want a Bluetooth speaker that comes with the umbrella. There’s one that let you connect with your phone and can easily charge through the solar panel or USB port just like the light.


It’s important to choose the right offset patio umbrella that fit your characteristic and need. It’s also significant to think about their durability and strength. So, that’s why you need to purchase wisely with the umbrella materials, colors, features, and your budget in mind so you won’t need to make an unnecessary second purchase.


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If you are here with us, we are pretty sure that you are looking for the best offset umbrella for using in the house. As we come up with the list of the Top 10 Best 11 feet Offset Patio Umbrella Reviews in 2020, we will highlight the key features of each product. Hopefully, you can find the product that you are interested in.

List of  Top 10 Best 11 Feet Offset Patio Umbrella Reviews in 2020

10. Le Papillon Cantilever Umbrella

Outdoor Offset Patio Umbrella 360 Degree Rotation

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The first top-rated 11 feet offset patio umbrella on the list today goes to this Le Papillon Cantilever Umbrella. The awesome feature of this product is it allows up to 360-degree rotation. Adding to that, for the sturdiness of this patio umbrella, steel ribs are added. Plus, for ensuring that it is corrosion free, the umbrella is also coated with the bronze powder as well. More than this, for the convenience of the users, the height and angle can be adjusted to meet your preference.

Another great point of this product is it is well made from the high quality fabric. Therefore, it can effectively resist the sunlight and water well. Lastly, this product is well known for the stability that it provides as well.

9. FarLand Patio Umbrella

Umbrella Luxury 360° Rotate Offset Cantilever Outdoor-Umbrella

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This is the product known as the FarLand Patio Umbrella Luxury Umbrella. Unlike most offset patio umbrellas, this beach umbrella aims to give the nice shade for the users. With the 360 degree adjustable base, this product is very easy to use. On top of that, you can freely adjust the tilt angle of this umbrella with ease, too.

More awesome than this, the company of this product offers a 30-day money back guarantee to the customers in case that you are not satisfied with this product.

8. Grand Patio Deluxe Aluminum Offset Umbrella

Grand Patio Deluxe 10 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

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Next, we are glad to show you the large offset patio umbrella, Grand Patio Deluxe 11 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella. First and foremost, it is well made from the top grade aluminum frame, ensuring the unbeatable quality in return. Moreover, in order to resist corrosion and rust, the product is coated with powder as well.

Plus, it can both withstand the water and UV at the same time, too. On top of that, the operation process in using this product is very easy; it can be effortlessly opened and closed with the handle attached to it.

7. Domi Outdoor Living Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella

11-Feet Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella Outdooor

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Domi Outdoor Living 11-Feet Aluminum Cantilever Umbrella, the awesome outdoor umbrella that we wish to introduce to you, is designed with 8 sturdy steel ribs total. Thus, it can resist tears and rips well, plus, it can reinforce the stability of this product, too. Greater than this, you can get the nice shade since it is built-in with the 360 degree rotation feature.

Additionally, this patio umbrella can act as the shield for giving you the protection against the sunlight and water simultaneously. Please also be noted that the materials chosen for producing this product are the top grade Polyester fabric.

6. Eclipse Collection Cantilever Umbrella

Eclipse Collection 11' CantileverUmbrella

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If you are looking for the best large patio umbrella offset, we bet you will lobe this Eclipse Collection 11′ CantileverUmbrella. As the name has suggested, the size of this product is 11 ft. Moreover, this heavy-duty product is well constructed from the high quality products as well. If we take a look at the rib parts, it is designed with up to 8 aluminum frames, hence, the sturdiness in enhanced.

Adding to that, you also have the choice in adjusting the height and angle. So, we bet you can happily relax under the nice shade as well. Last but not least, it not only offers shade, but it also gives the modern decoration for your house, too.

5. Grand Patio Deluxe Aluminum Offset Umbrella

10 FT Curvy Aluminum Offset Umbrella

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This is the incredible umbrella, which is one of the best-selling products on the market today. Grand Patio Deluxe 11 ft Offset Patio Umbrella can resist rust since it is coated with powder. More than this, the durable aluminum frame adds the extra stability to this product too. For the convenience of the users, this product comes with the wheels under the base, allowing you to move it easily.

Last but not least, we would also wish to remind you that, as it is attached to the handle and crank lift, you can effortlessly open and close it with ease.

4. Purple Leaf Patio Umbrella Offset Hanging Umbrella

Purple Leaf 11 Feet Double Top Deluxe Patio Umbrella

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Purple Leaf 11 Feet Double Top Deluxe Patio Umbrella is another product that you should get for the outdoor decoration and great convienience. First of all, it is designed with the adjustable heights and angles, allowing you to choose the suitable ones for using at different times, too. Additionally, the high quality fabric can offer you the perfect shield from both water and sunlight.

If you are worried that the parts of it get corroded, concern no more since it is protected by the spray painted. As a result, this rectangular offset patio umbrella can be used for a long time.

3. Ulax Furniture 360° Rotation LED Light Umbrella

Outdoor Offset Hanging Market Umbrella

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With the innovative design of the 360 degrees rotation, Ulax Furniture Umbrella is well-known for its unbeatable quality. Furthermore, with the construction of the pole and aluminum ribs, we can guarantee the strong and durable quality that you cannot find in other product. More awesome than this, it also uses the solar panel; hence, this superb umbrella comes with LED light too.

Plus, for the convenience of the users, USB port is built-in with this outdoor umbrella too. For your information, the height and angle of this product can be conveniently adjusted too. So you can choose the desirable position for yourself.

2. Abba Patio Offset Patio Umbrella

Abba Patio Offset Patio Umbrella

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Abba Patio Offset Patio Umbrella, one of the top best products in the list today, is 11 feet tall. With the nice round shape of this product, it is highly suitable for both commercial and household use. Moreover, as it is constructed from the superior quality Polyester fabric, it can perfectly shield you from both sun and water.

Adding to that, you can have full trust on this product since it comes with an aluminum pole. Regardless of what position you wish to get, this umbrella allows you to freely adjust it without any concern. We would like to remind you that this product is both strong and durable.

1.Ulax Furniture Deluxe Offset Hanging Market Umbrella

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Well, we believe that you are eagerly waiting to hear from us the number one product in the list. This is the Ulax Furniture 360° Rotation 11 Ft Deluxe Outdoor Offset Umbrella. Please be noted that this durable product is constructed from aluminum for the rib parts and steel tube for the pole. On top of that, as the fabric of this product is thicker than that of the others, it can resist sunlight and water very well.
Plus, we bet you will get the ultimate comfort while relaxing under this large umbrella, too. Last but not least, for adding the extra stability for the whole umbrella, it is also designed to withstand strong winds, too.


You might have noticed that there are many types of Patio Umbrellas available on the market today. While choosing the right product that can decorate your house at the same time is hard, we hope with the list given, you can form some ideas about the offset patio umbrella that you wish to get.