TOP 10 Best 6 Person Tent Reviews and Buying Guides

Wenzel Evergreen Tent

Camping and hiking is always an exciting adventure to experience. Going camping or hiking and spend the night sleeping in tent together is also additionally memorable. If you are an adventurous person, love to travel in group, and spend the night together, having your own tent that a group can fit in together is an advantage. It saves money, for we can install it in a suitable area, as well as enjoy another experiences from a 4-wall room of a hotel.

Today, there are many brands and types of 6-person tents emerging on the market, selecting the best one would be a challenging task. Yet no worry. This site is especially made for you. The article will unveil the top 10 best 6 person tents in 2018 for you. They are comfortable, long-lasting, and affordable to own one, and add more joyful experiences to your adventurous journey.

List Of Top 10 Best 6 Person Tent Reviews in 2018

10. Wenzel Tent

Wenzel Evergreen Tent

The first brand coming off of our list is Wenzel Tent. This one is a dome tent, which can accommodate 6 people. It also consists of E-port, which is used for electrical cords, and gear loft, which gives you convenient to keep your items such as flashlights and so on. This dome tent can also be separated into two rooms by a divider curtain that is removable. The tent is also pretty durable and long-lasting, for it is made of strong polyester fabric coated with polyurethane and shock-corded fiberglass poles.

Wenzel tent is also made with three mesh windows and roof, which is closable and great for allowing air coming inside up to your wish. The dome tent is also pretty easy and takes a little time to set up. The tent dimension is 27.5 x 9 x 9 inches, and it weighs approximately 17.86 pounds, which is pretty much easy to bring with during your camping or hiking or for any outdoor activities. You will also get 10-year warranty via purchasing this tent.

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9. Kelty 6-person Tent

Kelty Sequoia 4 and 6 Person

One of the best tent that gives you a comfortable and will never upset you is the Kelty 6-person Tent. This one is spacious enough to accommodate 6 people inside it cozily. The tent is made with mesh walls as well as a mesh ceiling, giving you a good view of the night stars and probably the moon and it also keeps you away from the bugs. If you also concern about difficulty to place your little things such as power bank, phone, or any little items, Kelty is your friend and a solution to your problem.

Kelty is also built with multiple internal pockets, allowing the users to store their items and any stuff organizedly and will be able to find it easily. The tent is also equipped with rain fly that you can use it whenever you need. The tent also has stable steel poles. You will never regret to own this one.

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8. Kelty Outback Tent

Kelty Outback Tent

Kelty Outback Tent is another best 6-person tent on our list. It comes in grey and is very light and versatile. This 6-man tent features X-tent design, making it super easy and take little time to set up. Kelty tent also has huge D-door, which allows the users to access to the inside tent easily, conveniently, and comfortably. With this one, you do not need to worry about its stand under the windy conditions anymore.

Kelty is made with attached guylines, giving you a strong and stabilizing stand. It also consists of full rain fly and inside storage pockets, which you can store your items as well as the guylines when you do not use it. Its zipper also features a durable and high-quality, and it makes no noise while zipping. The tent also comes at a affordable price, yet deliver a great comfortable environment. Its dimension is 118 x 76 x 106 inches.

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7. NTK Tent

NTK Colorado GT

One of the best waterproof camping tent you can ever find is the NTK tent. Its fabric is made of laminated polyester, making 100% waterproof. This brand has also been popular and given the best experiences to its customers for 40 years in the market. It is super durable, made of high-quality and rust-resistant materials. The inside top of the tent also features a loop that can be used to hang a lantern, and make the inside bright. Its flooring also has bathtub-style construction barrier, which gives you a cozy sleep even in puddle.


The tent features breathable mosquito mesh, keeping you away from mosquitoes, and malaria. With NTK tent, you find it super easy and pretty quick to assemble the tent for your family and friends. NTK is one of the best group tent keeping you convenient and protecting you from heat, rain, as well as insects.

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6. Gazelle Tent

Gazelle 26800

One of amazing friend/family tents you can ever find is Gazelle Tent. The tent is 100% made of polyester, making it superiorly strong and durable to use for years long. Gazelle is also spacious that can accomodate to maximum of 8 people. It is also famously known to be taken only 90 second to set up, and its attachable rain fly is also easy to use and connects to protect the tent from the rain.

Another special thing about this tent is its zipper is also strong and strictly attached that will not allow rain flowing in through the zipper. Gazelle also features attachable rain fly and removable floor. The tent comes in orange, weighs only 47 lbs, and is super easy to fold and bring along anywhere in 63 inches carry bag.

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5. Blanmour Tent

Blanmour Pop up

You will always feel cozy sleeping in tent, just by choosing to use Blanmour Tent. Blanmour tent features dual UV protection layers as well as waterproof polyester fabric, making you dry despite any bad weather conditions. This tent also has double zippered door, which is easy to access to inside the tent. The tent also has transparent gauze, let you enjoy the outside view, and meshes around the tent for air circulating in and out and concurrently protect you from any kinds of insects. The package also consists of a portable bag that you can put the tent in and travel anywhere. Blanmour is highly recommended to use for camping, family gatherings, boy/girl scout, and more to go.

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4. ALPS Mounterneering Tent

 ALPS Mountaineering

ALPS Mounterneering tent is a high-quality product with an affordable price that you can ever find in the market. This tent is made of durable materials, with a great hub design, easy for setup, and pole clips, for quick snapping to the tent poles. The tent is uniquely designed with an extra tall height at the center and straight-side walls, giving more spacious rooms for cots and convenience to stand up inside the tent.

ALPS Mounterneering also comes with a weatherproof fly on the front door and window. This one is equipped with mesh shelf, stakes, and guy ropes. It weighs around 23lbs, easy to bring along for your travelling.

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3. Coleman Tent

Coleman Steel Creek

Never failed to satisfy its customers need, Coleman tent is one of the best tent, spacious for 6 people. This dome tent is super easy to setup, which takes approximately 7 minutes, as it is constructed with color-coded poles. The tent also has a separate screen room, giving additional sleeping space and protect you from bugs and other kinds of insects. It also has internal storage and e-port for phone charging or other uses.

Coleman is also durable and withstand the wind, as it is made of high-quality polyguard fabric, wind-strong frame, zipper protection, and waterproof floor, keeping you dry at any instances. This one is also spacious enough to let you put double queen-sized airbeds, and thus enjoy a cozy sleep.

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2. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman 6-Person

This one is made of polyester, easy to setup, and has a practical unique design. The tent features spacious floor easy to stand and move around, inverted seams protecting from water, and rainfly awning for keeping you from rain and providing shade. Coleman also consists of E-port and internal storage pocket. It is also designed with big window, allowing air circulating to the inside tent and cool the inside.

The tent also has zipper protection, and wind-strong frame. The tent comes in green with 6 ft height, and is snag-free. It can accommodate 6 people or fit to put two queen airbeds. It also has 1-year warranty for ensuring customer satisfaction. With Coleman Sundome tent, you will never regret to own this one.

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1. Coleman Evanston Tent

Coleman 6-Person

The last and one of the best tent on our list is Coleman Evanston Tent. This one is made of polyester taffeta 75D. The tent is pretty spacious, enough to accommodate 6 person or 2 queen airbeds. The tent also features with weatherTec system, patented welded floors, as well as inverted seams. It also has separate screen room, giving you a comfortable bug-free lounging.

Coleman Evanston also consists of window awnings let you to have your windows opened and air circulated inside while concurrently protecting from rain and providing shade. The tent also has a mesh roof, allowing you to enjoy the view of night sky on a dry night. The package also includes rainfly and carrying bag.

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What to Consider

Having to go for camping or hiking or any kinds of adventures as a group of 6 people such as your best friends, bringing a tent along to spend the night together is always indelible. However, if it is the first time you are looking to buy a 6-person tent, purchasing the best one that fits your need would be a daunting task. In the next section of the article below, it will introduce you some basic criteria that allows you to choose the best one according to your need.

The core tents equipment should be consisted of:

  • Waterproof Fabric: The tents should be made of high-quality materials and polyester fabric, which makes them last-long and durable to use for years. The materials also have to be waterproof, protecting its internal tent dry and from raining and keep the water out.
  • Gear Loft: One of its important features is to have a gear loft inside the tents, allowing users to easily put their items such as torch, phone, power bank, money or more. Gear Loft also allows users to keep their stuff organized and easily find them later when they need them.
  • Divider Curtain: Divider curtain should be an additional stuff, yet not really important, to have for a group tent, in case some members want to have their own privacy or want their own separate sleeping space while sleeping together. 
  • Wind-Strong Stand/poles: Wind-strong frames and poles are very important features for tents. You cannot foresee the weather while going on your adventure. Wind-strong poles keep your tent in place despite the strong wind and thus keeping you inside the tents safe.
  • Mesh Roof & Window Awnings: Window awnings are another important feature for tents. The awning keeps you from sunlight during the day and protect you from rain to come inside your tent during raining while concurrently allowing you to have your windows opened and cool your inside tents. Mesh roof is another additional feature, allowing you to enjoy the night view on a clear night sky.
  • E-port: You may also look for tents that have E-port feature, which then you can have all your electronic devices charged and used inside the tents comfortably and conveniently.
  • Bug-Free: Bug-free feature is another feature that you should look at while finding to buy a tent. It keeps you to sleep cozily inside the tent without insects disturbing.


Going on an overnight trip as a group is always a fun thing to do. It would be more exciting, memorable, and funnier if the group also spend the night together in a tent. Having one of 6-person tents can be an advantage. The above article has also just briefed you the top 10 best 6-person tent reviews in 2018. They are practical, spacious, durable, and affordable to own.

The tents also come in various unique designs and colors that allow you to choose upon your preference. You will also find it cozy to sleep inside them. Quit your hesitation and own one of it today. Go on the next adventurous journey with your family or friends or colleagues and spend the night in tent together and add-on to your additional fun experiences.