Best 75 inch TV in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for the best 75 inch TV? We have compiled the following TVs. They are most suitable for office uses and home entertainment. Choosing a TV is a big deal because choosing a poor quality of TV will cause disasters during business meeting or your whole family’s disappointment and waste your money. Therefore, we have worked hard to list you 7 best 75” TVs in 2019.


List of  Top 7 Best 75 Inch 4K TVs Review

7. Samsung 75NU7100 4K Smart TV

Samsung 75NU7100 4K Smart TV


First thing first, we are going to start our list with the Samsung 75NU7100 4K Smart TV. With this 4K flat screen TV, you are going to enjoy millions of shades of color and you are going to enjoy watching the most fantastic images display on this TV. It has the finest tuned to create the impressive vibrant picture that allows you to enjoy your favorite movies like you’ve never been before.

This TV also has 120 motion rate which provides smooth and great fast-moving contents to let you enjoy the new experiences of the modern TV. This 4K smart TV also features the high dynamic range content as well to increase the quality of the image even better than ever. Looking at the design of this TV, it has a slim appeal despite its 75″ size to fit with a modern look that you will definitely admire its beauty.

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6. LG UV340C 2160p LED-LCD TV

LG UV340C 2160p LED-LCD TV


Moving up to another high-performance 75″ TV we have here is the LG UV340C 2160p LED-LCD TV. With this 4K screen, you can enjoy streaming or watching various type of media and it will provide you with the best quality of image yet on modern technology.

On the one hand, this TV also comes with the wall-mounted feature that you can put in up on the wall to save spaces inside the living room. With this feature, this TV is the ideal choice for those who live in a small living space or apartment where they need to be flexible and creative in organizing the stuff. While being a 75″ TV, this LG UV340C also comes with the energy saving mode to help you reduce bills at the end of every month.

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5. Samsung QN75Q9F QLED 4K 9 Series

Samsung QN75Q9F QLED 4K 9 Series


Coming up next, we have the Samsung QN75Q9F QLED 4K 9 Series. This stunning 4K TV equipped with the Q Contrast EliteMax that the pinnacle of QLED is an anti-reflective screen and will deliver the most pristine detail and depth. Another Q feature we have here is the Q HDR EliteMax that provide the high dynamic range experiences and this feature with delivering the most premium picture that a 4K can give in the current technology.

The Q Style Elite is the design of this TV that it minimizes the use of wire and features the mounting flush to the wall for a better experience in watching the TV and also save some spaces as well as a picture. Moreover, this QLED TV has the ambient mode that with this mode, you can elevate your living room with decorative content and it will blend in well with your existing decor.

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4. Samsung QN75Q9FNA 4K UHD TV

Samsung QN75Q9FNA 4K UHD TV


Next, we have the Samsung QN75Q9FNA 4K UHD TV.  This is the certified refurbished product that refurbished to factory specification and shows limited or no wear. This 75″ 4K UHD TV includes all the original accessories along with a 90 days warranty for your confidence in getting this one.

Its quality is as well good as the original one and it can also deliver the highest performance like the original one as well. Inside the box, you will find many accessories along with the big screen TV such as Remote Control, Connect Box, Fiber Optic Cable and other accessories.

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3. Sony XBR75X850F

Sony XBR75X850F


If you’ve found yourself lusting after Sony TVs, then here is another pick for you. This Sony XBR75X850F 75” 4K TV is capable of taking all sorts of content (even non-HDR content) to greater heights – thanks to its 4K X-Reality Pro feature and the innovative X1 processor. The TV delivers delicious, and vibrant colors along side with rich contrast and high HDR, projecting the most realistic images. Another striking feature is the TV’s 120Hz refresh rate, guaranteeing that you will enjoy fast moving scenes to the fullest.

There are plenty of inputs provided (4 HDMIs, and 3 USBs). The TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa as well. In the package, you will get all you need such as batteries, instructions, voice remote control, and more for operating the TV smoothly.


The Sony XBR75X850F is tied with other 2019 75” 4K TVs as the best performing TV to date. Here is a quick glance at the reasons why:

  • Images boast precise details, outstanding contrast, and rich colors
  • HDR content at all time
  • Feature: 120Hz refresh rate for the best fast moving scenes
  • Various inputs equipped
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

Since the Sony XBR75X850F is a brand new TV in 2019 fresh off the production line (at the time of review), it is not surprising that we haven’t spotted complaints yet. If the TV qualities and features appear to be able to cater to needs, it is worth it to give this well polished innovation a try.

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2. Sceptre UTV U758CV-UMR

Sceptre UTV U758CV-UMR


Beautiful sceneries and emotions will come to life on this Sceptre UTV U758CV-UMR 75” 4K TV. Compared to its competitors, this very fine TV comes with 4 times higher number of pixels, making your TV watching experience more pleasant than ever. Equipped with 4 HDMI ports, you can have access to 4 devices at the same time; therefore, a handful of music, pictures, shows and movies are just at your fingertips. For an added functionality, the TV does come with a USB 2.0 input as well.

This premium TV also tops the picture quality – without sacrificing its elegant appearance. Installation sure isn’t a pain. Plus, Sceptre is also known for the company’s lovely customer service


If you’re in the market for a TV of a gigantic screen with amazing qualities, we certainly recommend you to check this Sceptre UTV U758CV-UMR TV out. So, here are a few highlights of the TV you might find helpful for your decision making:

  • Unbeatable, very large number of pixels
  • 4 handy HDMI ports and a USB 2.0 input installed
  • Dazzling brightness and lifelike pictures
  • Piece of cake installation
  • Satisfactory customer service

Believe it or not, we have not found any negative aspect on this giant guy. So, if you’re going to get a Sceptre UTV U758CV-UMR 75” 4K TV, rest assured knowing that you are going to love love your TV.

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1. Sony XBR75X900F


Sony XBR75X900F

The Sony XBR75X900F 75”4k TV is probably one of the most phenomenal TVs you lay your eyes on. The TV boasts 4K HDR visuals regardless of the content’s quality – with the aid of X1 processer and X-reality pro. Without a doubt, it also offers high contrast levels as well as remarkable brightness and lighting uniformity. And, picture quality is nothing short of gorgeous either.

For voice controlling, the TV is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Plus, for a wide range of access to devices, the TV is built-in with 4 HDMI inputs, and 3 USB (2.0 and 3.0) inputs. After a quick installation, with all the necessary accessories provided, the TV will be ready for operation right away.


As one of the much-recommended TVs, we believe the Sony XBR75X900F will serve you best. Listed below are the TV’s key features/qualities:

  • Deep contrast, brightest brights, and consistent lighting
  • Stunning picture quality
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Ease of access to other devices – thanks to the 4 HDMI inputs, and 3 USB (2.0 and 3.0) inputs provided
  • Installation is a snap

Yet, there is one minor caveat that we want you to know about the TV. It is about the Sony remote control in the package, which is of small, crowded buttons. Nonetheless, if you think you will navigate on your devices (connected through the inputs) more frequent than the Sony remote, this shouldn’t be an issue.

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There are many options to consider when it comes to TV selection or TVs for home theatre. At the end, we wish you could choose a right one for your family and make your home complete with great recreation moments. And, none of these best 75 inch TVs will ever fail you. Get one soon while stocks last.


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Best Rated 75 Inch Tv Reviews

LG Electronics 75SJ8570

LG Electronics 75SJ8570 75-Inch 4K Smart LED TV

What about we look into LG this time? The LG Electronics 75-Inch 4K LED TV is a smart TV that can catch all the details of HDR. It projects superb picture quality with its local dimming and great LED backlighting. The TV comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, so you’ll be satisfied how you see all the fast moving action scenes. For inputs, it has 4 HDMI, 1 RF, and 3 USB. The billion of vibrant colors that TV is capable of showing is just impressive.

And, the sound the TV provides is just unbeatable. To stream video apps, Netfix and more, the TV uses WebOs.

We do highly recommend this LG masterpiece. And, we thought a little summary of the product might help with your decision:

  • Expert in providing great contrast, clarity, and HDR images
  • 120Hz refresh rate contributes to smooth and clear fast moving content
  • A variety of HDMI, USB, Optical, Ethernet inputs as well as other inputs installed
  • WebOS smart function takes entertainment to greater heights (access to 70+ internet channels for free)
  • Harman Kardon audio system offers an astonishing surround sound

However, there is one flaw that some customers have mentioned, which LG may need to work on for this TV:

  • Users may see glares if there is light in front of the screen. Yet, this comment is still debatable since most customers have never experienced such an issue at all.
Samsung Electronics QN75Q9Samsung Electronics QN75Q9 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

If the previous Samsung TV does not suit your likings, here is another one you should check out. This one, similarly to other best 75 inch 4k TVs, shows a wide variety of colors of different shades. Whether the scene is dark or light, this TV can always show the finest details and contrasts. It can be either mounted to the wall or freestanding.

You will think that images are real life. Purchase also comes with a smart remote control as well.

After getting some insights about this highly reviewed Samsung Electronics QN75Q9 75 inch 4k TV, let us give you some highlights on why we chose this product:

  • Only best colors and contrasts are shown
  • Can spot all details in both dark and bright areas simultaneously
  • The Smart View App brings entertainment to the next level
  • Beautiful 360 ° degree craftsmanship
  • One remote can control everything

After all, there is one difficulty that some customers have faced with this TV:

  • This TV is heavy, making wall mounting a hard task. If you plan on making the TV free standing or getting help when mounting it to the wall, that shouldn’t be a problem.
Sony XBR75X940E

Sony XBR75X940E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Here, we’ve got Sony. This 75 inch 4k TV from them is a smart TV that lets you access content and apps through Sony’s Android TV. For image quality, this TV sure can project great details of HDR and contrast as well as awesome brightness as life you see the images in real life. In addition to the Motionflow XR feature, the TV’s native refresh rate is 120 Hz, ensuring beautiful fast moving actions.

Regarding inputs, it has 4 HDMI, and 4 USB. The sound it provides is mighty. There’s just nothing not to love about this one.

After checking the desirable features of this Sony XBR75X940E 75 Inch TV, let us summarize why we chose this item:

  • Precise contrasts, natural images and awesome brightness
  • Everything HDR
  • 120Hz refresh rate makes scenes clear and smooth even when they are fast-moving
  • Access to extra content and apps with Sony’s Android TV
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices
  • A number of inputs (HDMI, USB, etc) provided

Best yet, the Sony XBR75X940E 75” TV does not seem to have received any complaints. So, we highly recommend the TV for all of its outstanding qualities and features.

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Samsung Electronics QN75Q8C

Samsung Electronics QN75Q8C Curved 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Looking for a curved smart TV? Then, this one is for you. The TV sure provides rich images from the wide array of colors and high contrast. The included Samsung Smart Remote gives you ease in accessing many contents and controlling connected devices. It comes in a sleek 360 degree design. You can either mount it onto the wall or make it stand by itself on a desk/table. And, feel free to connect the TV to your devices as well.

To simplify the description of the Samsung Electronics QN75Q8C TV, let us give you a quick bullet point list as to why we recommend the item:

  • Billions of clear and vibrant colors
  • Many shades and layers of depth shown even in the darkest scenes
  • Wall mounting and free standing options available
  • Easy and quick access to extra content just with the Samsung Smart Remote

To our surprise, this Samsung Electronics QN75Q8C needs no improvement at the moment. So, you can get the item with full confidence.

Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F

Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TVNext, here is another goody from Samsung. This TV has all the zillion colors that feed your eyes. The depth, layers, and whites that the TV provides are just of superb quality. Whether you mount it on the wall on leave it free standing, the TV works great and looks gorgeous in your space. The provided smart remote, you can manage content as well as TV devices easily. There is just nothing not to love about this one.

Selected as the top 3rd best 75” 4K TV, here are some reasons why:

  • Satisfy billions of rich colors
  • Layers of different depths and great details provided regardless of the brightness/darkness of the scene
  • Access to many more content, apps, and sports anytime – thanks to Samsung Smart Remote
  • 360° design complements any home décor
  • Can be either wall mounted or free standing
  • Wide angle viewing, so you can watch the TV from any corner of the room

On the cons side, some customers have commented that:

  • Vertical ghosting might happen if there are bright pictures shown on a dark background. Yet, the comment is debatable since very few customers have faced this.
Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000
Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Mega contrasts, HDR brightness, and enriched colors are what this TV is known for. This TV right here shows the beauty of all movies and scenes even when the scenes are dark or moving fast. It has an elegant and sleek look – in addition to the 360 degree design. And, of course, the remote lets you control connected devices as well as content at ease, too. Yet, be noted that Internet connection is required for that.

What makes this Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 TV top rated? Here is why:

  • Compared to typical 4K UHD, the TV offers way more, billions of shades and colors
  • Striking contrasts between all depths of darks and lights
  • Smooth actions always – thanks to motion rate 240
  • Just one remote can control everything
  • Step up entertainment game with Samsung Smart Hub

And, is there any improvement Samsung should work on this TV? We don’t think so. You will have a pleasant time using the TV if you get it.

Sony XBR75X900E

Sony XBR75X900E 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV -75 Inch 4K TVs

And, the best 75 inch 4k TV of all is this masterpiece from Sony. The TV uses Sony’s Android TV to let you browse apps and content. It has lovely contrasts, details and colors. Featuring the innovative local dimming technology, image/movie quality and brightness are greatly enhanced. There are 4 HDMI and 3 USB inputs. The TV works with Alexa as well. Plus, the design is just irresistible.

Ranked as #1 on the list, here is a snapshot of the qualities and features of the incredible Sony XBR75X900E 75 inch TV, which can help aid your decision:

  • Crystal clear contrasts, details and colors in HDR and natural, realistic tones
  • Awesome picture movement quality with 120Hz refresh rate
  • Greatly enhanced brightness
  • A variety of inputs included
  • Works with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices
  • Abundance of entertainment with Sony’s Android TV

Imperfection is hard to pursue. So far, there is one aspect that some customers think Sony can work on improving this TV:

  • The remote control of this TV is a bit old-fashioned looking with a significant number of buttons. The company might want to make the remote control more minimalistic.
Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000

Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

First on the list, it is a giant TV from the reputable Samsung. This one is the expert in differentiating striking contrasts between all shades of darks and lights. It features such a wide array of colors and depths. Even when you’re watching movie in dark scenes, this one is always able to pinpoint all the details. Content shown on the TV will be more realistic than ever. When the movie scenes go fast, you will still witness all the crisp and smooth actions always – thanks to the TV’s motion rate 240.

The TV can be either freestanding or mounted onto the wall. Each purchase also comes with a remote control that works well with all the connected devices (Internet connection needed). And, featuring the Samsung Smart Hub, sit back and binge watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, games and music.

The quality of this Samsung Electronics UN75MU9000 4K TV is just desirable. The purchase will be the best bang for your bucks. And, here is a snapshot of the summary and features of this outstanding TV:

  • Specialized in emphasizing, details lights and darks
  • Rich in depth and a wide array of colors
  • The motion rate of 240 improves the viewing experience even when it comes to sports actions and fast moving scenes
  • Gorgeous and neat 360 ° degree design
  • Wall mounting and free standing options available
  • One Remote can manage all things – connected devices and programs (Internet required)
  • Samsung Smart Hub makes entertainment richer

Yet, there is one complaint that some customers have voiced:

  • The TV does not come with Auto-Volume control like a small number of high-end, smart TVs do. This feature can come in handy when switching channels or when commercials are on. So, you’d better decide whether this factor might bother you or not.

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6290

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6290 75-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Here, we have another masterpiece from Samsung. Witness the difference, as the TV is 4 times clearer and more HD than most 75 inch TVs on the market. The color is rich and vibrant. With this smart Tv, you can stream all sorts of entertainments – TV, movies, sports, games, within your finger tips. The TV’s motion rate of 120 affirms that all fast moving actions are smooth and eye-soothing.

Making it to the list, here are some reasons why you should consider this Samsung Electronics UN75MU6290 75 in 4k TV:

  • 4x higher resolution HDR picture compared to most 75” 4k TV
  • Smooth and crisp actions with Motion Rate 120
  • Easy connectivity to other smart devices
  • Richer entertainment with the TV’s Samsung Smart Hub

And, once again, there doesn’t seem to be any improvement needed for this TV at the moment. So, rest assured knowing you’ll make the right decision if you’re interested in this Samsung Electronics UN75MU6290 75 in 4k TV.

LG Electronics TV


There is no wonder that the tenth best TV goes to a LG TV. This 75” TV has all the qualities you expect from a modern TV. First, the screen is super-huge. The width is 66.2”, height 37.8” and distance 2.2”. Therefore, you will enjoy a perfect recreation time with your family. Either a movie or a shower, this LG Electronics TV will do its job quite well. Second, the TV can be connected to WIFI. Thus, you can get opportunity to download the available applications you like.

Third, pictures you will get are brilliant because LG has designed this model with 4K Ultra HD technology. You will be satisfied by digital living pictures. Lastly, this model is the best if you watch action movie due to its 120HZ rate of refresh.

Sony XBR75X850E TV


Sony XBR75X850E TV is a TV of generation. This 75 inch 4k TV will never disappoint a Sony fan. First, it is a 4K TV. The quality of picture is perfectly good. Thus, you will enjoy maximum excitement after a full day of work. Second, SONY also has the best designed TV. This model is slim; as a result, it should be entitled as a TV of beauty.

Third, you can connect your TV with other technological gadgets. The TV can be connected with HDMI, and USB. Forth, this smart TV allows you to connect with many apps you prefer. What are you waiting for? This is the latest technology.

Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F TV


Samsung usually takes the lead when it comes to the newest technology. Now, Samsung Electronics QN75Q7F is taking a lead in a 75 inch 4k TV competition. There are a number of reasons. First, this model will redefine life satisfaction. The TV will give you over one million colors and one-hundred-percent color volume due to the newest technology namely Quantum Dots.

Second, its screen is designed without bezel. As a result, the TV will appear handsome. Your neighbors will be surprised when they see this model at your home. Third, the TV comes with a black color. We are sure that black is a color of a modern choice.

Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 TV


Samsung Electronics UN75MU8000 comes in sixth without a surprise. You will never underestimate its ability. The inch of screen is 75 in TV. Additionally, the three dimensions size include 66.1” in width, 38.2” in height, and 2.3” in distance. As a result, this model can stand handsomely while appear to your eyes with such charming beauty. Furthermore, if you are a soccer fan, the TV is just right for you.

Pictures provided by the TV are as smooth as silk. Hence, you can enjoy sport or action movie without blur. Last, the model provides over one million colors. The great number of colors makes your experience great. Do you still hesitate to decide despite all these choices?

Samsung UN75KS9000 TV


There is no wonder that many Samsung models are in the last. Samsung is one of the most valuable brand in the world, so is the popularity of this TV model. Samsung UN75KS9000 is a 75 inch Samsung TV equipped with 4K SUHD Picture technology. As a result, you are going to have great experience with such technology. Additionally, Samsung has designed this model with one billion colors. Hence, pictures you receive are the same to real-life pictures.

What’s more, 4K or One-billion-color design is not the end of Samsung’s technology. The TV’s color also comes with another kind of technology called Triple Black. As a result, the TV is super-black that makes it classic and modern at the same time. Lastly, there is also a high-end remote control coming as a package.

Sony XBR75X900E TV


Do you still hesitate? There is no bad in hesitation since the more you read, the more you explore. As seen, the number five goes to Sony XBR75X900E. The TV has three dimensions size of 66” in width, 37.9” in height and 2.6” and distance. Furthermore, like other models, you can use the apps you like on the screen of this model. In addition, pictures will come in 4K.

What’s more, HDMI and USB could be connected to the model for more choices and options for other technological devices. Lastly, remote control will come in the whole package. You need to pay only once and get all the qualities in a TV you have longed for.

Sony XBR75X850D TV


The third best TV goes to Sony XBR75X850D. Sony has stayed in the game for quite long. Thus, there is no doubt with another TV model of the brand. First, the TV’s refresh rate is 120Hz while its motion flow is 960 in effect. Second, the model is also 4K.

Third, the TV is smartly designed. You can get access to many apps of your choices on this TV. Lastly, you can also connect it with HDMI and USB.

Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300 TV


What do you expect from the second-best TV? We believe you must think of a Samsung, and you are right. This model is called Samsung Electronics UN75MU6300. The model has many qualities. First, the TV provides lively pictures appearing from screen.

Second, all you need to relax with this model is a smart remote control coming as a package. Third and last, the TV comes with a black color. You need to look at its pictures to know how awesome it is.

Samsung UN75J6300


The best is the last. The best TV we recommend you is Samsung UN75J6300. First, the number rate of refresh for this model is 120CMR. Second, you can connect the model with WIFI while you can access to many applications.
Third, there are four HDMIs and 3 USBs that allow you to connect with other devices. These won’t be enough to describe its features. However, let’s end the list here so that you can have time to consider all these best options.


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