List of Best Affordable Projectors in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Mini Projector

Are you looking for the best affordable projectors? Here are the top list of the best projectors you may need. There are reviews and guides in this article to help you consider before purchases.

List Of Top 10 Affordable Best Projectors in 2020

10. Wowoto


Having a projector at home is like having a personal cinema theater. Indeed, you can watch movies at any time on your own with this projector from Wowoto. This projector is the best choice for you as it has a really good design. The stylish look of this projector is made with matt black color suitable for modern lifestyle. It is very small and light in which you can easily place it and bring it anywhere with you. Its weight is about 0.5 kilograms only.

The projector has its super cool LED light with an incredible 3D effect for movie and it also support for HD screen 1080P. It can connect to your device by its wireless function. Besides from watching movie, you can also do your presentation with this projector type too. Moreover, if you use it for long hours without shutting it down, you don’t need to worry either because it has its small and low noise fan to support the machine.

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9. Jinhoo

WiFi Mini

Jinhoo is one of the newest technology projectors that you purchase online and use for many purposes that it may serve. It is a mini type of projector that can bring various advantages to your everyday life. This small projector can be your companion for work presentation, movie theater, and video game.

It has a pretty size that is very easy to bring and move around. The latest version of technology, this projector can also connect to WIFI and also compatible to connect with both system IOS and android. The projector will bring you with the best quality of pictures and video which is 1080P HD. You will be ensured with bright and clear version of every pictures and video that you are watching.

Besides, it also has stereo sounds to support your presentation as well. The producer has made this projector for universal use so there is no concern anymore as it can use with any devices, TV, PCs, Laptop, Tablets or Flash USB.

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8. GooDee

GooDee Mini

Another portable projector that can serve you with multiple purposes is from GooDee. GooDee will provide you with the best experience ever with its high quality of LED lamp and HD screen view. This projector is good for everyone because it is very small in size easy to bring along to work or study. It is light in weight of about 5 pounds only.

This white and blue LED projector has multiple advantages to you because it can connect with any devices such as your smartphone, laptop, PC or your USB. Moreover, this projector won’t produce much noise when using so you can ensure the comfortability for your audience.

Beside the HD screen that this projector can provide, it is also deliver you with clear sounds too. The warranty quality for customer is up to 18 months long. What is also special about it is that it can also power up by a power bank too.

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7. ViewSonic

ViewSonic 3600

ViewSonic is another affordable projector that you can find for presentation. With the modern technology equipped, this projector can be your best partner in any project you might have. This white projector is actually suitable for officer and student. ViewSonic can bring you with such bright color and clear beautiful video and pictures.

The resolution is at the HD level which is about 1920 x 1080. Moreover, it can deliver with such a wide screen for your presentation. If you are the first time using projector, you don’t have to worry as it is very easy to set up by just plug in the HDMI and turn on the projector and connect it to your device.

In order to ensure long time using, producer has made this projector with high quality lamp which has one-year warranty for you. More than this, it also come with a good visual audio to add on your presentation. Once you purchase, you will get the 3-year guarantee right away.

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6. Vankyo

VANKYO Performance

Have introduce you some of white color projector, now we will let you to see the black and grey projector too. If you having trouble or concern over your presentation at school or at work by not having good projector to do so, you may think about this Vankyo projector with 1080P HD screen display for you. Every videos and picture in the slide that you will show, is ensured by its brightness and clear quality of the projector.

This one is easy to bring along to anywhere you want as it designed not too big and is very light in weight. The extra good thing about this projector is that its lamp is very durable that can allow you to use up to 10 years’ time. The projector can connect to any devices that you might have, even if it is your smartphone, laptop or PC, this projector got its HDMI and can plug in to connect to all those devices very easily.

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5. Anker

Nebula Capsule

Anker has been known for its super good quality of products. There are many kinds of products available under Anker. One of those, today we will take you to projector which is an equipment that you always need for presentation, watch movie or play games. The Anker projector has a little bit different in design because it is in circle shape like a bottle of beer while some mentioned before are in square shape.

This unique look of Anker projector is very attractive among younger generations. It is equipped with 360-degree speaker to support your presentation. This mini projector can carry along to office or to school by just put it in a hand bag because it has small size and lightweight.

Even if it is small but you still can rely on its quality just like other type because it also provides you with HD screen and flexible connectivity too.

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4. Vankyo


This one is another model from Vankyo too but it is different color from previous type. This is a white projector. The features and quality of this projector is very similar to the last one. For this model, it is an LED projector that is a good deal to use for home cinema. What is also special about this one is because it produced with smart function such as a system to reduce the heat of its machine if you use for longer time.

Moreover, it also contains very little noises while on performance so it won’t disturb anybody during the movie or presentation. There are various sizes of screens that this projector can bring which range from 32 inches to 176 inches.

It also consists of speakers. The connectivity of this projector is great with smartphone. You will never have to worry about its connection because via its HDMI this projector is very portable for any devices.

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3. Crosstour


In order to become even more professional in your work, you need to be smart in choosing your best companion product for yourself. As we know that office work mostly requires you to do presentation in the meeting, so we can introduce you the Crosstour projector.

This Crosstour projector has a mini size which is easy for you to carry along. This one is designed in white color and also equipped with such high-quality LED lamp. The LED lamp is very durable for long hours use. Moreover, it can deliver you with the best resolution screen of 1080P HD.

The connectivity of this projector is also great as it can be connected to various devices by just following a simple step. Not only bring you with good quality image, it also came along with speakers for entertainment purpose. The monitor itself also performs in lower noise that it won’t disturb you during your work.

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2. Topvision

Mini Projector

Due to the high demand for more high technology of projector in the market brand Topvision has made itself with a good quality projector product for its customer. Many customers have reviewed this Topvision projector as it is one of a smart and mini projectors that consists of multiple features.

It has updated itself from 1800 LED to 2400 LED which is even more brighter and clearer than some type of projector. This style is very portable to use just like the other style as well because it can be connected to many devices that you have.

You can either connect this projector with phone, laptop, PCs, TV, video game and more. It is also best to do work or school projector presentation as it can bring audio and bigger screen. It brings trust to its customer by its 2 years warranty.

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1. Poyank


Last but not least, we have a projector model from Poyank. Poyank does have such good quality of screening. The resolution for image and video is up to 1080P HD. The projector is painted in white color with a small size easy to place and carry along to work or to school. It also contains LED light which can protect your eyes from hurting and the LED light itself can reflect very clear.

The projector allows for a screen view from 44 inches screen up to 200 inches screen size. The big screen will allow you to sit back and relax and enjoy your movie on the screen. Moreover, the multiple connectivity makes this projector even more convenient to use at any circumstance.

Within its monitor, it also designed with fan system which is to support the heating monitor when you use it longer than normal.

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Buying Guide for Best Projector

 So, here we come to guiding points for buying the best projector. These reviews should already be able to aid your selection when deciding for the best projector. However, a little buying guide wouldn’t bother. Below is a short buying guide we have listed in hopes of helping you make an informed decision. Take a look.

Size: First thing first, we have to look at the size of projector itself as normally we do not use any big sized projector. So, the best choice for you is a mini size projector because you will have to bring it along to office or to school. Hence, a mini one is convenient for that.

Weight: The same goes with weight. With the purpose of carrying the projector along to work or travel, we would recommend you to pick a lightweight projector so that it bother you on the carry.

Screen Size: This point is also important for you to consider because most of us would need a projector for multiple purpose such as watching movie or doing presentation. So, when it comes to screen size it can be depend on occasion so that is why you should pick a model that can serve multiple sizes of screen. When you need it small, you can adjust and when you need it big for movie, you can adjust.

Screen Resolution: Screen resolution is one of the core points in selecting a best projector. It already makes sense that we need projector that can provide us with high quality screen, clear image and brighter view. So, that is why we suggest you to search for any model can serve the best resolution of screen view. It can be up to 1080p HD.

Connectivity: Finally, we would like to recommend you to decide for any projector with all of the above points and plus with this one which the portable connectivity of the projector itself. Since we are in the modern era, there are many type of devices available for work and learning platform. So, if your projector is the best one and can connect with all of others devices like smartphone, laptop, PCs, Flash USB, TV Box or Tablets, so this is a win sign for you in using this kind of projector.