TOP 10 Best Air Purifier Reviews and Buying Guides in 2020

Levoit LV-H132

Nowadays, the problem of air pollution has made the quality of breathable air decreasing from time to time. The effect of this problem on humans might include respiratory and cardiovascular diseases as well as eyes irritation, skin diseases or cancer. One way to deal with this problem is to purify the air making it cleaner and better.

However, getting the right air purifier is easier said than done. Many features have to be taken into consideration. This article will help you go through the detail of the top 10 best air purifiers and their important points.

List Of Top 10 Best Air Purifier Reviews in 2020

10. Dyson

Dyson Pure Cool

This twofold-functioned air purifier from Dyson not only works as air purifier performed all year round but also can be used as a fan during the hot summer season. Thanks to HEPA filter, it can capture and eliminate up to 99.97% of tiny particles in your home including micro allergens and pollutants such as pollen, mold spores, and pet dander that are as small as 0.3 microns. In addition, the activated carbon inside second layer can remove the household odor and smells like painted fumes.

Another feature is the connection with the Dyson Links app that can report the quality of air and also be remotely controlled by smartphone. It comes along with the features such as night-time mode, sleep timer and structure that is easy to clean as well as oscillation, 10 airspeed settings and automatic shut-off. Because it has no fast-spinning blades, it is safe for your fingers and your pet’s paws as well. What a great deal; Dyson air purifier can be used as a fan as well.

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9. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton Beach

Have you had problem with pet odor? The air purifier by Hamilton Beach is latest design with structure and size suitable for pets’ owners. Despite its small size, the function of this air purifier is beyond its little body that it can well perform in the 140 square foot rooms. The filter inside this machine is the 99-percent HEPA filtration permanent filter that can do the job of the air filtration process well. Thanks to this type of filter, you can save up to $49 per year if compared to other types of replacement filter.

This air purifier has another function which is to eliminate the pet odor. With the verification of zeolite technology, the two carbon zeolite filters have the ability to filter out the smell or odor of animals that distracts the breathing of human. Special feature of these carbon zeolite filters is that they can be replaced if needed. No more worry about pet odor with Hamilton Beach air purifier.

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Up next is the air purifier that is suitable for those who have allergies. With warranty of 2 years, this air purifier is the product of GENIANI that has been proven for its high quality. ARB-certified air purifier has the HEPA filter that not only can remove odor from pet but also the dust, smoke and other allergen particles from the air. Because of a carbon air filter inside this air purifier, it can also eliminate the germ or bacteria in the air that are the major problem to respiratory issues.


It is well known for its power that is perfect for a large working or living space. Though it is powerful, it can manage to work in super silent pace that even on its highest level, it still performs silently. You can select between its 3 level and switch to a dim nightlight at night. If you are looking for a air purifier for allergies, GENIANI air purifier is the best option.

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7. Mooka

Mooka Air Purifier

Here comes another type of air purifier with simplest function to use. Mooka air purifier is designed with stylish and compact to fit almost everywhere and comes with a simple on/off button and speed control. It also consumes less power and produces little noise as well. Like previous types of air purifier, this air purifier can filter up to 99.97% of microscopic particles in air as little as 0.3 microns. It is a big help for the improve of overall health.

Its special feature is the 3-layer filtration process. At the bottom of machine, the air is sucked and goes through three layers of filter before pump out at the top of machine. Within the filter layers, there is the fine preliminary layer to capture tiny particles. Then comes the true HEPA layer followed by the activated carbon layer that remove the bad odor including smoke, pet or cooking. It is an ideal air purifier for people with allergies and also come with a 3-year warranty. You should consider this simple yet great air purifier from Mooka.

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6. Coway

Coway AP-1512HH

Another option you should consider is from Coway. This air purifier is the latest model designed for a larger living space that can performed in the rooms with size up to 361 squares feet. The 4-stage filtration system has made it a noteworthy air purifier compared to other types. The layers of Pre-filter, Deodorization filter, True HEPA filter and Vital Ion function to get rid of all kinds of allergen, pollutant and other odor from the air. The washable Pre-filter is designed to capture larger dust particles that is harmful for your breath.

The sensor attached to the machine has made it a unique feature for this model. LED light with bright color will let you know about the quality of air inside your room every minute. If it finds no pollution in your living space within 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down itself. Timer feature will let you set time between 1, 4 or 8 hours before it shuts off. An indicator also tells you whether to wash or replace the Pre-filter and HEPA filter. Many customers are impressed by the shape, size and system of the Coway air purifier.

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5. Winix

Winix 5500-2 Air

Winix is another worthy investment that should be on your consideration list. This air purifier comes in classic black color and a distinctive design suitable for workplace or home space. The True-HEPA filter can remove all types of airborne pollutant or allergen from the air. Second layer of filtration system is the AOC Carbon Filter that composes of activated carbon powders functioning to eliminate various types of household odors.

The PlasmaWave layer serves as the durable filter layer that can decomposes odors and other microscopic fragment without any harm to the ozone layer. The capacity to perform in the living space up to 360 squares feet has made this machine applicable for medium or large rooms, children bedroom or even in kitchen.

Other features include Smart Sensor to measure the quality of air, Auto Mode that can automatically regulate the air flow, and the Sleep Mode that can perform silently at nighttime. Thanks to Winix, you can have a classic yet mighty air purifier for your house or workplace.

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4. Pure Enrichment

Pure Enrichment

For another brand, we have here Pure Enrichment. With the function performs like the previous ones, this air purifier has the capability to capture up to 99.97% of all tiny microbe such as pollen, allergen or household odor. Its distinctive feature that makes it different from other brand is the UV-C light. Not only it can filter out and purify the air, the UV-C light within the filter layer can detect the germ, bacteria, virus or fungi that are the root cause of respiratory, skin or other diseases and eliminate those micro-organisms.

Moreover, with latest technology design, this air purifier can operation in a silent condition that the noise it made is only at 30dB which is as quiet as whisper. It is ideal for a kid bedroom and easy to set up that can be used right out of the packaging box. Interestingly, this 3-in-1 HEPA filter air purifier has a warranty up to 5 years. Get the Pure Enrichment air purifier now to experience the air with less micro-organisms and a healthy life.

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3. Guardian Technologies

GermGuardian AC4825

This type of air purifier is the product of Guardian Technologies that has 3 layers to perform different functions. The first layer is the HEPA filter that captures tiny particles in air including pollen, dust or pet dander. Second layer is the charcoal filter that removes common household odor such as pet odor, smoke, from cigarette or cooking and even the wildfire. Last layer is the UVC light with Titanium Dioxide layer that reduces the microorganisms like germ, bacteria or virus from the breathable air.

Beside from its functions, the size of this machine is quiet slim yet 22 inches tall. This 3-speed air purifier is suitable for small gap between furniture like sofa, TV-stand or bed. Every 6 to 8 months, only a single filter is needed to be replaced which is so convenient. It also comes with a 3-year warranty as well. We guarantee that the Guardian Technologies air purifier will not disappoint you.

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2. InnoGear

InnoGear Air Purifier

Do you prefer a portable air purifier? Then, this brand from InnoGear is perfect for you. The compact size of air purifier is only 13 x 9 x 9 inches which is as small as handbag. Though it is small in size, the capacity of this air purifier is incompatible that can function in the room up to 200 squares feet. It is ideal for medium sized room or office space. Despite it performs its functions similar to other types of air purifier, it does not use UV or ions for filtration system. Without using UV or ions, this machine does not contribute to the destroy and effect to the ozone layer, earning the name of eco-friendly.

This 3-speed air purifier also has the night mode for nighttime sleep and the timer mode up to 4 difference setting – 1, 2, 4 and 8 hours to automatically turn off. The LED indicator light also adds a special feature to this machine. Do not wait any longer to get and experience this InnoGear air purifier.

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Levoit LV-H132

Another masterpiece form LEVOIT is topping for their exceptional features. The 3-stage filtration system consists of Pre-filter, TRUE HEPA filter and Activated Carbon filter. These 3 filters can remove all kinds of tiny particles in the air that are the sources to our health issues. This machine can be adjusted within its 3 levels and has a night light adjustment and a quiet performance suitable for nighttime. Plus, it has the brightness setting as well.

It is also one of a few types of air purifier for home that do not use UV or ions which are harmful to the ozone layer. It comes along with buyer insurance of 1 year and the possible extension for another year. A convenient set up of this machine has gained the complement from many customers. The small and portable size of this air purifier is a great gift for family, friend, colleague or even for yourself. Let’s not worry about the air quality and live a healthy life with LEVOIT air purifier.

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Buying Guide for Air Purifier

Different brands of air purifier also have different features or functions. To ensure that you get the right products, below is the list of things to consider before buying an air purifier.

Fan Speed & Noise Production: Fan might be useful for hot sunny day, yet it also might be dangerous for house with curious kids or pets. You need to look at the speed levels of each product to see how fast or slow it can work. Also, look for the one that does not produce much noise as it can be disturbing.

Remote Control:  Try to look whether it comes along with a remote or not because a remote can control the machine from a far distance and give yourself more convenience.

Mobility: It is better for the air purifier that come with casters as it can help the movement of the machine place to place much easier. It is a plus if the machine has the attached carrying handle that is easy to pick up.

Filter: Try to see if the filter is needed to be washed or replaced or not. The replacement should be found easily and easy to assemble.

Timer: A programmable time is a big help for your electricity usage. It can reduce the energy used by the machine by cutting down the energy when not in use. Ask the seller if the machine comes with timer or not.


To sum up, each one of these air purifiers mentioned above has its own distinctive features and uniqueness that they are suitable for different living spaces and owners’ preference. The producers of these products have the same objective which is to regenerate a clean air for their customers’ health and daily life. Let enjoy a breathable air from any one of these products.