TOP 10 Best Baby Foam Floor Mats in 2020

Having a playtime for your little child is a really important part of growing up and building a great bond. A foam floor mat is needed for them to play on as kids can easily fall and tumble. Not only does a baby foam floor mat offers them a fun time, but at the same time it protects your beloved one from some dangers.

These top 10 baby foam floor mats in 2020 are guaranteed to provide a quality time for you and your baby.

Continue reading to find out the right product for your kids.

List of  Top 10 Best Baby Foam Floor Mats in 2020

10. Gupamiga Play Mat Baby Care

Play mat baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym Slip Reversible Waterproof


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First off, a baby mat (70 x 59 x 0.8 inches) that can be used indoor and outdoor from Gupamiga. It has a soft floor surface for babies to play and crawl on, perfect for the beginning crawler. On top of that, the surface is heat insulation and cold insulation to protect the child safe growth. Plus, the company has used high-density XPE cotton material, BPA free result no any odor. It also contains antibacterial molecules which the baby skin will not be affected.

The thickness is 2cm makes it soft, rebound fast and not easy to deform. Moreover, the edge is made of soft nylon, so the baby can’t bite through.

9. Wee Giggles Baby Play Mat

Wee Giggles Extra Large Baby Play Mat

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Next, Wee giggles extra-large play mat (total of 35 square feet and ½ inches thick) with cute safari animals. It comes in an interlocking puzzle squares give a soft place for infants to play. For wide range of usage, it has foldable sides to use in up position to contain toys as well. The mat comes in neutral colors which are perfect or a girl or boy. The item is guaranteeing your child’s safety with 3rd party tested in the USA.

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This waterproof mat is great for covering hard wood or tile floor to keep dust and dirt far from baby.

8. Smibie Extra Thick Foam Baby Play Mat with Fence

Smibie Extra Thick Foam Baby Play Mat

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Available in two colors (Red and blue) with dimensions of 47.2 x 47.2 inches when flat, 36 x 36 inches with sides up. You can lay it flat for larger surface or you can put the borders up for a fenced area. The fence will help to keep all the toys and balls from rolling away from your baby playground. For a safe environment, the thickness is 1.4cm and strong flexibility.

It’s non-toxic and meets the US and Europe regulated toy safety standards. The mat’s tiles all feature shapes and bright primary color puzzle pieces. The foam play mat comes in a zippered clear plastic case that has a rope handle.

7. Babylynn Baby Play Mat


Babylynn baby play mat,kids play mat


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The soft design of this play mat is effectively protect the baby’s skin also the multiple buffering layers can protect its head and limbs as well. Further than that, it’s a comfortable, educational and fun playing space for your kids. With colorful and vivid English letters and words plus interesting story pictures are there to help develop the baby’s expression ability.

When the kids are able to jump and run, the embossed texture provides anti slipping effect and prevention of noises. It comes in 6 different prints and 3 sizes (Small, Large and extra-large).

6. SUPERJARE Baby Play Mat with Fence

Baby Play Mat with Fence | Superjare Thick

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SUPERJARE offers you a play mat with 4.96ft x 4.96ft area (when fence up size 4ft x 4ft area). The patterns are animals and shape which you can pop out to use as toy. It is thick enough (9/16”) to provide a safe surface such as slips and fall when the baby stand and crawl. The best part of is that the fence will keep everything inside the baby playing area.

The mat is free of lead, chrome and phthalates. Inside the zippered clear plastic case, you will get 16 tiles play mats and fence mats as well as 6 tiles gate mats for you to assemble. It’s safe for all ages, no small pieces and no choking hazard.

5. Tregolden Baby Play Mat

Baby Play Mat

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This play rug isn’t a safe play surface for your babies but it’s also modern and stylish. With two sided surfaces, it makes a great reversible mat. Importantly, the mat feels like firm memory foam and incredibly comfortable. It has been verified from the rigorous US Safety code, including those for BPA which exceeds all safety levels. To preserve a sanitary play surface, it’s completely stained resistant as well as water even sticky foods/drinks will wipe off easily.

The play mat stands up to rough treatment make it for long use. For measurement, the mat is 79 x 55 x 0.6 inches and weighs 11 pounds.

4. Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat

Hape Baby FOLDING Play Mat for Floor

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Hape baby play mat is colorful, features a railway scene on one side and a jungle on the other. It’s BPA free and non-toxic which makes it perfect for your beloved ones. Not only it acts as a play mat but you kids could spark curiously, learning as well development. The size of this play mat when unfolded is 4ft. 10in. x 5 ft. 10 in. Simply use vacuum, wipe off, or shake down the mat for a quick and easy clean.

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The mat is thick ( ½ inch) which provides a soft and comfortable surface allow your little one to practice tummy time. And, it made from extra cushioned, PE foam to ensure safety and comfy.

3. Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat Tiles


Interlocking Foam Baby Play Mat Tiles


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This gray and cream interlocking foam play mat creates a gender neutral for your babies and toddlers. You can also use it as a ball pool or where to keep your toys, or even. Each tile is 24 inches square with extra-large puzzle. The play mat set measures 61 x 61 inches or 48 x 48 inches when sides are up. For a bigger and extra fun, you can combine a few sets together. As young children skins tend to be sensitive, the play mat is non-toxic and ecofriendly made of hypoallergenic foam. It’s waterproof and washable to prevent those inevitable spillages.

When the mat is not in use just simply lift the flap for easy storage. The mat also comes with a carry case with handle so everywhere can be your kids’ playground.

2. SoftTiles Kids Foam Play mat


SoftTiles Kids Foam Playmat


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SoftTiles offers a foam play mat that would turn your hard floor into soft playrooms. If you are looking to create a playroom in animal theme this is a perfect one for you. It has images of monkey, giraffe and elephant contributed as kids foam floor tiles. The safe cushioned floor allows your babies to crawl and young toddlers learning to walk. Importantly, it does not contain formamides, BPA, phthalates which makes it non-toxin.

The mat is 14mm thick which makes the tiles interlock better and less likely to come apart. It designs in square shape (78” x 78”) with sloped borders to prevent tripping both entering and exiting.

1. Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor


Baby Care Play Mat Foam Floor Gym-Baby Foam Floor Mats


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Last but not least, this baby care foam floor for babies is a large one piece (82.7 x 55.1inches). It has a fun vibrant color all over the surface as well as numbers and images for leaning .The foam floor mat has been tested to European Toy Standards EN17 guarantee to be safe. Therefore, the cushioned mat protects against hard falls with 0.5 inches thickness.

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Not only that it’s also hygienic which is important for young kids. It is a great noise reduction and insulation works on all floor surfaces. Simply roll up the mat for storage.

For you convenient, it’s waterproof as kids tend to be clumsy with their drinks/food. Also, it’s easy to clean with just a wipe of a soft damp cloth.


Avoid all the worries of your little ones falling on hard surfaces by transform any floor into a safe space. You can find one of these foam floor mats for babies online. And get ready to let your kids play and have a good time in safe environment. We hope you have found the right product to keep your kids safe.


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