TOP 10 Best Balance Bikes in 2021

This article is about reviews fo the best balance bikes. You can also find some factors to be considered before purchasing at the end.

List Of Top 10 Best Balance Bikes in 2021

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10. Woom Bikes USA

Woom 1 Balance Bike

Bikes is one of the favorite items for kids nowadays. It is very good for them to do cycling in their free time. So, that is why we would like to introduce you this Woom Bikes which is a brand from USA. It is a balance bike for kids who already know how to ride a bike because it doesn’t have additional balance bikes for them. This bike is best suited for children from age 18 months up to 4 years old. There are five colors in total for kids that all colors are very attractive for them.

However, this bike made very convenience for children as to support them like the weight itself. Important features of this bike are made from light but strong aluminum. Also, the wheel size is not too big that is easy for kids to ride and the height is not too high as it helps them to get on easily. The seat can also be adjustable as your kid grows taller. With well-equipped and strong materials combined, we can ensure that your kid will enjoy riding with us.

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9. MommyGol

MammyGol Balance

The MommyGol is like a training bike for your kids but this type of balance bike will allow your kids to ride without supporting wheels. It is the best way to start teaching your kid to ride this kind of bike in order to booth their confident. The MommyGol consists of four colors which all are super attractive for them. This bike can put up for weight about 240 pounds which is equal to 25 kilograms in total. The recommended age for using this bike is from 2 to 5 years old.

Moreover, the material made are very reliable. They are made it out of high quality plastic with fiber toughness. As it is made for kids, this bike’s design very comfortable for them like having soft gripping part for them, soft padded seat and suitable pedal. With adjustable seat, your kid can adjust to whatever level in accordance with their position and height. This product also came with a long term warranty so you can rely on it.

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8. Aceger

CEGER Balance Bike

If you are thinking of training your on how to ride a bike, we would like to suggest you the Aceger balance bike which can train your kid very quick and help them to build confident when riding because it doesn’t have supporting wheels like some other bike. This small bike is a suggestion for kids who age range from 2 to 5 years old. There are available in three colors for children. The design of this bike is so cute because it has an additional small basket at the front which is very convenient for kids to bring their toys along.

The bike frame is made from strong steel and aluminum but it is light in weight so that kid can make use of this bike very easily without much help from older people. The sitting part is made from soft padding that makes your kid feel more comfortable when riding this bike. Moreover, it also comes with one bell ring at the handlebar.

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7. Joovy

Joovy Bicycoo Balance

Joovy bike is designed by focusing on kids and the purpose of this bike is to teach your kid how to balance when it comes to riding a real bike. However, our bike made without pedal because it only wants kid to know how to balance first. It is a best recommended for a beginner kid. This balance bike has four colors in total which all are very cute for them. The bike itself is produced from aluminum frame and it is very durable to use.

It has an adjustable seat that your kid can adjust it up or down depend on your height. The seat is very soft as it consists of soft padded foam. In addition to this, at the handlebar there is one hand brake which purpose to train your kid how control their speed as well.

However, this balance bike only supports kids that are 1 year and a half and above with the weight of no more than 55 pounds.

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6. Woom Bikes USA

 woom 1 Balance

This balance bike is also a brand from Woom Bikes USA but have different color and model. This one is covered in red color and white that look very shiny. It is a balance bike because it can teach your children on how to balance everything; especially, balance the position and equilibrium before taking a real shot at riding a real bike. The bike is designed like a real bike but it does not have a pedal but it has very soft padded seat to support your kid sitting space.

It also can be used for kid age from one year and a half up until 4 years old. From Woom, it is a very reliable product with durable materials just what it takes for this bike itself. Aluminum and other strong steel and plastic are combined. The best part of this bike it that it is very light even your kids can lift it.

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5. Bixe


Learning how to ride a bike becomes very fun for most kids. It can teach your kids not to fear of anything anymore and teach them to fill up with how to balance themselves; basically, their position when riding a real bike. Just so you know our balance made without pedals at all which only to train kid how to balance but the look is very alike a real bike.

It has a soft padded seat to help your children feel good when sitting. The seat itself is adjustable so they can adjust up and down by themselves. At some point, our balance bike won’t cause much trouble like a real bike as well as it is less likely a risk of injure for kid as well.

As it is made for kid so its weight is only 4 pounds equal to around 2 kilograms that you kid can lift by themselves. It has 4 colors in total and it is suggested for 2 to 5 years old kids with the weight of 60 pounds only.

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4. TheCroco

TheCroco Aluminum

TheCroco is another brand that we have to list down here because of its quality and how it looks that very attractive for kid. The Croco balance bike is one of the extremely light weight bikes that is very convenient for kids to use. The weight of this bike is only 4 pounds equal to 2 kilograms which even a kid can lift very easily. Moreover, this bike is available in 3 colors, and all colors are very bright.

Another best part for this bike is that it is very easy to assemble in just like 5 minutes. All of the necessary parts on this bike are all very compatible for children even the hand grip of this bike is so soft. It has a soft padded seat and adjustable. From TheCroco, that guarantees the quality for you if you encounter problems with any part you can ask for a replacement.

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3. Retrospec

Retrospec Cub Kids

More than just a balance bike for your kid, this Retrospec balance bike is smart tool to train your kid how to balance before they start riding a real bike. This balance bike can provide your kid a lot of benefits. This bike allows your kid to put the feet to the floor and start walking with the bike. By this, it will help your kid to learn walking through with the bike and learn to balance the same time.

Moreover, this bike can be less dangerous than the real one. Different from other types of balance bikes, this type has a lot of colors about 17 different ones most of which are very colorful. It has a soft seat, which is totally adjustable. It is good for children from 20 months up to 5 years old.

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2. Yvolution

Yvolution Y Velo

Are you looking at many kinds of bikes but still cannot decide? Here we still have another model of balance bike from Yvolution which is very perfect for your children. This bike is a balance bike which is pedal free. There are two colors available for this kind of balance bike. What your kids have to do is just sit on and step through the floor, that’s it. By doing this frequently, your kid will get to know how to balance their position and get an idea how riding a real bike is like.

Moreover, this balance bike is made from durable materials such as aluminum frame, soft padded seat, strong wheels and soft hand gripping part. The seat itself can be adjusted due to your kids’ height as well. It is best recommended for 18 months kids up until 4 years old kid with the weight limit of up to 45 pounds only.

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1. Strider


Here is the last one on today’s list of balance bikes. This is a balance bike from Strider that comes with various colors around 8 in total. The design of our bike is very simple similar to other balance bikes as well. The Strider bike contains of two strong wheels that allow your kid to have such a smooth ride. More than that, the Strider has a soft padded seat to prevent your kid from uncomfortable seating and allow them to enjoy as much as possible.

It can be adjusted to support with your kid growing height as well. The frame of this bike is made from high quality aluminum and steel which is very durable. However, it is very light and easy to lift. The hand grip of this bike is just at the right position in alignment with your seat so that they can have right position doing cycling.

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Buying Guide for Balance Bikes


It is very beneficial to have a balance bike at home because your kid can train themselves how to balance and get some idea how riding a bike is like. But buying the balance bike is not so easy for some parents. That is why we would like to list down some of criteria that parents should look at when they choose a balance bike for their kid. Please see the below guiding points.

Weight: First of all, you have to look at its weight. Because if the bike itself is heavy, your kid cannot utilize the bike by themselves and you have to help them all the time. But if the bike is light so they can lift by themselves and do whatever by themselves. So, by this it can be fast in teaching your kid how to control everything.

Adjustable equipment: This one we would like to refer to adjustable part of the bike like an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebar. So, parents should look for a balance bike that has an adjustable seat and handlebar so that you can adjust if it does not fit your kid or when your growing.

Soft Padded seat: For kids, they need to have more supporting material than us, so for them you should look for those kinds of balance bikes that have a soft padded seat which can prevent their seat from hurting and help them feel more comfortable when riding.

Strong wheel: For a bike, we have to select those bikes that have a strong wheel because everything depends on the wheel itself. If you get the wrong one and it has weak wheel, it will be easy to face damages within short term using. So, strong wheels can help your kid have such a smooth ride as well as a support long term using.

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