Top 8 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2020

Nowadays, best battery operated fans are one among the best-selling products. As each fan carries different features and uniqueness, we bet that it will be hard to select the right one.

This is the list of Top 8 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2020 we have picked in hopes of assisting you well in choosing the suitable product for your needs and preference.

List Of Top 8 Best Battery Operated Fans in 2020



Coming up first in the list today, COMLIFE USB Desk Fan is a battery powered fan that has been designed with portability in mind. First and foremost, it comes in a compact and unique design that lets the user carry it, or choosing it for using at home or office. This small battery operated fan is well produced from the top quality metal; therefore, the quality of it is remarkedly great.

The speeds given by this fan are two, while the operation process is guaranteed to be very quiet. Another great feature to be mentioned is the awesome battery capacity of it. It can be recharged and replaced without any problem. Please be noted that the package of this product comes with the charging cable that has the length of 3.6ft. For adding extra convenience to the user, the head is carefully designed that allows you to rotate it up to 360 degrees.

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7. O2 COOL Fan 8 inch Battery Fan

O2 COOL Fan 8 inch Battery

The next cordless fan goes to the one called O2 COOL Fan. Here arrives the portable and user-friendly fan that has the size of 8 inches. With the superb design, it is the ideal choice for carrying around during the summer season.  With the great features that it carries, the performing time of it is up to 43 hours and 53 hours for the continuous and selective speed respectively.

With the innovative design, you can tilt this fan up to 90 degrees. It is the wise choice if you wish to get the right companion for accompanying you everywhere. Please be notes that the fan can be functioned as a floor fan or desktop fan as well. The size of the fan is 11 x 10 x 3.3 inches.

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6. O2COOL 10” Battery Operated Fan

O2COOL 10” Battery Operated Fan

O2COOL 10” Battery Operated Fan is known as a compact and portable fan offered at an affordable price range. First off, the fan is well designed with the USB ports; making it much more convenient for you when you are going out. It is also the accessible with many options as well; as illustration, you can choose to connect it with the phone or other smart devices easily. The speed of this fan can be adjusted based on your preference as well.

Unlike other products, the powerful blade is sure to offer the sturdy and strong airflow that it is hard to find in other product. If you are planning to go camping, travelling and more, getting this product with you will be the smart choice for yourself. For your information, a single charge of this fan can be used for 5 hours.

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5. COMLIFE Biggest Rechargeable Metal Desk Fan

COMLIFE Biggest 11 Inch

The next reputable product, the battery operated personal fan that we wish to draw your attention to goes to the COMLIFE Biggest Rechargeable fan. As it is battery-powered; this fan uses 2 pieces of 2200mAh batteries. The speeds offered by this fan are two; therefore, you can have the choice in selecting the one you like easily.

Besides the nice and gentle breeze, this fan operates quietly as well. It is the wise choice for using in the bedroom and office. With the full charged batteries, you can enjoy using this product up to 4 hours. The good news is the company of this product is willing to offer a 12-month warranty on the item to the users.

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4. O2COOL Fan 10 inch Battery Fan

O2COOL Fan 10 inch Battery

O2COOL Fan is a high-power fan that has a compact design and easy to carry around. It is the 10 inches product which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. With the attachment of the AC adapter; you will have the ultimate convenience when it comes to charging this portable fan battery powered. The quiet cooling system that this product offers is up to 2 speeds; allowing you to choose the desirable one with ease. As it is adjustable, you can change the air direction as well.

With this awesome fan in hand, we bet that you will have nothing to worry about when you are enjoying the outdoor activities. Last but not least, you can carry and store this product as you’d like too.

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3. OPOLAR Biggest Battery Operated Desk Fan

OPOLAR 9 Inch Battery Operated

OPOLAR, a well-known brand in the category, is proud to introduce to you this battery-operated desk fan. It is the smart product which uses the battery power. The batteries are very powerful and it can be charged via computer, power bank and various smart devices. The frame of it is well constructed from the durable metal; as a great result, the quality given in return is guaranteed to be the superior one.

Adding to that, the blade is made from top quality plastic. We dare to ensure you that this fan can work quietly, so it won’t disturb your working time. With the great features mention along with the trustable warranty, there is nothing to worry about.

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2. O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop Fan

O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop

If you wish to get the combination of the durability and quality in just one item, then O2COOL 10-Inch Portable Desktop Fan will be the right choice.  As the name has suggested, this 10-inches fan is operated on the batteries. The small size of it will be very beneficial for the small space as well.

There are two speeds designed in this incredible product. It aims to offer the smooth air flow while eliminating the distracted noise. The head of this fan can be tilted to any direction you want in just a blink of an eye too. We wish to remind you that this fan is specially designed with the handle that allows you to carry it around with needed.

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1. O2COOL NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan

O2COOL NEW 10" Battery

O2COOL NEW 10″ Battery Operated Fan is a small energy efficient battery-operated fan that runs on 6-D batteries. Based on customer ratings and satisfaction, this is by far the best battery powered fan in the market today. If we talk about its quality, this product has all the durability and efficiency. For adding extra comfort when travelling, this fan is well designed to be the compact product.

It is the smart choice for carrying as well as storing. You can also have the choice in adjusting the speeds and the direction of the air flow too. Please be noted that the power source of it can be from the batteries or the AC adapter.

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You have just browsed through the top 10 best battery operated fans. These picks are the top rated and well reviewed items on the market, so look no further. Any of our recommended products will cater to your needs. Get yours soon whilst stocks last.

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