Top 7 Best Beats Earbuds in 2019

Having a pair of earbuds along with you to the gym or travel help you to stay focused and entertained. That is why choosing a good quality headphone is very important.

To make it easy for you to decide on choosing the right product to fit your needs, here is a collection of top 7 best Beats Earbuds in 2019 that you would love to see.

List Of Top 7 Best Beats Earbuds in 2019

7. Beats Powerbeats Wired Headphone

Powerbeats Wired In-Ear Headphone

Do you have a plan to buy new earphones? If that is the case, we would like to introduce you this Beats Powerbeats Wired Headphone. It has a nice in-ear design which will totally stick to your ears and cut down the risk of falling down from your ears. This headphone also comes with flexible ear hooks that can be adjusted to ensure a good fit to the shape of your ears. It arrives with lightweight feature which does not make you feel any weight at all during wearing.

Built with separated subwoofer combined with tweeter, it brings extremely loud bass and incredible sound. With a sweat resistant characteristic, this headphone is ideal to use for any outdoor activities and outdoor exercising. Beats Powerbeats Wired Headphone is also designed with high level of noise reduction which helps to maintain the top quality of your music’s surround sound.

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6. Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats Earbud Headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre - urBeats

The Beats by Dr.Dre urBeats Earbud Headphones delivers the most incredible bass. It has an all-metal construction which is built to maintain accurate sound delivering and high bass production. At the same time, this product also features driver pumps that help to balance the beats of the sound. Attached with 6 various sizes of ear tips, this makes it convenient for users to choose on the one that best fit their ears.

Besides all of these, Beats by Dr.Dre urBeats Earbud Headphones is also constructed with an integrated mic which allows users to also receive phone call and talk through the headphones. Moreover, this studio earbuds also has a well built and durable wires covered with thick and sturdy rubber to enhance its durability and lifespan. Weighing only 1.6 ounces, this headphone is a perfect tool to use during various kinds of exercising and traveling.

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5. Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones

Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats

Coming next, it is a review of the latest earphones from Monster Beats by Dr Dre brand. This product is specifically designed to convey the purest and the best audio of all time. Through its radial metal build, this pair of headphones is able to maintain and deliver the accurate and stream surround sound with beating bass. Furthermore, this iBeats headphones have built-in driver pumps to stabilize the sound beat that the music produces. This Monster Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones also comes with different sized ear tips which allows users many options to fit with the ears.

The ear trips are the product of soft and flexible rubber which do not hurt your ears when you put them on. Also, its incorporated mic makes dialing and picking up calls possible for users. This product has an attached clip that allows you to clip it to your shirt to keep it in place during activities.

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4. Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone

urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone

This Beats urBeats is one of the best flat wire earbuds that you can buy for the gym. It has a white and gold design which makes it look sleek and fit to most of devices. Its sturdy metal housing does not only promote greater durability, but maintaining the best surround sound and higher bass is also what it provides. This item also has a function of noise isolation which reduces surrounding noise and keep only your music there.

It has 4 eartips that come in different size to ensure a good fit to your ears. Beats urBeats Wired In-Ear Headphone features a remotetalk cable which helps you to take control over your music and phone calls all in a single unit. This item comes with case which serves as a secure place for you to better organize your headphones.

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3. Beats Tour2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

Beats Tour2 Wired In-Ear Headphone

If you are also searching for a red beat earphones that comes with excellent sounding, we would highly suggest you to this product. Although Beats Tour2 Wired In-Ear Headphone weighs only 0.85 lbs of weight, its capability to deliver impactful bass cannot be resisted. It offers the best sounds of all kinds of musics in both high and low volume playing. While you turn on the highest volume, the sound and bass of your music are still on phone without experiencing distortion. Coming with a tangle-free cord design, is cord will not be mixed up which allows you to use it immediately without spending time to reorganize it.

Besides, the cord is also ultra flexible so to avoid the risk of getting torn. Furthermore, this pair of headphone has a built-in mic that is specially designed for ease of answering phone call and talk through the headphones. This product also comes with 4 pairs of eartips and a light carry bag as well.

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2. Beats By Dr. Dre Monster iBeats In-Ear Earphones

Beats By Dr. Dre Monster iBeats

This model from Beats by Dr.Dre Monster is one of the best beats for women due to its red and white sleek design. This unit has a strong bass response which helps to improve the beats line of every music. More than this, this product is also built with an inline controller that is compatible to use with Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It also has a built-in mic on top of the cable which enables users to answer and talk on the phone call while using the earphones.

What else to be notice is that it has a remarkable Beats red logo on top of the earbuds which looks really shiny. The control-talk button also feature a diamond-like design which promotes ease of controlling and also looks pretty on hands. With different sizes of ear tips it offers, this gives you choices for the best fit to your ears.

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1. Beats Urbeats Earphones Matte Black

Beats Urbeats Earphones Matte Black

Beats Urbeats Earphones gains the top place on our review list, and it also surprises you in many ways. First off, its design is very unique and you will love it. It is nicely finished in matte black which looks very classy and stylish at the same time. Its 3D red Beats logo design is a bonus that adds to its professional look. The metal housing is there to boost both greater durability and sound quality. This Beats Urbeats Earphones does feature a tangle-free cable design which allows you to simply store in your pocket or bag without the need to reorganize it again when in use.

Besides, the ability to maintain the most incredible sound of your music makes it worth the purchase. It is built with a noise isolation system which eliminates all unwanted sound from outsides. It also helps to maintain stability and prevent vibration during the beats while its high bass creates extremely loud and clear sound of all music kinds.

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Beats has always been the most popular brand among both teenagers and adults. Beats also provides their customers with a wide range of earbuds options which can make it difficult to decide on purchasing. The products we have mentioned above are the top 7 best Beats Earbuds that soar in popularity in 2019. With both good look and sound quality they offer, owning a pair of them is definitely your gain.


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