TOP 9 Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker Reviews in 2021

If you like singing or dancing in the shower, then it is the right article for you to read. Here we would like you to have a look at the highlight of the top 9 best selection of shower speakers that you definitely cannot wait to own.

The Followings Are The Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers This Year

9. Ifoxcreations Bluetooth Shower Speaker

First off, we would like to introduce you one of the greatest shower speakers from Ifoxcreations. You would have never received a good quality of sound like this speaker offers. This speaker would bring you to listen to rich, deep bass and crystal-clear sound of all time. Moreover, this speaker also provides a booming sound accompanied by a powerful 5W speaker that would rock you even in the shower. Designed with water resistant system, this wireless speaker can be brought in shower, bathtub, to the beach, or any other places such as car, boat, etc. This bluetooth shower speaker can also be used for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Furthermore, this shower speaker is also strongly stickable which allows you to stick it everywhere such as shower walls, car windows, desktops, bathroom tile, kitchen counters, and more. Featuring a built in bluetooth 4.0 technology, this can be connected to other devices such as smartphone, tablet, or computer up to 10 meters. On top of that, the battery life can last up to 8 hours after a 3-hour charge.

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8. Sbode Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for a dominantly black color speaker, this one would really catch your eye. Built in advanced digital sound, this speaker offers a crystal clear bass sound without the effect of noise or wind from outside. Moreover, it comes with TWS function which is capable to connect to other devices via bluetooth connection. Furthermore, this product is also water resistant which is suitable to use under the rain as well as snow. Other than that, this speaker can also protect dust and sand very well which is excellent for beach.

This speaker is also made from fabric material and rugged rubber housing which is durable to use. Being built in microphone, you can as well have a loud speaker phone call by connecting this speaker to your phone. Thus, it is very useful during driving or any busy activities.

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7. Kunodi

Kunodi Bluetooth shower speaker plays a perfect role to those who like listening to music in the shower. Built in interface design plus silicone case, this speaker will offers a good quality of sound. Thus, it is ideal to use in a bathroom, bedroom, car, or other small room places. Moreover, you can connect this speaker to other devices via both wireless and wirely.

Furthermore, this shower speaker also comes with water resistant system which is even more convenient to use during shower, by swimming pool, or at the beach. On top of water proof, it is also shockproof and dustproof. Hence, it becomes more comfortable to carry for any trips such as camping, beach, hiking, and biking.

Additionally, this speaker is also built in microphone in which you can answer phone calls hand-freely. You can either mount the speaker on the glass door using suction cup or hook the speaker on the wall or door by using clip carabiner.

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6. Hydro-Beat Shower Speaker

Coming next, another shower speaker namely Hydro-beat is also perfect for people who like involving in water. This speaker comes with water resistant system that allows you to use in the shower. Moreover, the speaker is also floatable so you can also float it in the pool during swimming. Built in bluetooth connection tech, this speaker can also be connected to smartphone, computer, tablet, or other devices wirelessly.

In addition to bluetooth connection, it is also built in mic which allows for easy phone calls based on handsfree feature. Being supported with sub woofer, the speaker aims at providing extra crystal clear bass sound. Other than this, it is compact and weighs lightly which is great to carry along or stick it on wall or door using suction cup.

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5. KGG

KGG portable waterproof bluetooth speaker is ideal in delivering the best quality of sound. Designed with modern sound optimizer tech, this speaker will drive you to experience crystal clear sound of any musics. Furthermore, it is also built in bluetooth technology in which you can connect to other bluetooth-enabled devices quickly and easily.

In addition to bluetooth connection, this speaker is also portable; therefore, it can be easily carried to anywhere. Last but not least, the speaker can be recharged with USB.

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4. iFox iF012

Next, we would also like to introduce you another great bluetooth shower speaker which is the product of ifoxcreation. You would really enjoy listening to music using this speaker because it offers premium sound quality. Moreover, it is totally waterproof and submersible which is perfect to use in the shower, at the beach, by/in swimming pool. Not only this, it can also be used in any other outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, or running as it is portable and lightweight.

Thanks to bluetooth-enabled connection, this speaker allows you to connect it with other smart devices up to 33 feet. Thus, it is convenient to use at anywhere. It is also built in microphone which offers an easy way of answering phone calls. Coming with a strong battery life, this speaker is capable in playing music up to 10 hours. Attached with suction cup, it is easy to stick on any smooth, dry, and clean surfaces.

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3. SoundBot Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

Next, this SoundBot bluetooth 3.0 shower speaker should also be reviewed. When listening to music using this speaker, you would experience a total HD sound. It is because the speaker is built in advanced digital sound technology. Also, this speaker would help reduce any effect of noise and wind from your music as well. Designed with water resistance, it is amazing to use during shower or swimming.

By using this speaker, you can also connect it with other devices such as smartphones, tablet, or computer via bluetooth connection up to 10 meters/ 33 feet which is great for outdoor activities. On top of this, it is built in mic which can totally assist you in handsfree phone calls. Hence, it is perfect for driving or busy activities.

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If you are looking for any portable speaker with a lanyard, this one is highly recommended. Because of this design and other special features, this shower speaker can provide higher level of protection from shock, water, and dust. Other than that, it also comes up with a removable suction cup and mental hook in which you can always stick or hang it to any places you like. Moreover, this speaker is also built in two opposing passive radiators which offers a good quality and crystal clear pumping sound.

When using this, you can easily answer any phone calls without using your hands because this speaker is also designed with microphone. In addition to mic, this speaker also possesses a rechargeable battery that can last up to 12 hours for every charging.

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1. Soundworks Portable

Coming to the top product on the list, let us introduce you this Soundworks portable bluetooth speaker. Not only does its design look unique, its quality is also great. Coming with two precision acoustic drivers, this speak delivers you the highest quality of crystal clear bass sound. Therefore, it is perfect to use in a small room places such as in the bathroom, bedroom, car, kitchen etc. On top of that, it also comes with bluetooth connection that allows you to connect to your favorite smart devices quickly.

Moreover, it works well with water as it is also waterproof. Other than this, this speaker is great to carry along to the beach and poolside because it is also splash proof, rainproof, dustproof, and sand proof. And, designed in a small size and lightweight, this bluetooth speaker is convenient to take to any outdoor activities.

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All of these products are the best shower speakers that you should own in this 2021. Not only do they function as shower speakers, they can also be used in any other purposes and occasions. If you have already found any product that best suits your needs, please do not feel hesitate to order.


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