TOP 10 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2020

When it comes to shopping for a knife, there are so many important details that you have to take a closer look at. Those include the blade, handle and last but not the least, the sheath of it. A bowie knife provides many usages, and it is the number one must-have item for a fun and adventure hunting trip. We concern that getting the right original bowie knife is hard for you, that’s why we arrange this Top 10 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2020 list just for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2020

10. Ontario Knife 8665 Rat-3

Ontario Knife 8665 Rat – 3 is a superb bowie knife that has great features. The material used for producing this great product is the carbon steel; therefore, the quality of the blade is the premium one. For the convenience in handling, this incredible product is attached with a handle which is made of micarta, too.

The bowie knife looks classic, yet the design and quality of it is extraordinary. The size of this knife is 11 x 4 x 2 inches, and it comes with the sheath makes from nylon. Such a great product is the ideal choice for using when you do the outdoor activities.

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9. Perkin Knives 440c Steel Handmade Hunting

Perkin Knives 440c Steel Handmade

Made from high-quality materials, this bowie knife from Perkins has many cool features. This is a hunting knife that everyone should have. The handle allows you to get the comfort when using this product. The strong tang design will make sure that you get everything in this combat knife. This classic product is also known to be the original bowie knife.

It is an ideal choice for various activities ranging from hunting, camping, to even self-defense. The package of this product comes with the leather sheath, too. The sheath can effectively protect you from getting cut.

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8. REG 599 Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

REG 599 Custom Handmade Damascus

The next best bowie knife is brought to you by REG 599 Custom Handmade Knife. It is well constructed from steel, so the durability of it is ensured. The stunning blade is highly recommended for hunting as well as other purposes. If we look at the handle of it, this user-friendly product is made for the convenience of the users.

When you hold this original knife, it is similar to holding a piece of art. Last but not least, both the edge and sharp of it are tested and proved to be the superior ones.

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7. REG 16 C-FR Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

REG 16 C-FR Handmade Damascus Steel

This tactical bowie knife known as Poshland Knives REG is a beloved knife for all the combatants. The material chosen for producing its 11-inches blade is the heavy-duty steel. While the functions of the knife itself are plenty, the quality of it is awesome, too.

Next, the handle is made from exotic wood; therefore, you will have balance and full grip. For protecting the users from injuries, the sheath is attached with the knife.

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6. Mossy Oak 14-inches Bowie Knife

Mossy Oak 14-inch Bowie Knife is solidly built and well designed for hunting, camping, skinning and more. The bowie blade of such an extraordinary product is produced to have the combination of durability, strength and sharpness. The unique blade allows you to use it for many purpose with ease. Its handle is made of rosewood for easy grip and balance.

This excellent knife makes the perfect choice for the adventurous hunter. The blade will not rust, so you can use it for a lifetime. Last but not least, the leather sheath is added.

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5. Nescole 9-inches Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

Nescole 9 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife

Nescole 9 inch Fixed Blade Bowie Knife is an amazing looking knife that comes with many cool features. The blade of this product has the superb combination of sharpness and durability. The uniqueness of the blade makes it an excellent choice for hunting as well as doing many outdoor activities. The size of this blade is 4.6 inches.

You will sure be impressed by the great decoration of this bowie blade. It is ergonomically designed so you can hold and use it with comfort. If we look at the handle part, it is made from the camel bone.

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4. Case Bowie Fixed Knives

Case Bowie Fixed Knives

Being made from the high-quality stainless steel, this large bowie from Case Cutlery is a good choice to consider. The use of the stainless steel on the blade is the best idea due to its sharpness and non-rust. 9.5-inhce blade is covered with the genuine leather sheath. The handle will sure to make you feel comfortable when you grip and use this product.

With all of these awesome qualities, it is ideal for hiking, hunting, skinning and more. The good news for the users is, the company of this product is happy to offer a lifetime warranty.

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3. REG-274 Handmade Damascus Steel 13-Inches

If you want to get the bowie knife sheath, we will introduce to you this incredible REG-274 Bowie Knife from Poshland Knives. As the name suggested, it is produced from the handmade steel. You can have believe in the quality of this 13-inch product. The functions of this product are plenty, so you can use it for multi purposes.

Please be noted that the handle part is creatively produced from walnut wood. It is both stunning and durable, so if you think of getting the hunting knife, this product is the right choice.

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2. Handmade Damascus Steel 15.25-Inches Bowie Knife

Handmade Damascus Steel

Coming up next in the list today is a large knife well-known for its outstanding quality. This product uses handmade Damascus steel for producing the 10.25-inch blade. Adding to that, you will need to grip on something sturdy when doing your task. That’s why the handle of it is made from the combination of wood and bone.

If you choose to get this product, you will get the sharp and strong knife that has the great handle. We would like to remind you that as it is a handmade knife, the styling of it may vary from one another.

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1. REG-215 Damascus Steel 14.00-Inches Bowie Knife

REG-215 - Handmade Damascus Steel

Each and every single part of this bowie knife is incredibly produced. This REG-215 handmade bowie knife is the definition of the perfection. The blade is well produced so the sharpness of it is extraordinary. Moving down to the handle part, it uses wood to produce its handle; therefore, you can get the superb feeling when you grip it.

The total dimension of this tactical bowie knife is 14 inches, and it is the right length and size for a variety of usages. If you are planning to get a knife for your hunting trip, this is the right product.

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All of these knives are produced for offering the comfort for the users since they are well produced with the high-quality materials. As each product varies in size, shape and feature, getting the one that suits your need will be very beneficial.

As going out on an outdoor trip requires a lot of items, one of the most important items to bring along is a durable knife. Since we do not know what we’ll encounter during trips, it is wise to shop for a nice bowie knife based on our reviews above. Thank you for reading our article.


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