TOP 10 Best Car Code Scanners in 2020 (First Edition)

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader

Are you looking for the best car code scanners? Sometimes we are along the way commuting in our own car and suddenly the car has is not working properly. This can be such a panic attack. So, do you need the mechanic to check it before travelling? Probably yes. Yet, there is a device that you need that can be a life savor when it comes to locating car malfunctions. And, that is a car code scanner.

With plentiful of car code scanners on the market today, we thought it would be useful to narrow down the selection to only the top ones. Thus, in this article, we are going to recommend the top best 10 automotive code readers in 2020.

List of Top 10 Best Car Code Scanners in 2020:

10. OBDII Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner

OBDII Auto Diagnostic Code Scanner KONNWEI KW850 Universal Vehicle Engine

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First, we want you to know one car engine code reader from the Konnwei brand. This product comes with full options that it can help you reset monitor, support read and erase DTC, look up the definition of the DTC and could show up the cause of the trouble correctly. This car code reader can be used with all cars with petrol or diesel after 1996, but except for hybrid and electric car.

It has the full dimension of 9.4 x 3.9 x 2 inches, and it is light weighted of 1 pound only. Its voltage is 12 volts, and you can get a 3-year warranty.

9. OBD2 OBD Car Scanner

OBD2 OBD Scanner Professional Diagnostic Car Scanner

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Now, take a look at the auto car reader from Kobra brand with the size of 8.2 x 5.2 x 1.3 inch. And, it is measured to be 6.9 ounce, making it easy to carry with. This item can help you solve the problems with your car in minutes because it could scan and analyze the cause in seconds. Plus, you can reset the check engine light without the need of a mechanic, but you just need to read the description in the booklet.

It works with all cars produced after 1996 even if it is made from US, Asia or European and you can get the refund within 1 year if the car scanner does not meet your needs.

8. Udiag CR200 OBD II Code Reader

OBD2 Scanner

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Here is the smallest car code reader that you can hold it with one hand because its weight is only 10.4 ounces and its full dimension is 3.1 x 2 x 0.8 inches. Even though it is so small, it can help you to check out the root of the problem accurately and quickly. You can also check the engine light, reset the monitor and see more of the vehicle information.

This product also works with the type of cars that other items work. Furthermore, it can be interpreted in many languages such as English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

7. ANCEL Vehicle Code Reader Automotive

ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader Automotive OBD2 Scanner

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There is the best car code reader from the Ancel brand. You will be helped out with the simple functions the same as other car code readers such as omitting emission related code, pending code, defining the code, turning off the check engine light and providing any tips for your car. However, it has special function related to the fuel tank system and air system to identify the problem related with fuel efficiency and vehicle releases.

Actually, you can also print out the report of diagnosing your car if you need. It is only 12 ounces in weight, and its voltage is 12 volts.

6. OBD II Auto Code Scanner

OBD II Auto Code Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool Check Car

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The Foxwell engine code reader could function to omit the code, turn off the check light, reboot monitor and analyze the data from the car. In addition, this product has 3 signs of showing the status of your problem so you can know how to deal with that. What’s more, it works with the vehicle of US from 1996 year onwards, European from 2000 year and Asian from year 2008. It is made of the distinctive dust proof material that is durable in using it. The code scanner’s size is 6.7 x 6.7 x 2 inches, and its weight is 12 ounces.

5. FOXWELL NT301 Car Code Scanner

FOXWELL NT301 Car Obd2 Code Scanner Universal Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool

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Take a look to another car engine code reader from Foxwell; this one comes with the model number of NT301. It works well with many code requests such as generic, manufacturer specific codes and pending code. One more thing, you can turn off check engine light and set the monitor again.

The special thing is One-Click Readiness Key that could aid you to get information fast. You could read, record, analyze the data with the graph or words, and you can also check the air and fuel system in your vehicle.

4. Professional U480 Car Scanner Engine Code

Professional U480 CAN OBD2 OBD II Car Diagnostic Scanner

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Check out another automotive code reader from the Generic brand. This product could work with all vehicles manufactured from 1996 onwards and the newly cars that has Controller Area Network and be the current OBD-II protocols. It can deal with many trouble codes like the above products can, and can switch off the check engine light.

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Plus, you will find the code scanner easy to read with the 2 line LCD display and easy to use with the small size and one plug-in. Its full dimension is 10.1 x 6.2 x 1 inches, and it is measured to be only 4.8 ounces in weight.

3. Veepeak Tool Code Reader

Veepeak OBD2 Scanner Automotive Diagnostic Scan Tool Code Reader

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That is the best car code reader from Veepeak brand name that could function as the expensive code reader because it could read and analyze the problem clearly on the screen before you come to meet your mechanic. It supports all EOBD or OBD-II compliant vehicles which are CAN, KWP2000, ISO9141-2, J1850 VPW and J1850 PWM. Its size is 9.6 x 6 x 1.5 inches and its weight is 8.8 ounces. Moreover, you can get the refund within 1 month.

2. ANCEL AD310 Code Reader

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner Car Engine Fault Code Reader

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This 8.9 x 6.9 x 1.4 inches engine code reader could translate many languages in addition to English such as German, Spanish, Russian, French, Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese. It could define your problem quickly and help you to fix some problem that you can do by yourself. This product comes with the large screen (128*64 pixels) that you could see clear information and it has a 2.5 feet long cable, making it easy to move outside the car for check.

It weighs 12 ounces, and its voltage is 12 volts. And, you do not have to worry about the definition of the code because the auto code reader already helps you.

1. OBDII Code Reader

OBD2 Scanner OBDII Code Reader - Scan Tool for Check Engine Light-Car Code Scanners

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This is the last item of the list that is from the brand OxGord. This one sure can assist you with the sudden trouble with your car before you have the mechanic with turning off the check engine light and other problems. It works with most new cars or ones manufactured 1996 onwards from the US, and it contains the meaning of over 3000 generic error code definitions. Its dimension is 10.1 x 1.5 x 6 inches and its weight is 8 ounces.


These top 10 engine code readers are reliable, and sure can tackle your car malfunction problems. You do not need to waste time waiting for the mechanic to check it and panic when any car problem happens. Thus, you should have one for your car and your benefits. Even though there are many different brands and options offered on the market today, you can choose one that fits to your car and your requirements most – from any of the picks in the list.