TOP 10 Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Reviews in 2018

DAX Fiberglass

If you own a hard hat that is heavy, getting old, and fragile, it’s probably time you need to get a new one. And, a carbon fiber hard hat is one of the best kind of safety helmets for plenty of reasons. They are the more expensive option, yet these strong heads are tough, fairly light, and can resist dents or scratches well. That said, are you interested in getting one already? Here are the top 10 choices of carbon fiber hard hat you should check out.

List Of Top 10 Best Carbon Fiber Hard Hat Reviews in 2018

10. Izzo Graphics

Izzo Graphics Red

If you are looking for a high-quality hard hat for protecting your heard; this product from MSA V-GUARD Cap Hard Hat is one of the ultimate options. Izzo Graphics Red Carbon Fiber is perfect for using when you are performing various heavy duty tasks. This product is carefully produced. It is tough and reliable.

For added durability, the hat is sprayed with the great adhesion. Moreover, it is coated with gloss clear coating as well. It is the ideal choice for using at construction sites since it can protect your head better than competing products.

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9. HardHatGear Custom Hydro Dipped

HardHatGear Custom

It is a wise choice to get a durable hard hat for protecting yourself if you are working at any hazardous working site. HardHatGear Custom Hydro is perfect for withstanding impact from steel and heavy items since it is thoroughly produced from the carbon fiber. This helpful product comes in 2 color options.

For ensuring the perfect fit for your head, it is designed to have up to 4 points suspensions. As a result, this hat will stay fit even after you wear it for many hours.

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8. Fibre-Metal by Honeywell

Coming up next is the pyramex hard hat from Honeywell. It is one from a well-known product known for great head protection. First of all, the hat is well produced from fiber metal; therefore, the durability and sturdiness of it is ensured. It can effectively protect you from unseen danger when you are working at potentially dangerous sites. The hat has 8 points suspension along with an affordable price tag.

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7. Izzo Graphics Green Carbon Fiber Hat

Izzo Graphics Green

This Izzo Graphics Green Carbon Fiber is another nifty pick. In the making process, this hat has been treated in heat, baked and spray-painted thoroughly. It can withstand heavy weight; indeed suitable for using at construction Its shell is made of polyethylene materials.

In addition to offering superior quality, this hard hat is very comfortable to wear, too. Plus, featuring ratchet suspension, the hat lets you adjust the fit of the hat effortlessly when wearing it.

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6. Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex

Wet Works Imaging

Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex hat offers excellent protection from potential head hazards at constructions sites. This shiny product is sprayed with clear gloss paint, so it is likely to remain new and stylish for a long time. The construction process of this product conforms well to the standard as well; hence, you will get both the excellent comfort and reliable quality.

The soft padding is added for the user’s comfort. You can also adjust the head gear as well, and you can reposition it from front to back and up to down with ease.

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5. HDPE-Hydro Dipped Blue

HDPE-Hydro Dipped

This is another worth-buying item which is brought to you by Noa Store. First of all, this attractive hard hat is called HDPE-Hydro Dipped Blue. It comes in blue color, so we bet that it goes well with all types of site uniform. The great design of this product can keep water off your neck too. With this hat, you can work in all the conditions.

This heavy-duty product is carefully designed to have an adjustable turn ratchet. No matter what size of your head is, you will sure find comfort when wearing this hat.

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4. Wet Works Imaging Customized Pyramex

Wet Works Imaging

Safety always comes first; that’s why we are here to introduce to you the Wet Works Imaging Customized hard hat. It is the one and only item that you should think of when you are entering any construction site. This type of hat is great for offering great protection while being able to withstand heavy items.

It is produced to provide utmost comfort for the user; you will notice the soft padding and the adjustable ratchet. The material used for producing this high-quality product is carbon fiber. In terms of quality and price, this product is an outstanding choice.

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3. DAX Fiberglass Composite Hard Hat

DAX Fiberglass

The next lovable item found in this list is the DAX Fiberglass Composite Hard Hat. As the name has suggested, this natural tan hard hat is well constructed from fiberglass. It is also coated with the spray paint; so the quality and beauty of it are equally amazing.

The attachment of the soft pad is perfect if you have to wear it for many hours per day. It is good to know that it features 6-point ratchet suspension. It can stay fit on your head even when you are performing your task.

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2. Texas America Safety Company

Texas America Safety

Texas America Safety Company is another nifty pick. This is the carbon fiber hard hat that fits the head size from 7.0 to 8.0. This product is carefully constructed for superb quality. For that reason, this item is highly recommended for using at the hazardous working sites.

You can easily adjust the ratchet for getting the perfect fit too. For ensuing that you can comfortably wear the hat for a long time, the soft padding is added. If you choose this product, excellent protection is what you’ll get.

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1. MSA 475407 Natural Tan Skullgard Hard Hat

MSA 475407 Natural Tan

The last but also known to be the best carbon fiber hard hat is the MSA 475407 Natural Tan. This hard hat is carefully constructed; it is great for withstanding the heavy load and high temperature. The highest temperature that it can withstand is 350F.

With this hat on your head, the compact from other elements can be lessen greatly; therefore, you will be safe when walking at dangerous sites. For your information, this hat is great for the head size of 6 ½ to 8 inches. For getting the perfect fit, feel free to adjust the ratchet.

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We have just rounded up some of the well-reviewed and the best carbon fiber hard hats to assist you in finding the ideal hard hat for your needs. Any of them will a bang for your buck and bring you peace of mind when it comes to your head safety while you’re strolling at dangerous sites. Hence, get yours.