TOP 10 Best Ceiling Medallions in 2020

Focal Point Acanthus Medallion, Primed White

Ceiling medallions are magnificent wall arts we all cannot deny. Are you here to look for the best ceiling medallion? Then, you are at the right place. With plentiful of choices offered on the market today, searching for the right product can be a bit challenging. Therefore, here is the ultimate list of the top 10 best ceiling medallions in 2020 for you to sift through.

List of Top 10 Best Ceiling Medallions in 2020

10. Elk M1002AB English Study Ceiling Medallion

 Elk Lighting Medallion M1002

Coming first in the list, this is a masterpiece known as Elk M1002AB English Study Ceiling Medallion. This great wall art is the perfect add-on for improving the beauty of any room. As this product is light in weight, it is very safe to mount it on the wall or ceiling.

Since the materials used for producing it is the top quality one, only durability is given in return. With the perfect design, the ceiling medallion sure can beautify your space. Please be noted that this product has the total dimension of 18 x 18 x 2 inches.

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9. Minka Lavery Ceiling Medallion

 Minka Lavery CM7038-STW Ceiling Medallion Minka Aire

Here, let us introduce to you the stylish medallion called Minka Lavery. For this one, it provides the extra convenience in controlling the light; the full package of this product comes with the remote control. This incredible light is suitable for the large rooms; therefore, if you wish to give the extra decoration for any medium sized or large sized room, you can consider this product. With the total size of 38 x 38 x 10 inches, the budget spent and the final result will never disappoint you.

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8. Classic Roman Bronze Ceiling Medallion

 Classic Roman Bronze 24" Wide Ceiling Medallion

The next top chandelier medallion that we wish to highlight the features goes to this Classic Roman Bronze one. Firstly, this product has the total width size of 24 inches. This perfect ceiling medallion is the great combination of the modern and the classic design, making it both stylish and attractive. With the add-on decoration of the fern and the leaf, the beauty of the room is enhanced.

If you are worried about the installation process, concern no more as this product is a lightweight product, which can be mounted easily. Please be noted that the package of this product doesn’t include the chain.

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7. Ekena Millwork CM36JU Ceiling Medallion

 Ekena Millwork 36-Inch OD x 1 1/2-Inch P Juniper Ceiling Medallion

Ekena Millwork CM36JU is another awesome ceiling rosette which is creatively designed by following the style and pattern of the traditional design. With the durable and high quality materials, this ceiling medallion is guaranteed to last for a long time. Adding to that, the installation process can be done using less time too since the weight of this product is very light.

For the better look and décor, this product allows you to drill, cut, or even glue it without any concern. And, for the unique look, you can paint it the way you want as well.

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6. Ekena Millwork CM30FL Ceiling Medallion

 Ekena Millwork 30-Inch OD x 3 7/8-Inch ID x 3 1/4-Inch P Flagstone Ceiling Medallion

Designed for the best while following the traditional pattern, Ekena Millwork CM30FL is one of the best large ceiling medallions, which you may want to check out. The curves and cut of this ceiling are thoroughly designed; therefore, the styling pattern given is guaranteed to be very attractive.

If you wish to add extra decoration on this flagstone ceiling, this product also allows you to cut or even screw as well. The special point of this medallion is the high quality material and the long and careful production process. Since it is weight is light, it is very safe to mount on the wall or ceiling.

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5. Livex Lighting 8204-63 Ceiling Medallion

 Livex Lighting 8204-63 Ceiling Medallion in Verona Bronze with Aged Gold Leaf Accents

This one from Livex is another sought after ceiling medallion on the list. With the elegant and great design, you living area will be picturesque. For the durability and long-lasting use, all the materials chosen for the construction process are of superb quality. Besides this, the patterns that this product offers are quite unique as well; hence, you can get the awesomely attractive artwork for your room.

This product is finished by attaching with the aged gold leaf, making this product the incredible one compared to other ceiling medallions in the same price range.

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4. Ekena Millwork CM26AT Ceiling Medallion

 Ekena Millwork 26-Inch OD Attica with Rose Ceiling Medallion

Looking for the best ceiling plate for adding the extra beauty to your room? Ekena Millwork CM26AT ceiling medallion is probably the one you’ve been looking for. With this superb ceiling art in the house, we bet that you will feel like you own your very own collection of the traditional patterns.

With the truly awesome curves, each deep line reveals different style and pattern. You can add more decoration on this product by DIY-ing it with some drilling, screwing and cutting works with ease as well. For your information, this product is safe to paint too.

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3. Livex Lighting 8209-07 Ceiling Medallion

 Livex Lighting 8209-07 Ceiling Medallions Accessory,Bronze

The stylish pattern that highlights the traditional patterns are displayed on the great ceiling medallion from Livex. This product is built to last; therefore, it is well produced from the top quality steel. Though it is well made from steel, the weight of it is guaranteed to be very light.

For the best look, you can add the light based on your own preference as well. This ceiling is highly recommended for mounting onto the ceiling, chandelier, fan and more. The last special feature of it is the fact that it is finished with bronze.

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2. Minka Lavery 1940-126 Ceiling Medallion

 Minka Lavery 1940-126 Ceiling Medallion, Belcaro Walnut

This is the 2nd best product in our list today, the Minka Lavery 1940-126 ceiling medallion. This great product is the ideal one that you should get if you wish to add a nice touch of decoration to your room. You can also add the light if you wish to have your own unique style and pattern.

It is finished off with Belcaro Wallnut. In terms of durability, the materials used for producing this product is guaranteed to be the best one. This one will sure transform your space.

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1. Focal Point 81031 31-Inch Acanthus Medallion

 Focal Point Acanthus Medallion, Primed White-Ceiling Medallions

Focal Point 81031 gets to be the best-of-the-best product in the list today for a bunch of reasosn. This product is suitable for using with the ceiling fan or mounting it on the wall as well. Since this product is well designed with the combination of classic and modern patterns, we can ensure that it will beautify your room.

Plus, the quality of this product is the superior one compared to the similar competitive products. Lastly, this user-friendly product requires very little time to install.

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In conclusion, we have just browsed through the top 10 best ceiling medallions, which are all available for online purchase today. These picks are of premium appearance, artistic designs, durability, and superb quality. Have you found the perfect match for your home yet?