TOP 10 Best Christmas Outdoor Lights in 2020

Christmas Laser Lights

What is the most important design element that you cannot miss during the Christmas season? The answer is Christmas lights. Having a great Christmas light will make a lot difference in your home and the entire festive mood. So, we have done the work for you by compiling the Top 10 Best Christmas Outdoor Lights in 2020 down below:

List of  Top 10 Best Christmas Outdoor Lights in 2020:

10. KOOT Christmas Light

KOOT Christmas Light

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First, let us introduce you to this amazing product known as KOOT Christmas LED light that is super functional and waterproof, which is ideal for outdoor use. It is a type of lamp projector that come with so many different patterns and colors for you to choose from. More importantly, the patterns are movable which create even more dramatic look and romantic atmosphere to your home.

The lamp is extremely bright due to its 4 specifications that are designed for the 3-watt lamp beads. This projector is waterproof with its power waterproof grade, IP65. So don’t wait no more, get this light to decorate your home for Christmas.

9. Ora LED Solar Powered Waterproof String Lights


Ora LED Solar Powered Waterproof String Lights


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Now, let us show you another incredible light décor for Christmas which is this Ora LED Solar Powered string lights. We usually have seen indoor string lights that require electricity to be functioned. In contrast, this type of light does not need any electricity because it uses solar power that allows you to cut down cost on electricity. Moreover, the solar powered LED light is waterproof as well, so you do not have to worry about safety issue or damage that might occur when the light is used outdoor.

This light has Dusk/Dawn sensor that can automatically activate the light when the sun goes off, and deactivate at dawn, which is pretty amazing. This LED string light will last you 30 000 hours that is super worth the price. So go ahead, and give your indoor and outdoor spaces some impressive decoration with this LED light!

8. MZD8391 Christmas String Lights

MZD8391 Upgraded 66FT 200 LEDs Christmas String Lights Outdoor Indoor

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This Christmas string light is super durable and sturdy since it is made out of 200 warm white LED bulbs and a strong copper core wire that you do not have to worry about overhead or water damage. This particular product has UL approval that can ensure safety for the users as well. The light itself gives you flexibility for expansion when you need due to its end-to-end connections that allow you to connect up to 10 sets of light strings altogether to decorate any large areas in your home.

This amazing product has waterproof rank of IP44 which is ideal for both indoor and especially outdoor decoration for this Christmas season. And, you know what, the string light can be bent to any shape and length you want because of the flexibility of the copper core wire, and you can undo it whenever you want, and you can always reuse it again next year.

7. Vmanoo LED Snow Falling Lights


Vmanoo LED outdoor Lights 8 Tube Meteor Shower Rain Lights


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Next is this Vmanoo LED outdoor raindrop snow falling light that is very nice looking and absolutely amazing for any fun occasions including parties, wedding, and even Christmas. The Christmas lite has 8 tubes or 288 LED lights in total. The light has 5 colors to switch that creates such an eye catching effect to your house. This is another kind of solar powered light bulb that use solar panels to convert energy from the sun and turn it into electricity to use for the light. Same as other outdoor lights, this one is waterproof.

Best yet, it is also dustproof, transparent, and durable all in one. You have so many options to decorate with this light such as the trees, garden, streets or any spaces you would like to décor.

6. UL Outdoor LED Strawberry Lights


Outdoor LED String Lights Weatherproof Strawberry Lights


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Another product that we are about to show you is known as UL LED outdoor strawberry lights. The strawberry light with multi colors can add up a lot of good vibes to your home. This type of light is waterproof as well, which is great for outdoor use because you do not have to worry about the damage or danger that causes from water to the string light! Most importantly, you can install it very easily, and it does not consumer a lot of energy like any other string lights. The item is super durable as well. With its 3000 hours of lifetime, you can enjoy using the light in a very long term without having to worry of replacing it anytime soon.

This product gets UL safety Testing Certification that ensures safety for you as a consumer since the LED light has radiation free and hard shell that prevent itself from crushing with external forces. This amazing strawberry shape LED light string is awesome for any Indoor Outdoor Occasions. Make sure to include this one on your Christmas shopping list.

5. BlueFire Falling Rain Drop Christmas Light


Falling Rain Drop Christmas Light


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Another light that you should consider for Christmas decoration is this BlueFire LED Shower Rain Lights. The light is waterproof with UL certification which you do not have to worry if the product is unsafe. The IP65 waterproof level proves that the user will not get electric shock, short circuit that can lead to fire when they use this product, which is totally amazing.

It has extreme brightness that others do not have because of its SMD2835 LED chips that give more lighting effect which is a lot brighter than regular lights. The light gives such a dramatic effect because it looks like a falling snow or falling rain from the sky a second you plug it in.

4. Inngree Solar String Lights


Waterproof Solar Christmas Fairy Lights


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This is another amazing product that you should take into consideration. It is a type of solar string light snowflake that is waterproof. It cuts down on cost because of its solar panel, so that electricity is not needed. There are two switches. One for power on and off, and another one is for flash and no flash. Get these fairy lights to make your home shines during Christmas.

3. Paragala Waterproof String Lights


String lights,Paragala Waterproof Falling Rain Fairy Lights


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Here is another amazing falling rain fairly light that is not gonna let you down. This light has IP65 waterproof which is great for outdoor use. The string light can be expanded by connecting one tail to another. You will get the very dramatic effect from the light that will create romantic atmosphere to the space. More than that, the light receives UL certification as well, so you do not have to worry that the light is dangerous or anything.

2. LE LED Window Curtain Icicle Lights


LE LED Window Curtain Icicle Lights-Christmas Outdoor Lights


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Now, let’s take a look at this LE LED window curtain Icicle Light that is gonna make your space look incredible. The product is guaranteed to be safe. It has 8 modes of light that you can choose including: Combination, In Waves, Sequential, Slo-glo, Chasing/Flash, Slow Fade, Twinkle/Flash, and Steady On.

Featuring the high tech of memory function allows the controller to remember the previous setting mode, and it will be recovered when you restart the light. With these great functionalities, you should stop hesitating and make a purchase right now.

1. Christmas Outdoor Laser Lights


Christmas Laser Lights


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It is time to reveal our best item of all which is this Christmas Laser outdoor projector light with remote control. This light is made out of plastic material that comes with so many different patterns of light for you to choose. The light can cover around 600 square feet that is great for decorating your empty wall both inside and outside of the house.

The Christmas outdoor light is very safe because it has been certified by FDA, FCC, ROHS, CE, UL, and EMC. So don’t wait anymore, get this projector light to make your home look magical during this Christmas.


We hope you have found the best outdoor light for your needs. Christmas season is the most beautiful time of the year, so make sure you have fun decorating your home with these lights that we have recommended.