Top 10 Best Chromebox Reviews in 2020

Day by day, technology keeps improving to makes our lives easier. People tend to take a look at the light weight and portable products, which they can carry around easier with the high performance offered like a Chromebox. Chromebox is considered as one of the computing option that allows you to surf the web, stream your favorite TV show, or play game without sitting in front of your aging desktop.

Below are top ten best Chromebox reviews which are the most popular on the market. So, in order to get some clues on how to choose the right one, check out these reviews together.

List Of Top 10 Best Chromebox Reviews in 2020

10. ACEPC AK1 Slice Mini Desktop Computer


First, we are going to take a look at this ACEPC AK1 Slice mini PC which immediately offer you the desktop by just simply connecting to TV. This Window 10 mini PC is capable of streaming 4K video for superior viewing experience. The CPU is an Intel Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 and you will get 4GB RAM, 32GB of storage with WIFI capabilities from 2.4GHz up to 5GHz. Plus, the hard-disk can be expanded up to 2T.

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This chromebox 4GB takes up less space, more energy efficient and is mountable onto the back of the TV or a monitor. There are the mounting brackets on the bottom and rubber stoppers to prevent slippery with super lightweight for easy carrying around.

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9. Alfawise X5 Mini PC Window 10

Mini PC Windows 10

Alfawise X5 is a really interesting mini desktop replacement that supports Window 10 as well as dual boots things like Android making it easy plugging it into the TV or monitor to enjoy you media or games. It includes the highly efficient Intel Atom X5-Z8350 processor coupled with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage expandable by plug in hard drive or SD card.

This one also features WIFI in addition to Bluetooth and Ethernet for wired connectivity. It can transfer you data quickly up to 5GB per second to instantly get your favorite shows or movies in 4K resolution.

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8. Azulle Byte3 Mini PC

Byte3 Mini PC

Here comes the fanless mini PC, the Byte3 by Azulle. This mini PC runs Window 10 Pro with the powerful Intel Apollo Lake N3450 processor. It has 4GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage offering full HD 1080P video at 60FPS. It is well equipped with WIFI in addition to Ethernet for optimal Internet connectivity. Come in small size yet offer high speed data transfer with less power consumed.

This one features the cooling technologies producing less noise offering you great play or work time without getting disturb. Suitable for both home and office coupled with maximizing your work productivity with this Byte3 mini PC.

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7. Coofun Z83-W Mini PC

Z83-W Mini PC

Most of the mini PC has the same formula with Intel Atom Cherry Trail processor and pair that with 2GB of DDR3L and 32GB ROM capable of extending up to 128GB to ensure that there will always be space to store your new favorite movies, shows or TV. You will have the pretty functional Window 10 machine that can view up to 1080P HD video at 60 fps without missing a beat.

Designed well with up to 1000Mbps Ethernet LAN with Bluetooth and strong wireless features makes downloading, movie watching and game smoother and faster than expected. With HDMI and VGA output, your mini PC also support Intel HD graphic for online game, 4K videos and vivid image.

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6. Acer Chromebox CX12-4GKM Desktop

Acer Chromebox CXI2

We are going to check out the new fastest chromebox from Acer, the CXI2, which is a little faster than the previous one, the CXI. This particular model is equipped with a Broadwell Celeron 3205U processor from Intel with the upgraded version of the chip to make it faster than the last one.

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This model has a 4GB RAM installed along with the 16GB of storage and packed along with a wired keyboard and mouse to ease the performance. Ethernet, Wireless AC and Bluetooth features are included to allow you to surf the web, watch your favorite Youtube channel, and check some application with HDMI and display port for 4K display. Compact, easy set up and mountains of features brought to you by Acer.

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5. Intel NUC Kit Component

INTEL NUC Kit Component

Moving on to another chromebox mini, the Intel NUC. This one is powered by the Intel Celeron processor; come complete with Window 10 together with 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage. There are the built in HDMI ports which are capable of getting the 4K display at 60Hz perfect for home theaters, desktop PC replacement and digital signage.

You will also be able to get the high quality image and videos by the built in Intel HD graphic with Ethernet, Bluetooth and WIFI features for connectivity.

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4. Intel Skull NUC Mini PC

Intel NUC mini PC kit

We have come across a mini PC with the high-end components and uncompromised performance. It is the Intel Skull NUC with the skull decoration theme and super lightweight for easy transport. This one has the 6th generation Intel Core i7-6770 HD with 2.6GHz base clock and 3.5GHz turbo together with Iris Pro 580 graphics to maximize your games, your videos or your workflow.

A pair of DDR4 SODIMMs slots supports 32GB of memory combined with the dual band wireless AC, NFC header and Bluetooth support to deliver high performance. Get your perfect display level with the HDMI 2.0 for 4K at 6Hz when watching TV and movies with your beloved one at home.

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3. Plater Z83-W Fanless Mini PC Desktop

Z83-W Fanless Mini PC Desktop

Experience the dual screen display at 4K ultra HD with this brand new Plater Z83-W fanless mini PC. The CPU is the Intel X5-Z8350 together with Intel HD Graphic perfect for playing game and working with fast start up, smooth operation and 4K display. It has DDR3L 2GB RAM and 32GB of storage (expandable up to 120GB) to provide more space for users to store their data with smooth and fast data transfer level.

With Dual band WIFI, Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth features, connectivity between devices will not be the problems anymore. Customize your own stunning cinematic visual experience by just simply connecting this one to your TV.

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2. ASUS Chromebox2-G095U Mini PC


This is the ASUS all in one Chromebox, which is perfect at booting up, video streaming and web surfing. It has 2GB of RAM with only 16GB of storage since it is running the Chrome OS and it also requires the internet access for fully extent. There are 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 SD card slot, and 1 display port adapter for large monitor and HDMI for 1080P video quality. This chrome box also has the Ethernet port so that you can plug it directly into your network or you can actually choose to use the already built in WIFI feature.

With lightweight and small form design, this chrome box is always ready to be connected to monitors or TV to get your favorite websites, play your video game or display your entertainment video in just a second.

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1. Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop Computer

Dell Chromebox 3010 Desktop

The end is coming near yet we still have this last dell chrome box review to go. Connected to the whole work faster and easier with this Dell 3010 chrome box. It has the Intel Core i7-4600U processor coupled with 2.10 GHz speed for faster data transfer. This one is operating with Chrome OS system with 4GB RAM and 16GB of storage with Intel HD Graphics 4400 for faster boot up, smooth and super HD video.

It features Ethernet, HDMI, WIFI and Bluetooth features to ease Internet connectivity. Made of matte-black polycarbonate with a very compact size, this Dell 3010 Chromebox is able to sit on the desk horizontally or can be mounted behind the large screen display with the mounting bracket.

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These are the top 10 best Chromebox available on the market. They are all small in size, light in weight and consume less space to store better for carrying and storage. These items are just amazing since they can solve your streaming problems and at the same time allow you to take good care of your daily tasks easily.

Keep your heavy desktop at home and choose one of these chrome box as a backup when you are lazy to take along the heavy weight one.

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