Top 8 Best Chromecast Built in Speakers in 2021

With Chromecast Audio being built in speakers of a variety of brands these days, it is pretty exciting to try one out. This technology of Chromecast Audio connects to your Wi-Fi, allowing you to steam audio from any smart devices or computers.

We are eternally on the hunt for technologically advanced equipment and electronics that can take your convenience and entertainment to greater heights. Thus, in this article, you will get detailed information about the top 7 best Chromecast built in speakers in 2021.

Pre-Purchase Consideration – Buying Guides

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Buying Guide for Chromecast Built-in Speakers

There is nothing better than listening to your favorite music after a tiring day. However, if you stream your music from a poor device, it could ruin all of the great things as well. That is why, buying speakers is not only for the sake of buying. You need to find the ones that maximize the benefits to suit with your money spent. A chromecast built-in speaker is a new technology that allows you to have a wide range of connection options to stream your music, whether it is from your favorite application, phones, or computers.

Whilst there are so many brands and designs of chromecast built-in speakers available on the market, you might still need to take into account a list of things before purchasing. By doing this, it helps you to find a quality product that ultimately suits your needs and requirement.


Style, Shape, and Size

The very first thing that you need to consider is about style, shape, and size. It is true that you want to get the best one, but you might also want it to look good when being placed nearby your TV or with your home media center. Chromecast built-in speakers come with so many styles ranging from a simple one to a professional one. Moreover, there are many shapes that the manufacturers have designed. You may consider between, round, rectangular, square, or cube sizes. Size also matters. If you own a thin smart TV, it would fit best with a tall yet very compact speakers. But, you might also go for a little round speakers if you want to place it on top of the cabinet.

Special Features

After you have found your favorite style, shape, and size of a chromecast built-in speaker, the next thing to pay attention to is its special features. Some chromecast built-in speakers come with more connectivity choices than the others. For example, they may allow you to stream your music with Google Cast, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Tune in, Pandora, Beoplay A6, Beoplay A9 and Beoplay M5 and so on. Furthermore, some chromecast built-in speakers arrive with an integrated digital screen that you can control over your playlist without using your phone. Others may have a waterproof and rear firing system which allow you to use with safe and convenience.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is what you cannot miss considering when looking for speakers. It is important to measure the size of your room or house so that you can look for the ones coming with the right level of sound quality. It is better to look for any chromecast built-in speakers that are highly designed with multi-room sync system. This system allows you to stream music in one place but delivers the sound far to the next next rooms under a single roof. You may also look at bass tone that the speakers provide as well. This is because having the one that features a great bass tone make the dropping musics sound even more beautifully. Therefore, the ones that drop the tone down to 20Hz or at lower level makes the best one to choose. And most of them are equipped with subwoofer system.

Set-up Option 

The most annoying thing about anything comes during the set-up stage. Therefore, you should look for any product that comes with easy set-up options. Most chromecast speakers feature either table placing set-up or a wall mounting set-up. There are some that arrive with both set-up options which makes it easy for you to deal with. Still, you can find the group of chromecast built-in speakers that are designed with just a few click set-up which is even more convenient to start your music streaming.

Number of Connecting Port

You do not want to own a chromecast built in speaker that has no connecting ports either. Although this technology allows you to stream music by using wifi, there will be time when you need more connecting ports to do some works. Therefore, you may need to look at the number of connecting port owing to your priority of usage.

Control Key

The most control keys a chromecast built in speaker comes with, the better. While some products come with just an on/off button, others also come with a few more control keys for volume, bluetooth enable, pause and resume, AUX, and others. This provides you a wide range of controlling options. If your phones or computer has some problems, you can still conveniently control your music flow using those keys. Moreover, when you stream music from your USB, those controlling keys become very useful.


Why construction is also another point to look at when you want to get a chromecast built in speaker? It is because this factor is also a quick way to know if this or that speaker may have a shorter or longer lifespan. You may want to get a minimalist one for a small room usage or in-car music streaming. Yet, you may want to look at its materials used. For example, the one that is built with Kvadrat fabric, soft polymer and aluminum, is perfect at improving the sound, beating, and bass quality. At the same time, some can be built with mesh network for a smooth flow of music streaming.

Brand name

You all may know that brand name matters. This is because a famous brand name tends to provide the best quality products among other less popular brands. Besides, choosing a reliable brand name of your chromecast built-in speakers helps you to minimize the risk of choosing the wrong and unusable products. This also helps you to save your time and effort while also building your trust on the brand. Some brand names that are very famous on the market now are Grace Digital, Sony, LG, Toshiba, and more. You may look at the above review for more details of other brand names.


While brand name is important, pricing is even more crucial. It would be fine if you spend the right amount of money buying the best product from the most famous brand. However, it would not be worth it if you spend a lot of money, yet you get a chromecast built-in speaker that works only for a decent amount of time. If you have a little budget, all of the brand names we have mentioned on our product review are the most suitable options you can look at. They consist of Toshiba, LG, VIZIO, Bang & Olufsen, RIVA Audio, Sony, and Grace Digital. Those brands present you good quality chromecast built in speakers with the price starting from 99 usd up to about 150 usd. However, you can also look at more expensive products that are available in those brands and see if you can afford them.

Battery Capacity 

Along with all of the things, buyers also need to consider about battery capacity of each chromecast built in speakers. This allows you to know how long you can stream your music. Some speakers only allows you to stream musics for about a couple of hours. They should come with cheaper price, because if it is expensive, you should not get it at all. However, some speakers even let you continue playing your music up to 5 or 10 hours per charge which is very convenient and ideal for home use, big event, or traveling.

Other Functions

some good chromecast built in speakers might come along with other functions that will amaze you. One good function is a voice control function. Having this would allows you to answer phone calls while having your phone connected to the speakers. This function usually requires the help from Google Assistant. Other speakers also features a cam or camera. This function would allow you to record your own performance, or recording footages while running musics. Besides, some can also be built with some technology including touch screen one. This helps you to control over the work with greater convenience. Even having a wifi enable system is enough, having a built-in bluetooth enable system would be even better. This allows you to still keep your music playing when there is a disconnection.

List of The Best Chromecast Built in Speakers in 2021

Product Reviews

8. Vizio SP50-D5 Smart Cast Speaker


First on the list, we have a nifty pick from Vizio brand. This Chromecast built in speaker uses Bluetooth streaming, making it suitable to use with Apple and Android devices. And, indeed, it works with Google Cast wirelessly as well. The modern design fits in any home. This google bluetooth speaker output power is of 32 watts. Plus, the compact size allows you to place the speaker or carry it around just about anywhere.

As on of the best-sounding speakers, it features a great clarity, which sure can offer deep and dynamic bass as well as superb sound quality. The speaker power can be operated for 8 hours. Last but not least, it also features a wireless charging base. Please also be noted that you can set up and manage this one via a Vizio SmartCast App.

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7. VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker


Another best chrome cast built-in on our list is also from Vizio. It comes in a sleek metal speaker with modern look. This VIZIO SP70-D5 SmartCast Crave Pro Speaker also has a powerful audio, and is equipped with dual subwoofer that can produce a great dynamic sound bass. It provides a crystal clear sound to the maximum of 102db.

With a chrome cast built in, this speaker allows you to stream music from popular apps as well as connected to Wi-Fi for no interruption.  It is compatible with google play music, google assistant, as well as pandora, and more.

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6. JBL


Here, let’s take a look at JBL brand. This one is a JBL Playlist 150 with Chromecast built-in. It comes in simple black. The Chromecast built-in speaker is made for multi-room. With Google Cast built-in, the audio steaming services that it comes with are Google Home app, radio, Spotify, and even podcast.

You can play via Wi-Fi from Android devices, iOS devices, Windows PCs, or Chromebooks. The sound quality is impressive. It is 24bit/96khz. And, the Mesh network paired with the dual band technology ensures a smooth music listening experience without pesky interruptions.

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5. VIZIO SP30-E0 Smart Cast Multi-Room Wireless Speaker

VIZIO SP30-E0 Smart Cast Crave Go

If you’re looking to build a multiroom audio system based on Chromecast, check out this invention from Vizio. In addition to the mult-room capability, this Chromecast built-in speaker enables you to connect it over your home Wi-Fi network, meaning different music can be played in different rooms and music is never interrupted even if there is an incoming call on your phone. And, if the Wi-Fi is not available, you can always use Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Coming in a compact profile, the chromecast with bluetooth speaker is easy to mobilize, and keep. Moreover, this chromecast music also features a handy kickstand for added convenience. The surround sound offered is superb. And, the maximum sound level is at 88 dB. Are you ready to casts millions of songs on this little beast?

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4. B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay Wireless Speaker

B&O PLAY by Bang & Olufsen Beoplay M3

Get out and get loud with B&O PLAY, another highly reviewed Chromecast built-in speaker. The speaker comes in 2 color options – black and white. The minimalistic, sleek design will complement your space decor. It is most suitable for small to medium-sized rooms. You’ll be amazed at what a sound this compact speaker can produce.

Made of natural materials such as Kvadrat fabric, solf polymer and Aluminum, this helps enahce the sound and bass quality. The Beoplay app is very convenient and easy to use. You can either sit this speaker on a table/shelf or use the wall mount method. For an authentic listening experience, B&O Play will not fail you.

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3. Riva Arena Compact Multi-room “+” Speaker


Keep the bass on the move with this masterpiece from Riva Arena. The speaker provides a number of connectivity choices including Chromecast, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, Airplay, Spotify Connect and more. It can played indoors or outdoors beautifully. Thus, it is also one of the best speakers for bathroom. And, it works well with Apple and Google devices as well.


It is a versatile, good-looking piece of audio speaker. It looks small but you can never underestimate its capability. The sound quality is amazing. Set up is a breeze. Coming in black and white colors, you can pick one that accessorizes your home better. Indeed, offered at this price, this one is a steal.

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2. Sony SRS-XB23 Wireless Speaker


Enjoy music how it’s supposed to be heard with the reputable brand, Sony. This Sony built in speaker is known for its awesome versatility and a variety of outstanding features. It is not just beautifully made but also high-performing. It offers breezy streaming options with Bluetooth and party connect as well as sync with 100 speakers. Its power is 12 hours.

As one of the best integrated speakers, with this one, you will get to enjoy not just music of great sound quality but also TV shows and Movies as you can also connect it to your TV through HDMI. The audio played ensures to be clear, rich, and balanced always. Parties and gatherings will never be boring again with the Sony SRSZR5 Wireless Speaker.

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1. Sengean WFR-28


The item that ranks first in the list is the Sengean WFR – 28. This one is not just a speaker; it enables you to listen to more than 16,000 radio stations such as NPR, BBC, CNN, FOX news and more. This one is also compatible for you to listen to 35,000 podcasts. It plays audio via smart devices, Chromecast, FM radio, Spotify, Google Play, and more.

It comes in 2 different colors – black, and gray with white – for you to select. There are 2 ways you can use to control the audio: on the front panel of the speaker, or iSengean app on your iPhone or Android device. Moreover, the speaker also features 10 station preset and LCD display along with backlight. This Sengean speaker is powered by the rechargeable built-in battery. The AC adapter will be included when purchased, and compatible to charge with power 100-240V.

Thanks to the Sengean, navigation is made convenient and hassle-free. It can be switch between stereo or mono, bass or rotary treble, and volume up or down. But, that’s not it. This smart speaker also allows you to set the alarm, snooze function, as well as the sleep timer.

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You have just browsed through the top 8 best Chromecast built-in speakers in 2021. We researched day in and day out for these items, so if you’re about to shop for a Chromecast speaker; look no further then our reviews.

These goodies are well made, beautifully designed, durable, versatile, compact, and have smart connectivity to various devices/apps. They also make a fashion statement without sacrificing the quality.

Experience a whole new level of audio enjoyment with one of our recommended speakers.

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