TOP 10 Best Cold Pressed Juicers in 2020 – Buyers’ Guide

Mueller Austria

In this article, we are going to list the reviews of the best cold pressed juicers you may find on the market. They are very important equipment you should have if you care about your well-being.

Best Cold Pressed Juicers in 2020

10. Secura

Secura GS

Secura brand also appears on cold pressed juicer reviews due to its high performance. This one is capable of extracting all of nutrition from the fruits. It perfectly gets all of the juice from pulp leaving a very healthy and delicious juice for you to drink. Coming with its powerful motor, this pressed juicers spins at 80 RPM which works very quickly to make your juice and greatly preserve all vitamins. Talking about its operation, this item works very silently which never cause any inconvenience at all.

It has a very compact construction that allows you to easily move it from place to place. It is also compatible to be cleaned with dishwasher safely as well. Secura Slow Cold Pressed Juicer has a very simple operating button that requires only a single click for the machine to operate. Featuring anti-slip rubber feet, it stay stable no matter how hard you press its mouth.

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9. Tenergy

Tenergy Masticating

Tenergy Masticating Juicers is a product that is ideal to make any types of juice ranging from pressing fruits to cold fruits and vegetables to cold vegetables. It is the  greatest way for you to make juice that is full of nutritions and also delicious. It produces a juice that does not contain any waste at all. With its strong motor, it always make sure to offer a cleaner juice with its convenient and silent operation. It masticates at its 55 round per minute which helps to preserve the extracting source of vitamins and nutritions.

It also ensures that all of the juice from the fruit and vegetable will be extract leaving a very dry waste for users to easily empty. It can be disassemble anytime for a fast and easy cleaning. This product features two fruit entry channel making it quick and ease when you have a lot of pieces of fruit to insert.

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8. SKG

 SKG A10 Cold

Next, we also want to introduce you to this quiet and high yield cold pressed juicers from SKG. this product comes with a very sleek and compact design and construction that looks very eye catching on the counter top. It takes very little space, so it is convenient for you to choose any places to store it. Although it comes with silver color, it is highly resistant to stains and scratching making it effortless to take care of. It spins as slow as 36 RMP which is perfect to preserve any vitamins and nutrition from your fruits and vegetables.

More importantly, it has a 3.15 inch chute that is able to turn over. This is wide enough to insert whole apple and orange for being masticated with the chute that once closes when it needs to masticate providing high level of protection. There is also another channel for thinner and smaller fruits and vegetables. You can simple fill your fruit in the channel and it will automatically turn your fruits down for juice extracting.

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7. Argus

Slow Masticating

Argus is a slow masticating machine that is great to use for both home and shop. It spins at its 40 RPM which is slow enough to preserve nutrition and vitamins of the juice. It is constructed with powerful motor, yet it works very quietly. This helps you to achieve your home juice making while does not keep everyone around annoyed at all. This one has an ability to extract up to 99% of juice from the fruit and provide back a very dry waste for east of emptying.

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Dry waste also makes it easy for you to wash your gear as well because it will not stick to the waste tray at all. Moreover, this product guarantees high level of safety for you. It is totally made of BPA free materials that contains no chemicals and toxic at all. Featuring 200 watt power, your fruits masticating will never become easier than that.

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6. Mueller Austria

Mueller Austria

If we make a cold pressed juicer comparisons, we will definitely see that this Mueller Austria Ultra Juicer Machine is a better choice to choose than other ordinary ones. In terms of price, this is a very affordable and quality product that is under 100. It is not a lot to add on extra if you want to make a healthy drink for your family and yourself with convenience. It is very easy to masticate your vegetables or fruits as you need to pressed them down in its 3 inch large feed chute. It also comes together with a little smaller feed mouth that can accept smaller fruits or vegetables.

It is not only simple to make, but it helps to save a lot of your time spent in cutting your food into small pieces to fit in. Spinning at its 60 rmp, it works slowly in extracting the juice with preserved vitamins and nutrition. It draws out juice up tp 60% greater than normal products. With this, you can now have a very delicious juice to drink with its well kept natural flavor.

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5. Breville

 Breville BJE430SIL

If you always make juicing as one of your health trends, then do not skip this product. This is Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold that has a very sturdy construction and powerful operation. It comes with an operating knob that you can turn around to choose the suitable level to your juicing. It is available in low and high speed. On top of that, it has a very large feed chute of 3 inches for you to easily fill your fruits or vegetable in without having to cut them small at first. It spins at its 1300 rpm to 6500 rpm depending on whether your fruits or veggies are dense or soft.

Once it is done extracting the juice from your fruits, the juice will fall directly to its juice container that can support up to 2L at its max. At the same time, waste will fall into its 3.4L Pulp Bin Container. It is not only good to use, but it is also safe to lean on. Designed with its safe locking arm, the machine will cease its operation right once the cover is not tightly closed.

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4. Tribest

Tribest GSE-5010

Tribest is a unique and impressive masticating machine for juice making. It comes with a very compact and lightweight body that allows its users to easily transport it. Its portability is what important for users. It arrives with a complete masticating system that features both cutting points and pocket recesses making your juicing become a very simple and quick work to do. With its strong masticating power and system, this makes it impossible for users to extract the juice from both soft and hard fruits or vegetables.

What even more interesting about this machine is that it has a reverse function that helps to deal with fruit jam perfectly. Users can reverse it back and forth simply with the available operating buttons. It spins as slow as 110 rmp which means that this Tribest masticating machine can still preserve all of the nutritions and vitamins of the fruits and vegetable while extracting a lot of juice.

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3. Homegeek

Homgeek Juicer

Who has not heard about Homegeek? It is one of the very famous brand when it comes to home or kitchen supply. Meanwhile, it also brings about top quality cold pressed juicers that could totally impress its users with its brilliant features. If you do not like noise, it is best that you choose this one as it has a very quiet motor to operate your juicing. It masticates your fruits and vegetables slowly at the speed of 80 rpm which helps to preserve all of the nutrition and natural flavor of your fruits. Besides the fact that it works very slowly, it reduces built-up heat during the operation.

Homegeek cold pressed juicer also features a 360° squeezing mouth that makes it even more convenient to fill your fruits and offers an effective squeezing experience. Coming up with separated dispensers between waste and juice, this is great at delivering complete juice while also delivers a dry waste for ease of emptying.

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2. Omega

 Omega Nutrition

Omega Nutrition Center Juicer works very slowly as its 80 rpms. When it masticates your fruits or vegetables slowly like this, it helps to keep all of the nutrition, natural flavor and taste of your masticated food perfectly. Another positive side effect from its slow masticating is that it also helps to minimize heat building up which is totally safe to use. Omega cold pressed juicer is not only good at masticating, but it is also compact enough to store at any places on your countertop.

With its 4 rubberized standing bases, the stability is always there with it even when the machine shakes hard. There is also a waste bin to take up all the waste from the fruits making it a lot convenient to empty. With this Omega, you will surely get a very large amount of juice and left out the dry waste.

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1. Caynel

Coming to the top best cold pressed juicer on the list, let’s take a look at this one. Caynel Whole Slow Masticating Cold Press Juicer represents all of the good quality products in terms of good look, quality, ease of operation, and durability. It features a durable construction of black and red color which is a perfect fit to modern kitchen. It does not take up a lot of space for storage at all. Plus, it is very stable thanks to its rubberized base. It does not move during the operation or without the operation. It features two channels for masticating. One comes in small size and can be used for inserting thinner and smallest fruits. Another one is a round and big feeding chute that allows big fruits to fill in.

this machine extracts up to 80% of juice from the fruits or vegetable leaving out a very dry waste. This also makes it easy for users to empty the waste as well. While it is extracting, it is also delivering both juice and waste to two different and separated dispensers making your juice coming with no remaining waste at all.

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Buying Guide of Cold Pressed Juicers

Speed Variation: Speed variation is really important when you choose a cold pressed juicer. A good one might come with different speeds that allow you to masticate different types of fruits and vegetables. It may feature low to medium and to high speed levels so that users are able to pressed both soft and dense or frozen fruits.

Feed Chute: if you get a good feed chute, your cold pressed juicing can be a lot easier than using a traditional masticating machine. This is because a wide feed chute may not bother you about having to cut them in small pieces before you masticate them at all. Directly fill the vegetables and fruits to the channel and the machine will do its job. Surprisingly, most of cold pressed juicers we presented here arrive with two feed chutes which are for both large and small fruits and vegetables.

Portability: who does not like a portable cold pressed juicer? Their portability will make it possible and convenient for users to juice their favorite beverage anywhere. It is because it has a compact construction that can be moved around. It also takes up very little space for storage.

Ability to extract juice: it is right that you purchase a cold pressed juicer for juice extracting. That is why you also need to consider about its ability to extract juice. Most of the products mentioned above works at its 60 RPMs to around 110 RPMs which means that it masticates your fruits or vegetables slowly. This enables them to extract the juice from your fruits or vegetables from 70% up to 90%. Additionally, all of the vitamins, flavor, and taste of the juice will be well preserved.

Separation of juice & waste containers & dispensers: is it annoying when you drink juice that is full of its waste? That is why a good cold pressed juicer should be designed with a clear separation of juice container and waste bin. From product #10 down to #1, they are perfectly designed with different channels and containers for waste and juice which allows the juice to follow directly to its dispenser, and waste to be delivered directly to its bin. Then, users can now have a delicious and healthy juice to drink at anytime.