TOP 10 Best Commercial Paper Shredder Reviews in 2021

In every productive office, you will definitely need a paper shredder. It is one of those basic essentials for discarding unwanted documents. Though you would always want the best products available. For that reason, we’ve made a long list of the best commercial paper shredders for you to look at. This list is filled with amazing quality shredders that won’t get stuck when you’re in a hurry to get things done.

Now with this list, you can find great products that is powerful enough to tear through hard material as well as remain quiet. So this our list of the top 10 best commercial paper shredder reviews in 2021.

List of Top 10 Best Commercial Paper Shredders in 2021 

What is the best commercial paper shredder?

One of the following shredding machines may meet your requirement. They are heavy duty paper shredders; very efficient and convenient.

10. HSM SECURIO AF300 L4 Micro-cut best paper Shredder

Here we have the first product which is this model from HSM. Stacks of paper will be efficiently shredded with its model’s steel cutters. Not only that, you won’t have to worry about mistakenly shredding important documents, either. This model comes with a special feature that requires authorization for it to start working.

With that said, jamming isn’t something that you should be worried about. This guy is implemented with functions that won’t let that happen. Plus, you will receive a 3-year warranty with the purchase of this product, as well.

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9. Fellowes Powershred 225Mi Jam Proof Paper Shredder

The product that wins the first place on our review goes to Fellowes Powershred 225Mi Jam Proof Paper Shredder. Like the previous product from Fellowes company, this one is also built with jam proof feature to make sure that there is no paper stuck during the time of operation. By this, users can always experience a smooth and quick paper shredding of all time. The cutting materials are nicely sharpened which enable the machine to shred a lot of things including paper, CDs and DVDs, credit card, staples, paper clips, and other stronger materials.

Its shredding capacity of this machine is pretty amazing. It shreds up to 16 sheets and break them into a total amount of 2513 pieces. That way, all of the confidential information will be perfectly destroyed. It also comes with continuous duty motor to ensure that it does not coincidentally stop after a few pieces shredding. Highly equipped with SafeSense technology, it automatically shut off and stop cutting whenever it senses your hands nearby the open mouth. The waste basket is greatly built to fit up to 16 gallons of disposal. It also has an LED light to keep users alert of important information. It can be easily removed when you need to empty the basket as it features a smooth rolling gear.

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8. GoECOlife GSC260TC Strip-Cut Paper Shredder

If you are currently look for any paper shredder that uses less energy on shredding, GoECOlife GSC260TC Strip-Cut Paper Shredder. What actually turns a lot of customers off about this product is its Goecolife energy technology. By adopting this new tech, the item shred many paper works like a freeze and still saves a lot of energy. It also features a standby mode that allows you to still turn it on. However, it does not consume energy at all which is very a smart function that impresses a lot of users. It does come with voice control buttons that let you choose between sound on or off. Thus, you can still use it quietly in a working space.

GoECOlife GSC260TC Strip-Cut Paper Shredder is also built with continuous cutting system to make it work non stop for the whole 20 minutes. Therefore, you can cut as many papers as possible daily. The product is also constructed with high speed motor that enables to cut about 12 feet per minute. It has a very large disposal storage of 13.8 gallon coming with removable pattern to ensure ease of emptying.

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7. Fellowes Powershred 425i 100% Jam Proof Commercial Paper Shredder


Fellowes Powershred 425i 100% Jam Proof Commercial

If you’re looking for a powerful shredder for your office that won’t jam up, this is the perfect one for you. This is designed to be completely jam proof, so you can tear through anything without a worry in the world. Besides that, you’ll love how powerful and fast this shredder is. On top of that, this comes with a bin capable of holding up to 30 gallons of waste, as well.

Not to mention, not many shredders focus on safety features. But with this model from Fellowes, you’ll find a feature that will automatically stop shredding if your hand gets too close. Though you should oil the paper before shredding it so it’ll slide down smoothly.

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6. Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Commercial Paper Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 485Ci 100% Jam Proof Commercial

This is also another product from Fellowes, though with a slight difference from the product above. This is a 30-sheets paper shredder. Besides that, this comes with the same jam-proof technology, as well. Being able to cut through not only papers, but also CDs, DVDs, cards and even paper clips. Not to mention, its safety feature that will keep your hands safe from the cutters unlike other shredders.

This commercial paper shredder also comes with a 30 gallons’ basket as well so you don’t need to empty it that often, either. This is a great product for your office.

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5. Fellowes Powershred 425Ci 100% microcut paper shredder


Now we’re looking at this model from Fellowes. This comes with the amazing qualities that the others on this list all have. Not only can you efficiently tear through unwanted documents, you can also do the same with harder texture objects. Plus, this also won’t jam up once you’ve start using it, either.

Just like the other amazing products from this company, this shredder has a sensor, as well. It will immediately stop if it senses your hands coming too close to the cutters. With that said, this does come with a 35 gallons’ bin, too.

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4. Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Commercial Paper Shredder 325Ci

The next product we are going to introduce you is a Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Commercial Paper Shredder. This one is built perfectly with the quality of jam proof. Therefore, it shreds papers to papers without letting it jam up at all. It is super ideal to have in the office as it operates silently yet very quickly. More than this, the product is highly constructed with sturdy and durable materials that enable it to cut all most everything. It deals perfectly with not just paper works but also staples, CD, DVD, credit cards, junk mail, and more.

Built with strong duty motor, Fellowes Powershred Cross-Cut Commercial Paper Shredder continues to cut all of the materials you put in like a pro. Besides this, it comes with a 22 gallon disposal basket which means that you can shred so many pages at a time. Designed with removable feature, the basket makes it easy for users to remove and leave out the basket with ease

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3. Fellowes Powershred 225Ci 100% Jam Proof 22-Sheet Commercial Paper Shredder


Fellowes Powershred 225Ci 100% Jam Proof 22-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial

This is also a model from Fellowes. Since this is from Fellowes, you can expect the same great quality from this as well. Without jamming, you and your co-workers can shred up to 22 papers at a time. Besides that, you can also tear through harder material as well; CDs, DVDs, and even cards with this fairly large paper shredder.

Now the best part about having a Fellowes’s product is having its safety feature. So that you will be safe using it under any circumstances. Besides that, this heavy duty paper shredder comes with a 16 gallons’ bin, as well.

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2. Fellowes Powershred 225i 100% Jam Proof Commercial Paper Shredder


Fellowes Powershred 225i 100% Jam Proof 20-Sheet Strip-Cut Commercial

Another commercial shredder from Fellowes is this model. This model will give you clean strip cuts. Along with that, you can do 20 sheets within one go. Not only is it less time consuming but it won’t jam up, either. Just like other great product from Fellowes, you can cut through any other hard materials.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about safety. This comes with the same safety feature as the other Fellowes products. Plus, along with this comes a removable bin that can hold up to 16 gallons of waste.

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1. Ideal heavy duty paper shredder


If you have not heard of Ideal. before, it is time that you can now delve deeply into details of this Ideal. commercial paper shredder. It is a heavy duty and a portable paper cutting machine that has a long lifespan and can be transported. This heavy duty paper shredder works continuously from time to time without having to experience downtime at all. It is able to shred up to 589 sheets within a minute through its auto feed tray. There is also a capacity indicator built with this machine. This helps to identify the amount of your paper filled in and monitor them sheet by sheet to avoid jamming. The lowest level is 1 while the highest is 7. However, it is good to go with 4th or 5th level at max.

On top of that, it works very quietly at its 55 dB. Ideal. Another feature of this one is that it arrives with safety protection system. It has a sensor that senses your fingers once they are nearby or accidentally touch its feeding mouth. The operation will automatically shut off when the case happens.

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Buying Guide of Commercial Paper Shredders

Shredding Capacity

when you look for a paper shredder, the first feature you might want to look at is its shredding / loading capacity. Some products may be able to shred about 12 sheets to 18 sheets per pass. And most of them are used personally at home. However, there are also a number of paper shredders that can shred up to hundreds of pages. Those are the products highly designed for office use. In this article, it highlights both home use and office use paper shredders which you can choose based on your preferences and requirements.

Cross cut, Strip Cut, or Micro Cut Shredder

when paper shredders come with different designs, they also have different cutting styles. Those include cross cut, strip cut, and micro cut. Thus, before purchasing, you should pop a question on which one you would like to get. Strip Cut works fine for not-so-important work paper and still allows the paper to be reassembled together again. At the same time, cross cut paper shredder tends to make shredded papers become smaller than strip cutting. But, in case you want to destroy everything, every information, and make them unable to be put together, it is good to choose a micro-cut paper shredder.

Protection System

protection system is a must-have feature of commercial paper shredders. This is because you do not want to risk having your fingers shredded like those papers. Thus, if you have to put in a little bit of extra cash for that function, then you should. This protection system will sense your fingers once they are put nearby or touch the cutting mouth. The machine will then stop its operation for the sake of your fingers.

Waste Bin Capacity

we understand that if you have a lot of things to shred, having to empty it from time to time will totally bother you. That is why, we collected the ones that have a large waste bin capacity. Most of the products we brought here have about 2 gallons, 4 gallons, and up to 7 or 9 gallons for its waste storage. Therefore, it is large enough to store your all-day shredded paper. You can simply empty it once when you are off work and that is it.


Now that we’ve reached the end of the top 10 best commercial paper shredder reviews in 2021, you won’t have a hard time tearing up unwanted documents anymore. You won’t have to deal with disturbing noises, either. Plus, besides that, some of these products are very energy conservative as well. So, get one soon.


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