TOP 10 Best Cordless Pole Saws in 2020

Hooyman 655236 Cordless 40 Volt

Tired of seeing any outgrown shrubs, bushes and tree branches all over your garden? You do not need to worry more since with the presence of pole saw, it is here to help you build your perfect garden. These cordless pole saws that we are going to review below will help you well in giving you more information when you are to choose one. Without any further delay, let’s get through this list of the top 10 best cordless pole saws in 2020 together.

List Of Top 10 Best Cordless Pole Saws in 2020

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10. Sun Joe Pole Chain Saw

Sun Joe 20VIONLTE-PS8 8-inch

First, let us introduce you the pole chain saw from Sun Joe which could assist you well in trimming your overgrown trees. The operation of this battery pole saw is actually simple, you just need to insert the battery into this chain saw, push the button and you are ready to go. You can cut and carve anything especially the overgrown branch tree. It has up to 40 minutes of runtime (full charge).

It features a 600 watt brushless motor and weighs only 9.25 pounds. With this light weight, you could possibly spend less effort doing these kinds of stuff. This saw is ELT approved back by for a 2 year warranty.

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9. Greenworks Pole Saw

Greenworks PRO 10-Inch 80V Cordless

Greenworks Pro is the ultimate batter powered outdoor equipment with the powerful 80 volt battery with brushless motor technology that would delivers the greatest cutting performance. This 10 inches pole saws for tree trimming is great for reaching the limbs high above the ground. The 10 inches bar and chain are ideal for thick branches and limbs.

The automatic oiler ensures the continual and long life of the bar ad chain while the translucent tank allows you to easily keep your eyes on the oil level.

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8. Hooyman Pole Saw with Carry Case

Hooyman 655236 Cordless 40 Volt

Another best pole pruner which we are going to review is from Hooyman. It is one of the 10 feets saw which weighs under 10 pounds. This pole saw is constructed from high quality materials which makes this one light in weight yet durable which comes along with a heavy duty chain.

It can be used continuously for up to 70 minutes per full charge and each full charging time only takes you around 60 minutes. This Hooyman is very ideal for trimming, clearing brush and cutting limbs and such.

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7. Greenworks Pro Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks PRO 10-Inch 80V Cordless

Welcome to another best pole cutter from Greenworks. Greenworks Pro is one of the battery-powered outdoor equipment that operates by lithium-ion battery. It features the brushless motors technology, which is more reliable and provides true gas performance. The cordless pole saw has a 10 inches bar and chain that is perfect for cutting branches and limbs with ease.

The automatic oiler applies oil to ensure durability and extend the life of the chain. Its translucent oil tank also offers the clear view of the oil level as well so that you can know how much the oil contains in the tank.

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6. Maxtra Gas Pole Saw

Gas Pole Saw,Maxtra

Maxtra has delivered one of the best electric pole saws to assist you in cutting the overgrown tree branches around your house as well. You can use this one to cut wood, logging, pruning the garden and even trimming your garden much easier. The length can be adjusted from 8 to 11 feet with 10 inches cutting length, which allows you to cut the high branches much easier without the help of ladder or the need in climbing the tree.

The throttle lock out on the rear handle will help any possible accidents and makes the operation smoother than ever.

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5. Greenworks 8 inches Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8-Inch 24V Cordless Pole

Another pole saw model from Greenworks comes in line. It comes with powerful 24 volt battery which is compatible with both indoor and outdoor tools. You can do more with this 24 volt 8 inches cordless pull saw. The 8 inches bar and chain will make trimming branches easier. The chain is made to be adjustable with a quick easy tensioning system.

The automatic oiler applies oil to bar and chain to make sure that it can be used for a long period of time. These 3-piece aluminum shafts can be extended to up to 8 feet for a higher reach and a wider range of cutting.

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4. Oregon Cordless A6 Pole Saw

Oregon Cordless 40V Max

Introducing this Oregon cordless 40 volt PS 250 chainsaws pole. The 40 volt max lithium ion battery pack will deliver a constant no fade power using the premium cell technology resulting in long run times that will take care of your tasks including trimming your tree branches as well. This one comes in light weight yet will be balanced when operating and produce less noise and less vibration than ever.

No tools are needed to extend the shaft from 7 foot 3 inches to 10 foot 4 inches, which offer you a total reach of up to 15 feet. The motor is mid mounted which need less effort holding but offer more power for cutting the tree branches.

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3. Black+Decker Corded Pole Saw


The next one refers to the corded pole saw from Black+Decker. This is the black and decker 6.5 amp, 9.5 food corded pole saw. This 8-pound pole saw features a 10 inches bar and chain to make cutting tasks more professional.

You can adjust this pole saw for any length between 6 and 9 feet which is perfect if you want to reach to the higher tree branches. This pole saws comes with the automatic oiling system to make sure that the bar and the chain is constant.

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2. Remington Gas Pole Saw

Remington RM2599 Maverick

Here is the best gas powered pole saw from Remington. It features 8 inches bar and chain, which can be mounted on a 7 foot extend pole that will allow the user to reach up to 12 feet height. With this pole saw, you do not need the help of ladder to reach the higher tree branches anymore. The automatic oilers will ensure the lubricated of your chain and expand its life span.

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1. Greenworks Cordless Pole Saw

Greenworks 8-Inch 40V Cordless Pole

Finally, we jump to the last best one in our list which we have found from Greenwork. It operates with Li-ion battery which is also rechargeable as well. It comes in light weight with 8 inches bar and chain that will make trimming much easier. The product is designed with adjustable chain tensioning system which allow you to tight your chain faster.

It can be extended to reach the higher tree branches and it can ensure the durability of your bar and chain with the automatic oilers.

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With all of these top 10 best cordless pole saws introduced, some of these picks might have already caught your attention. These are all the best cordless pole saws that we have found highly recommended and highly rated due to their best performance. For this reason, if you want your garden to get rid of these outgrown brushes and branches, choose one and be ready to witness a beautiful garden.