TOP 9 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2020

FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

If you are a golf player, storing your golf and its accessories is a necessity because those are too expensive to be broken. Therefore, you will need a proper golf bag that can strongly protect your golf accessories and keep it well organized so that you can easily access them.

Here we have come up with a list of best Disc Golf bag that would help you choose the right bags for storing your golf’s accessories. With one of these models, you can make sure that your things are well protected. Review our list of Top 9 Best Disc Bags in 2020 to the end to get more information about types of bag that match your interest.

List Of Top 9 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2020

9. Rogue Iron Sports

Rogue Iron Disc Golf Sling Bag

Rogue Iron Sports is one of the best disc golf bags in the market. Known for its design that maximize the user’s experience with this bag, Rouge Iron Sport disc golf bag is the type of cross should bag which its strap is removable. For absolute comfort when using this, the shoulder strap of this bag is made with padded neoprene to make sure that it is super soft and durable. Besides, this disc golf bag can store up to 10 disc easily without causing elasticity or tearing to the bag.

Moreover, there is also the design of water bottle storage at the side of the back which you can use to keep your water bottle for easy reach. To add on, the bag also comes with extra pocket which you can find at the right side of the bag. This area is perfect for you to store any of your valuable items such as your phones, keys, or some cashes.

Last but definitely not least, Rouge Iron Sports disc bag also offers 100% cash back guarantee. That means you can now shop disc golf bag from Rouge Iron Sports with confidence; knowing that there is nothing you would lose as you can definitely get a full refund back if you don’t like the bag after purchasing.

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8. MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack

MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack comes as the top 8 in our best disc golf bag list. This is a dynamic disc ranger bag that is available in variety of colors for your choice. You can choose between navy, black, lime, orange, pink, yellow and so on. Moving on to its capacity, this disc golf bag has ability to store around 20 discs.

More than that, it is additionally added another upper pocket that can provide you a plenty of space to keep other necessary things. You can also put your bottle in the bag with the two extra drink containers.

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Furthermore, it is also designed for heavy duty use with the sturdy and supportive feet. Last but not least, there is a warranty package for you after purchasing as well.

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7. Throwback Pack 2.0

The Throwback Pack

Here is The Throwback Pack which is brought to you by Throwback sport. It is a disc golf back that is designed with a high quality of product to make it the best bag for your golf. It is come with a very light weight, yet sturdy which can be used for a very long time. More than that, this lightest golf bag comes with many pockets including outer pockets, two removable walls with the capacity to hold from 20 to 25 disc.

What is more, the other pockets of the bag also allow you to put your drink with the capacity to maintain the temperature as well. To make you feel more convenient, it is also designed with the strap that you can grab quickly. You can also keep it clean as it is come with the plastic feel and bottom.

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6. Latitude 64 Golf Discs DG

Latitude 64 Golf Discs DG

Latitude 64 Golf Discs DG Luxury is the next best disc golf bag that we would like to introduce to you. With the end goal to give you an easy lifestyle, this bag demonstrate has outlined with the removable cooler sleeve. With that bag you can limit the number of cans you want to carry. Yet the overall capacity of this bag can hold for 20 discs since it is designed with the size of 20 x 14 x 12 inches.

What’s more, the physical structure of this golf plate pack is likewise extreme and having a high quality. It is originally made out of a great quality of nylon. The lash is super thick, which gives you an attired insurance to your shoulder. Aside from that, you also have a variety of color choices to choose between black pink, blue purple and so on.

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5. Innova Super HeroPack

Innova Super HeroPack Disc Golf Bag

Moving on to Innova Super HeroPack Disc Golf Bag, a top 5 best disc bag in our list. This is a small disc golf bag with a unique design which is come in three amazing colors for your choices including Blue Camouflage, black and red. This bag is designed with the ability to carry up to 25 discs.

What is more, it is made with the zipper on top which you can easily access to your discs. Aside from that, this disc golf is having a super lightweight, giving you enough space to store other accessories with the valuable pockets.

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4. Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

At another great and high rated disc golf bag, here we have yet another trustable and super premium quality product supplied by Athletico. This Athletico disc golf bag is super functional to any Frisbee players out there. With the storage capacity that can keep more than 20 discs in the bag, this bag is almost the highest capacity type of disc golf in the market already. On the other hand, talking about the design of the back, Athletico uses ergonomic concept that lies on the comfort of user. So what they do is they use padded and cushioned lumbar to use on the shoulder straps, so instead of putting all pressure on your bag and shoulders which could make it hurt or painful, this shoulder straps prevent the pressure from hitting your body by allowing the airflow ventilate around you.

Moreover, this bag also features with many pockets inside and outside the bags; so you can have extra spaces to keep your personal and essential items with you when you go out. These are not all. This Athletico disc golf bag also comes with rigid bottom designed with protective feed. What it does is that it makes sure your bag stands up straight independently. Furthermore, the 600D polyester fabric is also water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry if your item would get soak when your unintentionally place the back in the watery surface.

Finally, similar to other Athletico bags, this model also offers 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Hence, if you don’t like the products; do not worry. You can return it back with your full money back refund to you.

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3. Athletico

Athletico Disc Golf Bag

Standing here as one of the top 9 best disc golf bags, here we have the products from one of the most famous and leading disc golf bag brand, Athletico. What’s great about this bag is that it is designed dedicatedly for disc golf by making it to be easy to carry when bringing it around to the field.

Moreover, it also focuses on the comfort of the users by constructing the shoulder strap padded with soft material, so it won’t hurt when your put on your back or your shoulders. On top of that, this bag is also built to last. Using 600D polyester fabric as the main material, it is commonly known as one of the strongest fabric type that is super resistant to tearing.

With the capacity of holding up to 14 disc, it is big enough for you to store all the disc for your game without interrupting your mood. What is more interesting about this disc golf bag is that it has 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed where Athletico will refund your money back if you find that the quality of this bag doesn’t worth the price, or if you don’t like the bag after you purchase it.

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2. Dynamic Discs Snipe

Dynamic Discs Sniper Disc Golf Bag

Here we have come to our Dynamic Discs Sniper Disc Golf Bag, another highly reviewed product in the list. This grip disc golf bag comes with ability to compose a maximum of 16 discs.  Aside from the main space for disc carrying, it is also designed with few more pockets, which you can use to store your phone and other necessities. Besides that, you can find it super comfortable to carry since it is designed with a very lightweight.

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1. FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack

FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

Finally, we would like to introduce you this FITactic Luxury Frisbee Disc Golf Bag Backpack. This is the lightest golf bag that has capacity to uphold from 25 to 30 discs. Additionally, it is designed with other 11 pockets that can provides you a hug space to store your accessories.

What is more special, it is also have a special pocket that can protect your valuable things such as jewelry, phone and so on. Last but not least, it also has a sturdy structure, made of nylon fabric that can prevent the rubber pads.

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Buyers Guide: What is the Best Disc Golf Bag?

Now, moving on to a more specific part of the article which is one of the most important part, too; and it is about what you should look for and not when purchasing a disc golf bag. To every disc golf player, having a proper bag is always important; but to own one that is the best for you; there are a few thought that you need to put into the buying process.

First of all, you should identify the number of disc you usually need for a game. Depends on your habit or your skill level; some people might take more than 10 to 20 disc along when they play it. Why is this important? Because each bags have their own storing capacity; so if you usually take a lot of discs to play, you should look for any bags that can accommodate such number.

Besides, you should also pay attention to the type of bag, too. It is not essential; but it is practical; especially when you start using it. Again, depend on different person; some people prefer backpack type over the cross-body type. Each has each advantages and disadvantage. Usually, backpack is more stable and comfortable to carry, so you don’t feel heavy even you put a lot of stuffs with you. However, for cross-body type of disc golf bag, it is easy in terms of reach. Let’s say if you need something; you can get it right away because it is just by your side or in front of you. Anyhow, it is just a slight matter of comfort position. Still if you are used to using any type of bag in specific, it is recommended that you may stick to the same type for own absolute comfort.

With our top 9 best disc golf bags list and our handy buying guide, it is guaranteed that you will definitely get to purchase the best disc golf bag for yourself or your beloved ones.


All of our Top 9 Best Disc Golf Bags in 2020 above are of a super great quality and high capacity, which are comfortable and convenient for you to use. Therefore, stop being hesitant and grab your preferred one. We hope you enjoyed the reviews.


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Throwback ModPack

Throwback ModPack

Let’s get started with our top 9 best disc golf bag. It is the Throwback Modpack. In order to provide you a comfortable feeling to use, this bag model has designed with the removable cooler sleeve. This feature allows you to only carry number of cans you need. More than that, it can maintain the stability well, so you can place it anywhere you wish.

Aside from that, this bag is designed with the ability to hold for 20 discs, also the space can allow you to put more than 20 discs if you need. What is more, the physical structure of this golf disc bag is also tough and having a high quality. The strap is super thick that gives you a good protection to your shoulder. Adding to that, it is also included another two pockets at the front side which you can store other stuffs.

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack

Dynamic Discs Commander Backpack is a super comfy disc golf back that you should not missed to review. It comes with an elegant design which looks really cool. The capacity of this disc golf backpack can hold for up to 20 discs. Moreover, you still have a plenty of space to carry your drinks, and other stuffs with the several extra pockets that come along with the bag.


Dynamic Discs Commander Disc Golf Bag

Following by another handy and premium quality disc golf bag, here we have with us the product from D.D DYNAMIC DISCS. For this model in particularly, it is designed as the type of backpack disc golf bag. This disc golf bag has always focused on giving comfort to its users; that’s why it has this bag that is super lightweight but super durable at the same time.

Moreover, it can store up to 20 discs; hence, it is perfects if you go for play with a group of people. On top of this, D.D DYNAMIC DISCS bag also comes with extra store room for other items; including phones, keys, water bottles, umbrella and more.

In short, this bag is enough for you to go out for the game in a day with everything that you would need going along with you. Such handy disc golf bag can only be found with D.D DYNAMIC DISCS, so you should own one before it’s too late. For anyone who doesn’t like to use the cross-body disc golf bags, this disc golf backpack is your best option.