Top 5 Best Disposable Coveralls in 2019

If you are always working outdoor and with daily contact to different kinds of exposures, a disposable coveralls is probably what you need. It is because coveralls are able to cover and protect your entire body from any harmful substances and species. However, not all disposable coveralls are able to protect you with a very long period of time. That is why, choosing a good one can be really difficult and requires a lot of your time to do research on it before buying.

With us, we are bringing you the top 5 best disposable coveralls in 2019 that offers more safety compared to the regular ones.

List Of Top 5 Best Disposable Coveralls in 2019

5. Magid EconoWear Polypropylene Coverall

Magid EconoWear Lite

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Magid EconoWear is one of the best white coveralls that perfectly safeguards your entire body from dirt. It is a piece of clothes that is nicely made of polypropylene materials. That way, it is very durable to wear and is not easily get torn. It is very stretchy which always provides comfortness whenever you wear it on. The elasticity of the fabric allows you to comfortably move around for ease of doing tough jobs. The coverall comes with a hood to shield the top and the back of your head from any dirts and germs. Beside that, this clothe also has those elastic cuffs to better enclose your wrist as well as ankle from any dirty substances flowing in. The fabric that is used to make this coverall is also breathable which allows for air ventilation and eliminates sweat from your skin.

Although the cloth looks firm, it is very lightweight which does not make you feel heavy at all while wearing it on. The manufacturers do think of users’ safety which is why they chose a garment that is highly resistant to water, toxic liquids, gases, airborne particles, and other chemical substances.

4. Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard A10 Disposable Coveralls

Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard


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Another high quality and durable disposable suit to be introduced next is Kimberly-Clark KleenGuard A10 Disposable Coveralls. This suit is highly made of A10 fabric to make sure that the clothe itself is capable of going against outdoor elements including dirts, germs, and other chemical substances. It perfectly protects your skin and every part of your body from those hazardous substances which is very safe to wear. The product also features an attached hood for better protection of your head and hair as well. The suit is also attached with stretchy cuffs for the face area, and wrist area to cut down outside exposure. As for the foot area, your feet are totally enclosed with the clothes for greater safety during dangerous works.

The fabric of this coverall offers a cold wearing experience which does not keep sweat. Featuring breathable manner, the fabric allows the air to flow through which always keeps users in a comfortable condition. It does go against tearing which you can wear it with confidence.

3. DuPont Tychem Coverall

DuPont Tychem 2000 QC127S


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DuPont Tychem is one of the most protective coveralls that is ideal for those whose works are about daily contact with outside harmful elements. It is made of high quality Tychem QC fabric that is capable of going against germs, bacteria, dirt, and debris. Moreover, the cloth is very durable which is perfectly resistant to tearing. It features lightweight which is of course very comfortable to wear. This coverall is stretchy which makes fitting very easy for users. It comes with zipper in the front for better and quicker access. The zipper is very long which can be zipped to cover your neck and chin perfectly. There is a nice hood attached to the suit as well to offer a greater protection for your head and hair. There is a rubber cuffs around the hood, wrist and ankle areas to make sure there is no insect, germs, bacteria or dirt can enter into.

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The suit itself has an ability to protect your entire body from external moisture as it is waterproof. However, it is very breathable which does not keep you sweat at all.

2. KLEENGUARD Liquid & Particle Protection Coveralls

Kleenguard A40 Liquid & Particle


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KLEENGUARD is one of the disposable jumpsuits that keeps you safe from any exposure such as blood, dirts, chemical liquid, and other hazardous elements. It is designed to fit with the users without feeling irritated or stuffy at all. The clothe stays cold for the rest of the day thanks to its breathable feature. KLEENGUARD is also one of the coverall pants that come with zipper in the front. That way, putting the clothe on or take it off is a very quick and convenient task to do. The product has been through ASTM F160 examination to ensure that the materials used are very safe for any skin type. Beside that, it is also to ensure that it protects the users for a long term of time. The microporous film element helps prevent the spread of debris, germs, and chemical elements from soaking in.

KLEENGUARD Liquid & Particle Protection Coveralls features water protection. Therefore, it allows users to work under moisturized condition very well.

1. DuPont Tyvek Protective Coverall

DuPont Tyvek 400 TY127S Disposable


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One of the best tyvek disposable coveralls you should actually have for your employees is the one from DuPont Tyvek Protective Coverall. The suit is perfectly made from the safest garment to ensure that it does not cause allergic issue to users’ skin. It is very versatile which you can use it for multiple purposes including painting, spraying, nature experiment, and more types of jobs. This coverall allows the air to go through as the fabric is very breathable. That way, it does not let you sweat, feel stuffy, or uncomfortable at all. Although this suit can breathe air, it is excellent at stopping any liquid chemical substances, and other elements from entering to touch your skin.

DuPont Tyvek Protective Coverall features the most durable and top quality fabric which is able to withstand tearing and puncture.


Of course coveralls are used to wear for extra protection when you go to any experimental sites and others. That is why, choosing a top quality one does really matter. With all of the disposable coveralls we have mentioned so far, your safety is always guaranteed. All of them are perfectly made with high quality and safe fabric to secure your well-being while doing the jobs. Besides that, they are very stretchy which maintains your comfort under any kinds of work conditions.


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