Top 10 Best Drafting Desks in 2018

To get productive and work efficiently, a personal workspace is needed. It could be as big as an office or as small as a drafting desk where you can mark as your own territory and just be creative. Choosing the right drafting desk has to be done accordingly to your available space, your convenience and your work type.

That’s why we are here presenting you a list of top 10 best drafting desk in 2018.
Please read through thoroughly and observe all different features of 10 drafting desks mentioned below. Who knows, your right one might be among these desks.

List of  Top 10 Best Drafting Desks in 2018

10. Studio Designs Comet Center

STUDIO DESIGNS Comet Center with Stool Silver

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This drafting table desk from Studio Designs is an ideal workspace known for comfort and durability. It is made out of heavy gage steel making the desk stand strong. For dimensions, the top surface is 36” x 23.75”, and the overall is 50” x 23.75” x 29.5”-35.5”. For better position, the draft table desk offers an adjustable table top between 0 to 20 degrees. To keep things organized and easily accessible, it also features storage drawers of 12.75” x 12.75”, pencil ledge of 24”, and additional storage shelf underneath the desk.

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Coming with the desk, you will also get a padded stool of 20.5” height. With this draft table desk, work can never be more interesting.

9. Dorel Living Drafting and Craft

Dorel Living Drafting and Craft Counter Height Desk

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Dorel Living produced this drawing board with high versatility giving you various options to work with. The drawing board is constructed with sturdy wood in an espresso finish, which would sit beautifully in your room. The top of this drawing board has a lip to hold your work stable. With extra storages from the built-in drawers and shelves, you have plenty of space to keep things within your reach.

Also, you get options to either work on a flat surface or at an angle according to your working style. Plus, the drawing board is 21x 47.5 x 36 inches providing a broad surface that you can ever ask for.

8. One Space Craft Station

OneSpace 50-CS01 Craft Station, Silver with Blue Glass

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This drawing table from One Space is a premium table appealing especially to artist and draftsman. It can tilt up to 62.5 degrees, yet your work won’t fall out of the table. Plus, the drawing table features 2 drawers with single and multiple slots. At the base, it’s made out of silver steel frame making the drawing table sturdy enough to carry up to 130 pounds, and 4 rolling casters.

For the measurement, the drawing table is 41.25” x 24” x 31.5”-49.5”. Combining with a unique design of its ample top surface, this drawing table is definitely a must-to-have item.

7. Studio Designs Graphix Work Station

STUDIO DESIGNS Graphix II Workstation

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Another extraordinary item from Studio Designs is a multitasking sketch board. This sketch board features dual top surfaces- an angled one with 42” x 30” and a flat one with 11.5” x 30” allowing you to work simultaneously on multiple projects. Plus, the height is also adjustable from 30” to 39” to best fit your most comfortable position.

What’s more, there is a pencil tray under the sketch board’s top of 42” x 1.5”. And, the overall dimensions are 53.5” x 30” x 30”-39”. The sketch board is perfect for those who like to multitask and jiggle from work to work.

6. Studio Designs Futura Craft Station

Studio Designs 10050 Futura Craft Station, Silver/Blue Glass

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This wood-drafting table is a perfect fit for small spaces with the overall dimension of 43.25” x 24” x 31.5”-45” compact enough to also function as a light table. Its main top surface is 38” x 24” coated with safety glass making the wood drafting table super adaptable to the surrounding décor. Also, it comes with an adjustable top to 35 degrees, a pencil drawer, 4 removable trays, and 3 drawers that slide out on either side.

And, you get four-color options to choose from including silver/blue glass, black/white, black/black, and black/clear class. From all these features, this wood-drafting table is great for drawing, drafting, and crafting, and will be an absolute motivation to work on your project.

5. Safco Products Drafting Table

Safco Products 3965MO Split Level Drafting Table, Height-Adjustable

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This standing draft desk from Safco is highly functional providing split-level work surface with adjustable height from 26” to 37 ¼” for comfortable working. Its right side desk is 15 ¾” x 19 ¾” and left side is 31 ½” x 19 ¾” tilting up to 50 degrees. Plus, there is an additional shelf on top of the standing draft desk with the capacity of 50 lbs for extra storage space.

To give a modern look, the standing draft desk is made from steel frame and wood grain melamine. With this standing draft desk, you can now personalize your workspace the way you have always wanted.

4. Studio Designs Glass Topped Table

Studio Designs Ponderosa Glass Topped Table in Sonoma Brown

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This vintage drafting desk is one of a kind topping with tempered safety glass, and the top can be adjusted with 8 different angles up to 30 degrees for your comfort. Plus, the vintage drafting desk features a wooden drawer with five partitions of 31” x 10.5” providing additional storage to your desk. To raise the height, you can use leg extensions up to 37.25”. And, the vintage drafting desk is 42” x 24” x 30”-41.5” with the top surface of 42” x 24”.

As an elegant drafting desk, it is made in Sonoma brown with solid wood frame. With this vintage drafting desk, your next masterpiece will be done with comfort and quality.

3. Martin Ashley Art Hobby Table

Martin Ashley Art-Hobby Table with Stool, Black with Cherry Top

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This glass drafting desk is ideal for creative works coming with a padded stool in matching vinyl, which can save you a few bucks on an additional chair. For easy storage, the glass drafting desk features 4 drawers and a pencil trough. And, its top surface is 23 ½ x 35 ½ inches with Melamine surface giving you a sleek design.

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Also, you can adjust the height and tilt the top with boot guides to fit your needs. However, a bit of assemble activity is required. In spite of that, this glass drafting desk will definitely worth the purchase.

2. Studio Designs Vintage Drafting Table

Studio Designs 36 X 24-Inch Vintage Drafting Table, Rustic Oak

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Among the list, this drafting table has the most distinctive design with antique finish reminiscing the past century furnishings. Its tabletop can be adjusted from flat to 90o and with the size of 36” x 24”. And, the overall dimension is 36” x 24” x 34”-45”. Also, there is a pencil groove that is built-in with 24” pencil ledge for easy access to your materials.

For durability, the drafting table is built with solid wood frame lasting for long uses. With such vibe from the drafting table, you will get new inspirations from a different perspective leaving you with an even better project.

1. Studio Designs Futura Work Center

Studio Designs Futura LS WorkCenter with Tilt in Black with Clear Glass-Best Drafting Desks

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This Futura Work Center is one unique working desk with two tables and a corner connecter creating a larger space desk, yet not consuming too much space. Its overall dimension is 59” x 59” x 30”-44”, the top surface is 35.25” x 20” x 2 pieces, and the corner connector is 20” x 20”. Plus, the top can be adjusted up to 45o coming with a 24” pencil ledge.

What’s more, this working desk is made with powder coated steel, rear crossbar, safety glass top, and floor levelers to ensure the long lasting and stability on any surfaces. With this kind of desk, you will never have to worry about not having enough space to work with.


After going through the details above, you will find many extraordinary features and benefits, and how big of a difference a draft desk can make. From size and material to design, they all have got different outstanding strengths. Upgrade your workspace with one of these draft desks to stay motivated and create the next creative thing.


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