TOP 10 Best Electric Dog Fence Reviews and Buying Guide in 2021

Every dog deserves some freedom. However, the challenge is how to keep them safe and stay in a specific boundary. We are here to tackle the problem by offering you the list that contains up to 10 incredible products. If you choose any product from our list, the effort that we put in researching these products will sure serve you well. Below is a curated round up of the Top 10 Best Electric Dog Fence Reviews in 2018 and some important buying guides.

List of Top 10 Best Electric Dog Fence Reviews in 2021

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10. Free Spirit In-Ground Fence

Free Spirit

Coming up first in the list today, we have the Free Spirit In-Ground Fence for unlimited dogs. This superb best wireless dog fence is suitable for using in any large area, and it can be expanded up to 1 acre. You can easily choose the level of tone and vibration when your dog runs pass the unwanted area. This usage of this smart product is very easy. You just need to attach the collar to the dog, once the dog approaches the wire, the shock will deliver. The size of the collar as well as the product itself is great for the dog whose weight is 5lbs or heavier.

The collar can be easily adjusted from 6 to 26 inches without any problem too. For the safety of the dog, this product should not be used more than 12 hours each day. With this innovative product, you can set the boundary for your pet in the right way.

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9. Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Electric Hidden Dog Fence

Sit Boo-Boo Advanced

This Advanced Electric Hidden Dog Fence is brought to you by Sit Boo-Boo. It is a highly recommended product that you should consider for offering freedom to the pet. This high-quality product is well constructed from the premium-quality material; therefore, the quality given in return is irresistible. The capacity that it carries is quite impressive, it can cover any area up to 20 acres effectively.

The high transmitter attached to this device is great for working in harsh weathers. No matter what temperature it is, this product continues to function well. Another great feature to be mentioned is the unlimited number of collars that it can work with. It is perfect if you have many dogs. The company of this product offers a 1-year warranty on this item as well.

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8. CEVENE Electric Dog Fence

CEVENE Electric Dog

CEVENE will amaze you with this high-quality product that it produced. This waterproof CEVENE Electric Dog Fence is great for using in the 3/4 acres of land; however, it can be expanded if you purchase more wire. It is the effective yet safest way to keep the dog in the limited boundary. More than this, training your dog to use this product is an easy task too. The collar can be recharged, and it is adjustable from 8 to 27 inches. If you own any dog whose weight is between 121 to 135 lbs, this product is suitable.


You will also have full control over the strength and the shock intensity of the wire. For safety purpose, you will also get the alerts if the wire is broken. Last but not least, the company of this product is happy to offer a lifetime warranty to all customers.

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7. Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence

Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric

The next superb wireless dog fence review for you is the Dr.Tiger 2 Receiver Electric Dog Fence. For the convenience of the user, the dog collar is rechargeable; it is the right way to ensure the long-lasting use too. This is an effective way to keep your dog within the boundary. The wireless fence will keep your pet away from the dangerous areas ; therefore, you can give the freedom to them in the safe way.

In terms of durability, the collars are weather resistant; it is perfect for using in all weathers. The size of the collar can be adjusted up to 25 inches and it is great for a s10 pound dog and other pets a like. With the use of such a nice product, your pet will sure be in their high spirit.

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6. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

Extreme Dog Fence

We are here to give you ideas for confining your pets in the safe and right way. This best wireless dog fence is brought to you by Extreme Dog Fence. First of all, this premium quality product aims to offer only the best for both the pet and the owner. The waterproofed collar allows the pet to have the fun in all types of weather.

It can also be submerged up to 10’ deep; as a great result, you dog can even swim with this collar on. The durable fence is thoroughly constructed from the heavy-duty wire. You can put your trust on this reliable choice as a 5-year warranty is given. The good news is, there is the support team who can assist you in training your pets as well.

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5. Invisible Electric Fence for Dogs

Barklo Invisible

It is a wise choice to get a wireless invisible electric fence for keeping your dogs out of danger. This is a durable product from Barklo which is highly innovative to offer you the great experience. The collar of it is attached with the sensor; therefore, you can have the trust on it. If you are concerned about the installation process, worry no more as it can be done by simple steps.

It is a great option for using with the dogs whose weight is below 161 lbs as the collar can be adjusted from 5 to 21 inches. The capacity of this fence is up to 0.55 acres; however, it can be expanded.

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4. COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs

COVONO Invisible Fence

COVONO Invisible Fence for Dogs is a top-rated underground electric fence that has high coverage. It is suitable for using in the 3/4  acre of land; please also be noted that, you can also purchase more wire too. It is great for keeping the dogs in the boundary in the animal-friendly way. The operation process of it is very simple, it will send the vibration and sound when the dog tries to run off the boundary.

This incredible product is highly recommended for using with any 101 to 120 lbs dogs. It can be used with many dogs at the same time and place, too. You don’t need to worry if the shock harms your pet, you can freely adjust the shock intensity that suits the size and age of your furry friend. Last but not least, you will also get a lifetime warranty from COVONO.

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3. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

SportDOG Brand

SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System introduces to you the costless way to keep your pets safe. You can simply wear the collar for your pet, so the shock and sound will send out when they run pass the fence. This is a great choice to consider if you have a big house as it can effectively cover up to 1 1/3 acres of land. Besides this, you can expand it if you purchase more wire.

The dog collar uses a battery that will last from 6 to 12 months without any concern. Your dogs can have a great outdoor time in all the weathers; the durable waterproof collar withstands harsh weathers very well. No matter what size your pet is, this device is ready to perform its task well.

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2. PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment Systems

PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet

This is known to be one of the best wireless dog fence when you talk about the high-quality containment system. This is a high-quality product which is known as PetSafe Wireless Fence. The first greatest feature of it is the fact that you don’t need to use the wire and fence to keep your pet within the boundary.

The coverage of this product is up to 1/2  acre, the right size for keeping your pet safe from the dangerous places. Taking a look at its collar, you will notice the awesomeness of this waterproof and adjustable collar. It is perfect for a 8 lbs dog since it can be comfortably adjusted from 6 to 28 inches. For peace of mind, don’t forget to ask for the product’s warranty when you make a purchase.

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1. Extreme Dog Fence – Second Generation

Electric Dog Fence

Topping the list, the coverage of this dog fence is up to 6 acres. With this one, it allows the pet to have freedom in running and swimming. It can be submerged in the 10’deep water without any concern. As a result, you dog will have a great time playing. The size of the collar is adjustable; therefore, it is great for using with pets of all sizes. The package of it comes with the standard fence kit and the training book.

More than just having reliable quality, you will get a reliable 2-year warranty on the wire and a 1-year warranty of the electronics from the company. Plus, the company’s customer support service can be reached 24/7. Looking for premium quality dog fence to contain your dog, do check this one out.

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Buying Guides

1. Covered area

When deciding to get any electric dog fence, it is a must to look at the coverage capability that it offers. The covered area refers to the boundary that you allow your pet to run freely. Though the fence is visible, the capacity of it should not be taken lightly. For peace of mind, we believe that you should at least look for the standard kit that covers no less than 50 acres. It is even greater if the transmission of it can support the long range. It is good to notice that you can create and limit the boundary in any shape you like. You can keep your pets at their favorite places and keep them out of dangerous places.

2. Adjustability

If you have more than just one dog, it is recommended to look closely at the size of the collar. Most collars allow you to adjust its size; therefore, it is applicable with the dogs you own. On top of just correcting the size, you should look for a device that allows you to control the sound and shock too. As the collar will give out sound and send shock when the dogs pass the boundary, it is a safe choice if you adjust the vibration that does not harm them. However, with proper training, we believe that the shock correction is not necessary. Yet, it is nice if you know about this feature in advance.

3. Waterproof

A high-quality product that conforms well to the standard is suitable for using in all types of weathers. It is very important to look for a product which is waterproof; therefore, the product is still in good shape even when the dogs are exposed to water. If you have a pool at your house, a waterproof collar is indeed the product that you should look for. If you have found a product that has this feature, it is best for learn more about how deep and how long is can go into water. Most electric dog fences on today’s market are waterproof.


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