TOP 10 best electric shaver for men in 2021

You can find the best electric shaver reviews in this article below. At the end, we also list some pre-purchase consideration as well.

List Of Top 10 best electric shaver for men in 2021

10. Philips Norelco

Philips Norelco

Are you tired of going out looking unclean because your face got messed by unshaved beard/hair? Say no more with Philips Nerelco OneBlade hybrid electric shaver. Thousands of end users have claimed it one of the best electric shaver that every men should own. Its rechargeable Oneblade works with multiple purposes; from trimming, edging to shaving. It can be used to shave at any length of hair that you prefer. The best point about this is that you will never bleed yourself like what the traditional blade did. Besides, it also has the two-faced blade that you can conveniently use to edge your hair up.

What is more, its blade is replaceable although its OneBlade can usually last up to 4 months if you shave twice per week. One thing to note about this is before you use the trimmer or shaver mode, you need to get it a full charge of 24 hours first; then you can work it like a pro.

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9. SweetLF

SweetLF 3D Rechargeable

Another premium quality and temporary designed electric shaver for men is SweetLF. First of all, it looks nothing like a traditional shaver; especially with the 3D rotary shaver. What this 3D rotary shaver does is it can flexibly adapt to your face figures. In other word, you can save your hair better as it goes along your face. Moreover, this electric shaver has the waterproof property so you can shave it in wet or dry condition, so you don’t have to water to applying gel or foam and worry that it will end your electric shaver’s life.

Besides, SweetLF also has features like Pop-Up trimmer that you can trim your sideburn or mustache safer without burning your skin. On the same note, there’s also another feature called One-Touch that can open table to trim your unwanted hair instantly after pressing. Aside from that, using this electric shaver is super quiet so can focus on your shaving task. As long as the battery charge is concerned, this shaver can reach the full charge as fast as 1 hour and you can relaxingly use it for 2 hours (or equivalent to around 30 full shaves), so you don’t have to worry about charging it every single time after use.

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5 In 1 Rechargeable

In the top 8th best electric shaver for men in our list, it is VENYN with 5 different detachable grooming kits that serve its own unique purposes. All the grooming kits are made for the best shaving experience; doesn’t matter if you want to trim, to edge, to shave any hair on your body. One of the kits is the 3D floating head that you can use to shave along the contours of your faces, neck or jawline. Its round shape allows you to safely shave your hair without causing any bleed to the surface. VENYN also has the water protection system so you can save even shave it in the shower without concern. Its battery use the Maxlithium power that charge through USB so you can easily charge it everywhere you are.

With just an hour of changing, you can comfortably enjoy full shaving up to 90 minutes. However, what you may have to take note about this great shaving tool is it’s the only original shaver that comes as 5 in 1 shavers. There are several brands that try to imitate this concept to take advantage of the original invention; so you have to be extra careful with the brand you are about to purchase.

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7. Braun

Braun Series

Another best one in the list is Braun Electric Foil Shaver. Braun is produced with intelligent Sonic Technology. What it does is it can automatically increase or decrease the power of the shaver if it reaches any hard-to-shave area (like on a denser hair). Besides, it has the AtiveLift trimmer that is featured with its Series 7 razors that makes it possible to trim any flat-laying hairs, which most typical razor could not reach. What is more, Braun has the OptiFoil that allows you to shave your hair as close as 0.05mm from your skin without causing any burn on the surface. Last but not least, it is water-proof, so either wet or dry shaving would perfectly work well with it.

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6. Eunon

EUNON Electric

Next on our 6th best electric shaver is Eunon Rechargeable Wet and Dry shaver. This shaver is chargeable with anything from USB changer to wall adaptor. You can use it with cords or without. What this helps is even with no battery remaining, you can just shave it with cord connects to power outlet. However, when the battery is normal, you can use Eunon to shave in wet or dry condition. Its battery life would incredibly unbelievable; with only 1 hour charging, it can use up to 2 month daily shaving. Aside from that, Eunon is powered by a strong high quality motor, yet it sounds like there’s no motor inside.

The quietness from the motor makes your shaving experience a lot more enjoyable. It also has an LCD screen that shows the battery status so you know when you have to recharge your shaver again. Additionally, it also has the safety lock function that protects the motor from wrongly starting when something unintentionally presses on it. Likewise, it has the Pop-Up trimmer system so you can always trim your hair to as detail as you desire.

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POVOS Electric

Are you looking for an ultra-premium electric shaver? POVOS would be the perfect one you could ever find. With the intelligent LED display, POVOS highlights all the main functions that you can conveniently choose directly on its surface. Besides, it also has a lock to protect the razor from activating itself when accidentally press the start button. POVOS also has the IPX7 waterproof property that protects every corner of it from water leaking into the motors, so you can shave it in shower or understands; however you prefer. Its blade is super durable, too. A blade can be used up to 75 hours straight, so you do not have to worry about replacing new one after a few time shaving.

In addition to this, its powerful motor is mute when working. This electric shaver can be quickly charged through Micro USB and Wall Adapter. However, before your first use, you need to reach it to full percentage first. When purchase this shaver, you will recieve a full set of all related useful kits plus 12 months warranty on any problem occur during the mention period.

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MOOSOO M Electric

Inttelligent Auto-sensing Magley is one of the latest technologies of shaving motor that no other electric shaver beside MOOSOO M uses. Its ability to make 14, 000 cuts in a minute make this one of the premium performance electric shaver. Besides, the Auto-sensing features also help with measuring your face and hair length to make sure when you shave it, it remains naturally clean. On the same note, there’s the intercept shaving technology that you can use to trim the long time before starting to shave so you can make the right trace to avoid any mistake. Moreover, the Netherlands-imported blade is ultra-sharp that you can shave your hairs without irritating the hairy area.

For the battery point of view, it uses the Lithium Ion Battery that is known as material for long battery live. A full charge that makes the full shave last for 60 minutes simultaneously. Furthermore, the whole package of MOOSOO M comes with storage bag, cleaning tools and a year warranty.

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Electric Shaver

Famous for its quick charge while the battery last super long, HOMEASY has made countless users praise for its usefulness when it comes to shaving, trimming or edging the unwanted hair. This electric shaver comes as 4 in 1 in just a pack; making it perfect for every men. The super speed motor can guarantee the shaving within 2 minutes, so you can save a lot of time in the morning doing something else. Equipping with IPX6 waterproof function anywhere is fine as long as you want to shave.

Asides from that, it has a flash on the LCD screen display that notifies you every time the battery is running low. Hence, you have no problem like surprise battery outage. Besides, its latest technology upgraded in 2021 makes this even high performance as the motor is getting more powerful; which make it the most suitable for those who have a thick heavy beard.

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2. Adhope

Electric Razor

Another 4 mode in 1 kit that is known as the best electric razor for men is Adhope. The innovation is made to ease your life with shaving, trimming or clean the unwanted hair. Using the 4D floating technology, Adhope has the precision blades that rotate along the contour of your face to make sure all the hair level is equal anywhere. On top of this, it has the rounded edges that prevent your skin from having irritation or cut when shaving.

Adhope can be used in dry or wet; you can shave on your sofa or shower, depends on your preference. It is also easy to clean especially the excessive hair in the tight blade. This electric razor can be charged very conveniently with the USB cable and connect to any DC5V power outlet. In case you concern that there might be technical problem occurs when using, Adhope is at your call anytime with its lifetime warranty.

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Electric Razor

Finally, the best of the best in term of electric shaver for men in 2021 is the unbeatable FLYCO. Asides from the common pro, like other top best razors, that FLYCO has the 3D Floating rotary heads that allows it to adapt along the facial contour for close-to-skin shaving, its known specialty that makes this the Number 1 electric shaver is its Smart Shaving Technology that ensure the smooth shaving experience. In other word, FLYCO guarantee no pain or irritation after shaving. Besides, its battery also has sensor that would still stabilize the motors when in low battery. It also has the IPX7 ultra Waterproof property, so there’s no such thing as water leaking in the razor. Moreover, FLYCO features One-touch open mode that you can press on to trim any wanted hair on your face. It’s very conveniently easy to use.

If you worry that you might not be satisfied with its performance after purchasing; don’t worry because you can always return it back within the first 2 months after purchase. On top of it, there’s also another one year warranty on the technical issue, so you’ll get everything back up with FLYCO. Why waste a lot of money on barber if you can grab this multi-tasking electric shaver? Grab yours now!

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To purchase the best electric razor for yourself, there are to helpful tips you should be looking for:

1. Waterproof material

It’s one of the most essential features you have to look for when buying electric razor because you don’t want to buy the one that could not use under wet condition. Most often than not, you will be using foam or gel to shave, so you will want to make sure that your razor won’t be dead after a few use because of water leaking into the motor. Therefore, always look for any electric shaver with waterproof property.

2. One-touch feature

One-touch is another important feature that you should be looking for because with this technology, it can help you to shave your hair even at the most hidden corner like jawline or sideburn. Along with this benefit, it also makes your shaved area looks neat and clean, too.


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