Top 10 Best Electric Skateboards in 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

These days, electric skateboards are not just for fun. These items have become a useful mode of transportation in this modern world. With many types and designs of electric skateboards offered on the market today, you may find it hard to decide which one you should own. To make your shopping hassle-free, in this article, our team has come up with the top 10 best electric skateboards which will be reviewed thoroughly below.

Ultimate List of Top Best Electric Skateboards

10. Evolve Skateboard Carbon GT

Evolve Skateboard Carbon GT

The first product that we are going to introduce into our list is Evolve Skateboard Carbon GT. With this superb electric skateboard, it can take you 31 miles long in only a single charge. Moreover, for the user’s added convenience, this electric skateboard comes equipped with the LCD screen that will show you speed, trip functions, battery level and you can also remotes the speed setting with this LCD as well.

In order to deliver the best performance that lasts for years, this electric skateboard has the solid construction that is built from the high-grade carbon fiber to offers you a medium flex and smooth ride. Looking at its motor, this skateboard has the 3000-watt high-performance motors that let you enjoy a faster speed ride up to 26 mph.

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9. Urban – Portable Mini Electric Skateboard

Urban - Portable Mini Electric Skateboard

Moving up to another best performance electric skateboard, we have the Urban- Portable Mini Electric Skateboard. You will never electric skateboard with a modern design like this one before. The Urban’s design focuses on delivering a game-changing performance provided by a skateboard yet through creating an ultra lightweight and compact size which will let you enjoy the ride like you never experience before.

Moreover, this electric skateboard comes equipped with the Urban’s Quick Connect wireless remote that makes it easier and faster for riders. Looking at the range of distance and speed, you can cruise down the street at a top speed of 12 MPH by its hub 150W.

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Ranked in number 8 on our list, the ACTON BLINK Lite is the ideal choice for kids or teens who weigh up to 130 lbs. BLINK has the different design and specs from other high-performing electric skateboards, BLINK is a fun electric skateboard that is the perfect fit for riding around school during leisure-time.

In only one single charge, BLINK will take a rider on a ride up to 5 miles which is spectacular. Even more special for BLINK, it is light and portable with the weighs only 7.7 pounds and it is a great choice to pack up and carry around to the school.

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7. Hurbo Electric Skateboard 2.9″ Wheels

Hurbo Electric Skateboard 2.9" Wheels

Another outstanding electric skateboard we have on our list is Hurbo Electric Skateboard 2.9″ Wheels. With this electric skateboard, you can top the speed up to 20km/h and at a max range of 10km in only one single charge. Moreover, this electric skateboard equipped with ergonomic wireless remote to let you control accelerate and decelerate the speed easily.
For the convenience of the rider, this electric skateboard is equipped with two riding modes which are the beginner and advanced. Looking at the construction, this skateboard is constructed from maple wood and bamboo deck along with premium grip tape for easy transport.

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6. Maxfind Electric Skateboard Longboard

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Longboard

Here we are looking at the Maxfind Electric Skateboard Longboard. This electric skateboard will deliver the highest performance possible you can find on the market today. It is super fast that you can top the speed at 23 mph with the remote control of 2 riding modes to ensure the safety and easy to ride even for a beginner.

Moreover, this skateboard will take you on a ride for as long as 16 miles that far exceed other skateboards. For the weight capacity, this skateboard can carry the maximum weight up to 265 lbs yet it still can go faster and has the speed of hill climbing as well.

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5. GIORO Boosted Elected Skateboard

GIORO Boosted Elected Skateboard

Coming up next, we have the GIORO Boosted Elected Skateboard. This skateboard will take you to the top speed of 17.4 mph and is the ideal choice for thrill seekers who want to experience new things with the modern skateboard. In one single charge, this skateboard will take you 12.5 miles which is very impressive for a portable electric skateboard.

Looking at the hardware of this electric skateboard, it is constructed from Canadian maple deck along with the aircraft grade aluminum frame that combines together create a great electric skateboard for you to ride along. This construction will also enable the skateboard itself to release the full performance and let you enjoy the maximum joy possible.

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4. Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard

Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard

Landed on number 4 of our list, we have Teamgee H6 Electric Skateboard that has a durable construction that is built to last. The durable deck is made of 10 layers tough maple woods along with the 4 polyurethane wheels that can be replaced. These specs combine together and create a high-quality deck that can maintain the maximum weight of 220 lbs.

Riding on this skateboard will make you feel like you are on a fast & furious movie which you can top your speed up to 18.5 mph and a smooth acceleration will be an additional advantage. In one single charge, this skateboard will take you on a short 10-mile tour which is very impressive.

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3. 36TB Night Light Electric Skateboard

36TB Night Light Electric Skateboard

Here we are at the top third electric skateboard we have on our list which is 36TB Night Light Electric Skateboard. This skateboard is a little bit different from other electric skateboards in a point that it has no remote control, it can sense your body movement automatically which is very convenient and fun to ride on one.
If you are feeling like waningt to skate at night, this electric skateboard also has the night light skateboard that is very suitable for skateboarders or beginners who love to ride at night. For the traveling range of this skateboard, it will take you to 9 to 12.5 miles in one single charge.

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2. Maxfind Electric Skateboard Single Hub-Motor

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Single Hub-Motor

Moving right up to the number 2 electric skateboard on our list, we have the Maxfind Electric Skateboard Single Hub-Motor. This electric skateboard will provide the impressive performance as it allows you to top the speed at 23 mph which is super fast for an electric skateboard. It also comes with 2 riding modes that will fit will both experienced riders and beginner riders.

This electric skateboard has the high-quality construction that is made of maple wood deck sandwiched between the bamboo layers. It is equipped with the hub motor to reduce the problem and provide more reliability than other types of motors.

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1. Freestyler 30″ Electric Longboard Skateboard

Freestyler 30" Electric Longboard Skateboard

Last but certainly not least, we have the Freestyler 30″ Electric Longboard Skateboard. This is a very powerful motor skateboard with the 360-watt hub motor and built-in hall sensor as well. The batter itself will regenerate during the braking. If we take a look at the construction, this skateboard is constructed with 7 layers of premium quality maple wood.

Moreover, this skateboard is also portable which mean you can bring it anywhere you want due to its lightweight and it is easy to carry due to its carry handle cutout. It would the best choice for both beginners and experienced riders.

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What To Look  When Buying Electric Skateboards

1. Check for the waterproof feature

We cannot predict rain and a skateboard is an outdoor toy which means you should be careful about this features. You’d better ask the seller about the waterproof feature to avoid further problems.

2. Comprehensive Warranty

Your skateboard will be exposed to a different kind of terrains, we advise you to check for the warranty of the skateboard you are going to own in the future because it might save you your budget and avoid a future inconvenient problem with warranty issues.

3. Ask for confirmation on its performance

The most common problem that happens on an electric skateboard is the hill climbing problem. Some skateboards cannot provide the highest performance or cannot perform well with hill climbing. This problem should also be taken into consideration before getting a new electric skateboard or getting your first electric skateboard.


10 best electric skateboard reviewed so far are the highly recommended ones that we have come across. After going through these reviews, we are sure that you must have found the attractive one, which has already caught your interest. So, get one soon, and enjoy your new electric skateboard in the fun and safest way.


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