TOP 8 Best Electric Skateboards (off-road and urban) in 2021

Are you looking for off-road electric skateboards? A skateboard is cool because you can learn to play it. It takes some skills. As a result, no matter who you are; you need to learn from the beginning. Learning is fun. Some other teenagers and adults can show-off their skills as well when they become master of the skateboard.

Now, how amazing it can be if we add another dimension into it. We make it an electric off-road skateboard. It is those skateboards that run by motors. Thus, you can learn to an advanced level or show-off your skills with the super-cool electric skateboards.

Although, there are not many companies for the electric skateboard products; choosing the right one is still demanding because you just don’t know what is the right one. We thus are here to help you. Here are the best electric off-road skateboards in 2021 with their key features. Feel free to read the product buying guide at almost the end of the paragraph if you are still being indecisive about what particular products you should go for.

List Of Top 8 Best Electric Skateboards (off-road and urban) to Buy in 2021

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8. MotoTec

MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric

You know MotoTec is a cool electric off-road skateboard because it has dual motors. The design isn’t just for speed but also for your safety. There is no twisting while you are being accelerated because of the two rear wheels on both sides. That also makes an extreme support. As you know for electric off-road skateboards, it can run for 22 miles per hour. It takes between 3 and 5 hours to fully charge the skateboard, and it can run between 60 and 90 minutes.

More than that, the board is made with real wood. Thus, it makes a reliable and premium material for the skateboard. What’s more, it even has a LED indicator to show the status of the battery for it. The product makes flexible maneuvering. It’s a powerful electric and battery-powered skateboard to have. Users can flip and run the skateboard with an awesome speed. All in all, it is an attractive electric skateboard to have in your neighborhoods.

Key Features:

  • Dual motors
  • Speed: 22 miles per hour
  • Full charge: 3-5 hours
  • Running time: 60-90 minutes per full charge
  • LED indicator: show battery status
  • Skateboard Construction: real wood

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7. Azbo

AZBO Off Road Electric

Azbo makes a handsome or attractive electric off-road skateboard when it can run 25 miles per hour. The fast speed is owing to the 3000-watt motor. The product generates power from a pack of batteries with 36V. It takes around 3 hours for Azbo to fully charge. The speed yet the board makes a perfect balance for you as users to run the electric skateboard for funs and with styles.

We don’t need to worry whether it is running out of battery power, and we just don’t know. There is a battery LED indicator with it. The product even has its own remote control so that we can control it as if we are riding on the electric off-road skateboard itself. Users will get one-year warranties if you think you are making wrong decisions to buy this one model.

Key Features:

  • A 3000-watt motor
  • Speed: 25 miles per hour
  • Batteries: 36V
  • Full charge: 3 hours
  • LED indicator: show battery status
  • Warranty: 1 year

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6. Wzhess 9 Inch wheel Electric Scooter


Wzhess is a cool electric off-road skateboard because of its brushless motor that gets momentum over time as it is speeding. There’s just little friction with the motor. Moreover, the skateboard is made with wood panels that have solid quality. The wood is Canadian maple. That makes good experience for us as fans of electric off-road skateboards.

Wzhess also features a remote control. A remote control is helpful. Users can use the remote control even when you are riding on the electric off-road skateboard. Users will get full-satisfaction warranties. The company will try to address your problems with excellent customer service for every of our purchases within a short period of only 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • A brushless motor: little friction and earn good traction
  • Skateboard material: Canadian maple
  • Feature: a remote control
  • Warranties: address your problems within 24 hours

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5. Wzhess Electric off-road skateboard

Direct Igniter Electric

This one is one among many great electric off-road skateboards. As the brand makes a reputation for Wzhess Electric, it is a good electric off-road skateboard on its own too. The skateboard is made with Canadian maple that is a premium wood material to make a skateboard. Moreover, the product has a good loading capacity with 140 pounds. That makes a flexible use as teenagers are growing to become full adults.

Wzhess Electric makes a remote control of the product itself. It makes an excellent self-serving electric off-road skateboard because you can ride on it and do the control via the product’s remote control. Also, we all can ride the electric off-road skateboard casually as well. Lastly, the company will fix any of your problems within a day for its outstanding customer service.

Key Features:

  • Skateboard material: Canadian maple
  • Loading capacity: 140 pounds
  • Feature: a Remote control
  • Outstanding customer service: Fix a problem within a day

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4. Mfnyp Off Road Electric Skateboard

Mfnyp Off Road Electric Skateboard is a 1650-watt powerful electric off-road skateboard. As the machine is great, so are its brakes. It features four brake modes alongside four riding modes as well. The product runs by a pack of Lithium-ion batteries that are fairly powerful to drive the electric skateboard machine. It is a flexible skateboard as the product itself can run on varied terrains such as paved road, grass, dirt, gravel, etc.

Lastly, the skateboard is made of 1 layer of bamboo and 7 layers of maple.

Key Features:

  • A 1650-watt powerful motor
  • Suitable with varied terrains: paved road, grass, dirt, gravel, …
  • Skateboard material: Bamboo and Maple

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3. Wzhess 2

WZHESS Electric Skateboard

Wzhess 2 makes a remarkable and impressive electric off-road skateboard. It just makes it because of two different speeds including low and high speed options available for the skateboard riders. Furthermore, it is a 1200-watt power motor. It runs around 25 miles per hour. For a full charge, Wzhess 2 can run between 15.5 miles and 18.5 miles range.

Additionally, it has rubber tires that make it perfect as the skateboard machine earns traction over time. The product generates power from a 36V pack of Lithium-ion batteries that takes six hours for a full charge. The voltage standard is just applicable to your household, so there is no hassle about this matter. Lastly, the loading capacity is 285 pounds.

Key Features:

  • High & low speed options
  • A 1200-watt motor
  • Speed: 25 miles per hour
  • Running range: 15.5 and 18.5 miles per full charge
  • Charging time: 6 hours
  • Loading capacity: 285 pounds
  • Battery type: 36V Lithium-ion

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WOTR Electric

WOTR makes the best electric off-road skateboard for starters or non-professional skateboard riders. It’s very good for a leisure activity, outdoor ride and hobby. The product design is low-key for this reason. Furthermore, the skateboard is constructed with maple wood for the skateboard part. It is a premium wooden material because it is anti-slip. WOTR’s loading capacity is 220.5 pounds that is very suitable for adults.

Additionally, it runs on a brushless motor that earns good traction and minimizes friction. It makes your skateboarding time joyful and fun. The integrated brake ensures your safety when you are riding the skateboard. Users can also find helpful a remote control with it. You can even control the electric skateboard with a remote control when you are riding the skateboard as well.

Key Features:

  • Designed for starters
  • Loading capacity: 220.5 pounds (suitable for adults)
  • A brushless motor
  • Skateboard construction: maple wood
  • Safety: integrated brakes
  • Feature: a remote control

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1. Outstorm


Outstorm gives you an ultimate control. The product is powered by a 11Ah battery that is a Lithium-ion type of battery. It takes four hours for a full charge of the battery. What’s more, a full charge lets you ride on the electric off-road skateboard for 19 miles. It’s an exceptional skateboard for both kids and teenagers. Besides, users get their remote controls for outstanding maneuvering of the electric piece of skateboard.

Plus, the tries are made with rubber that earn excellent traction with the road. It has balanced wheels for your convenient maneuvering as well. The brushless motor equipped with the skateboard further reinforces the rubber offroad skateboard wheels quality and its outstanding traction, lastly.

Key Features:

  • Full charge: 4 hours
  • Range per full change: 19 miles
  • Designed for kids and teenagers
  • Feature: a remote control
  • Tires: rubber
  • A brushless motor

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Buying Guide

Brushless motor: An electric off-road skateboard is premium when it comes with a brushless motor. A brushless motor earns traction with roads and minimizes friction over time. Thus, electric off-road skateboard riders earn momentum and traction when you are riding your preferred skateboards.

Charging Hour: An acceptable charging hour should be between 2 hours and 6 hours for a full single charge. We need to see further nonetheless about the range of the electric off-road skateboard because there is a reason for it.

Mile Range (per full charge): It should be between 15 miles and 22 miles. A 15 miles is acceptable for a full single charge. We all don’t want an electric off-road skateboard that can run for only a few miles while it takes us several hours for a full charge as everyone won’t expect with this.

Remote Control: A remote control makes easy maneuvering of an electric off-road skateboard convenient. Skateboard riders can control the skateboard with the remote control when you are on the skateboard. Besides, you can use the remote control to move the remote control off-road electric skateboard to your place rather than walking toward your skateboard.

Speed Range: 20 or 25mph is all acceptable for an electric skateboard. That is neither fast nor slow with the range. Furthermore, skateboard riders can easily control and flip their skateboards with the speed range as well.

Skateboard material: Some skateboards are made with plastic. Some other skateboards are constructed with maple wood. Canadian maple wood is a premium wood to make the skateboard part of it. Users should give great attention if the skateboard is made of plastic that is not very common. Nevertheless, just because it’s not common, it’s not good. Sometimes, those companies just blend plastic and wood together to make solid and high-performing skateboards.

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Many of us like to play and ride on skateboards. Beginners want to learn new things, and it’s fun to learn all of these activities. Advanced players want to show-off their skills.

As we all expect, an electric off-road skateboard makes another level of a skateboard that both beginners and advanced riders will like to have. Regardless, you should consider some qualities such as a brushless motor, speed range, charging hours, mile range, remote control and skateboard material to consider a premium electric off-road skateboard.

We all should have some personal opinions over this matter. Outlook design plays an important role. Furthermore, kindly consider the loading capacity as some fastest off-road electric skateboards are for teenagers while other skateboards are for adults. Thank you.


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