TOP 10 Best Evaporative Air Coolers in 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guides

Evaporative Air Cooler

These are the reviews of best evaporative air coolers. We also give you some guides at the end of the reading to assist you with any purchases.

List Of Top 10 Best Evaporative Air Coolers in 2020

10. Evapolar

Evapolar EvaSMART

Are you encountering hot weather or dry weather in your area? If you are, we are here to help you to cope with those bad weather with this top-rated air cooler machine. Here we have the Evapolar brand which is a smart air conditioner that you can use personally in your room to cool down the hot temperature.

This smart machine has the function to evaporate water inside it to make the room become cool, humidified and clean all the dust in surrounding environment. This machine is safe for your health as it does not contain toxic material that cause bacteria. Moreover, it is very easy to use with just a USB power source, power bank or any wall power plug. Beside this, you can control its function by just connecting it with your smartphones.

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9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool WPEC12RGT

Whirlpool is a stand evaporative machine which very convenience to use at home or office. This smart air cooler machine is the best use to deal with the bad environment like in any hot air weather or low humidity place. By having this machine with you, it can convert everything to be more comfortable with cool air which is clean and humid. Moreover, this air cooler can save your expense as it has a low power consumption of only 110 watts.

The spreading capacity of this machine is of 425 square feet that is quite big. With the design of four wheels, you can also move it anywhere you want within your house. All you have to do is refill water into the tank and it will convert the water into cool mist and spread to your surroundings. We bet you will be able to have such fresh and clean air to breathe within the day.

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8. Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone is a trusted product by many customers because it can help to cool them down from hot summer weather. It is not really a fan nor it is an exact air conditioner but it is a machine that can improve your air quality and allow you to have better breath in the day. The design of this machine is like a tower and at the bottom part you can refill water in the tank. Once everything is set, this machine can evaporate the water into cold mist and produce such a clean and fresh mist toward your surroundings.

Moreover, it also comes with one remote control so you can control its features from far away as well.  So, buying this Comfort Zone air cooler, you don’t need to worry about hot and dry summer coming in your way anymore. It can decrease the temperature until 5 degrees.

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7. Luma Comfort

Luma Comfort

The Luma Comfort is one of the best choices you can choose from our list. This is a portable air cooler fan that can evaporate everything into cold and clean mist. This machine is colored in grey with 4 wheels assistance so you can have good mobility with it. You may move to any place you it to be. Under the hot and dry weather, it is very dangerous and it can cost you trouble as well so it is time to start using this air cooler because it will bring you the best air quality with clean humid and good at bring down the hot temperature. It will ensure your fresh breath ever. The ability of this machine it can cover and spread the cold air is up to 650 square feet.

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6. Brizer

 Air Cooler Personal

If you are on a budget and would like to have a good quality air cooler, we can recommend you one. Now we would like to introduce you the Brizer air conditioner to cool you down in the hot summer. It is very small in size so that you can use it as your personal care during the day. It is not difficult to unlike some of the products.

All you have to do is to add water into the tank itself and plug into the power and the machine will evaporate into cool air and fresh humidity. It can use up to 8 hours straight with the full water in. The area size that this air conditioner can cover is about 33 square feet. With the cooling power on, the power consumption is about 100w and 350w.

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5. DeLonghi

 DeLonghi America

This is an American brand of air conditioners, DeLonghi, which can bring you the best air quality ever to your environment. It is an easy platform to transform those warm air into the cool mist and clean air. You don’t need to worry about having hard breath during the hot summer weather. With this air cooler machine in your home, you will have such comfortable air to breath.

You can save your expense with our DeLonghi because it consumes low electricity. Moreover, you can control its features by a remote control and it has three modes of wind and 3 different fan speeds as well. It is very environmental friendly to use. It doesn’t have any affect over your health or your surroundings at all. It is very light in weight to move around.

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4. Honeywell


For another alternative for an indoor or outdoor air cooler machine, we can recommend another model from Honeywell 525 which is very portable to use, to evaporate heat into cold and clean air. By having this one with you, there is no more concern over hot summer anymore. Even if the weather is very for you and everything feel dry, this evaporate machine can convert everything into super cold mist and give you a feeling of humidity back.

The machine is designed with 4 wheels so that you can move it around for everyday use. You can just refill water in the tank and you will get to relax with such a cold environment. Moreover, you can also add some more ice at the top storage to speed up the air and mist to be cooler.

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3. Costway

COSTWAY Air Cooler

Here we have Costway for other options for your summer time. This Costway air cooler machine has very nice functions just like other but it has quite different in design. It also contains many features and the best one of which is the ability to evaporate hot weather into cold and calm weather. It helps with providing cold moist to your surrounding area. The size of this machine is not too big and not too small which is best to use as personal companion at home or office.

It is also safe and quiet to use. It won’t make bad sounds at all. The good part is that you can sit back and relax and just control its setting with a remote control. You can make it stand anywhere you want as there are 4 wheels included.

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2. Trustech

Evaporative Air Cooler

Are you having trouble handling the hot weather alone with an old fan at home? Now you don’t have to struggle anymore with this matter. We bring you Trustech, the evaporative air machine that help make everything better under the bad environment. This machine stands like tower with the capacity to convert the water that you put into its tank into super cold air and moist.

When hot summer comes, you just turn it on and it will help make your surroundings to cold down. It is safe to use for every generation. In addition, its capacity to cover is about 120 square feet. When using you can play its many features such as setting, timer and more.

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1. Honeywell

Honeywell CO48PM

For the last one of today list we another model from Honeywell which is different model from previous one. This one also has different design and color. It is covered is grey and has the capacity of spreading air and moist up to 610 square feet. You can use it either indoor or outdoor up to your preference.

Not only a simple fan, this machine can evaporate it very good and make the area around you to be more humid and cold. The best thing is that it can help you to breath very easy and fresh without uncomfortable feeling. You can also lift and move it around as it is made light and not too big.

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Buying Guide for Evaporative Air Coolers


It is very satisfying to bring you with the best quality of evaporative air machines today. However, in order to make it more efficient for you, we will list some more guiding point for you to help you buy the best and right air cooler machine.

Size: It is important not to choose any machin  that is too big in size as you won’t get to move it around. So, the good suggestion is to choose those with medium size.

Weight: It goes the same with weight, if you buy air cooler that is very heavy it is not convenient to move it around and it would be annoying time by time if you want to move its place.

Power Consumption: As we have mentioned in some of the above options, less power consumption will help you save your expense. So, you should search for the one with appropriate power consumption as much as possible.

Spreading Area: This point refers to how far the machine can spread those cool air and moist. So, it is best to choose any machine that has the capacity to spread the cool air to wider area.