TOP 10 Best Fighting Knives in 2021

Owning a little something at home as a defense tool never hurts. One of the most handy defense tools of all is a fighting knife. If you ever thought of wanting a fighting knife, let us give you some insights on this topic. After spending hours of research, our team has rounded up some of the well reviewed and top rated fighting knives of the year. Here is a look at the top 10 best fighting knives in 2021, which mostly will meet your needs and preference.

List Of Top 10 Best Fighting Knives in 2021

10. Bear & Son Stag Combat Fighting Knife

Bear & Son Stag Combat Fighting KnifeFor the first one in the list, we are glad to introduce to you the combat fighting knife from Bear & Son. First and foremost, this incredible knife is well produced from the top grade material such as carbon stainless steel. As a great result, the quality of this product is ensured to last for a long time. This knife is designed to have the single edge, plus for the convenience in keeping it, it comes with a sheath as well.

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9. MOSSY OAK 12-inch Fixed Blade Fighting Knife

MOSSY OAK 12-inch Fixed BladeThis is the MOSSY OAK that has the length of 12 inches. It is the fighting knife, which is the ideal one that you should take into consideration. With the design of the edge, we can ensure you that choosing it for assisting the outdoor activities is the right choice. Since this product comes with the total size of 12 inches, the blade size is 7 inches. For the safety of the users in keeping this knife, it comes with a sheath, which is well produced from leather as well.

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8. United Cutlery UC3044 ‘The Hobbit’ Fighting Knives

United Cutlery UC3044 'The Hobbit' FightingComing next in our today;s list goes to the incredible product known as United Cutlery UC3044. The first great feature of this product is the fact that it is great at performing outdoor activities during hunting, camping and more.

For the long lasting durability of the blade, the material chosen is the top quality stainless steel. Adding to that, you can also mount it on the wall with ease. 20.5 x 2.4 x 1.6 inches is the total dimension of this stylish and useful product.

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7. Ontario Knife 6517 OKC Chimera Plain Edge Knife

Ontario Knife 6517 OKC Chimera PlainThe product that receives the 7th top rating today is this Ontario Knife 6517 OKC. This knife is designed with the plain edge; therefore, this product is very convenient for performing many tasks both indoor and outdoor. For its quality to last for a long time, this product is made using only the best materialss. For instance, it uses the steel glass for the blade part.

This USA made product comes with the overall size of 13.6 x 1.5 x 0.2 inches. This fighting knife will not fail you.

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6. Masalong chameleon Outdoor Survival Claw

Masalong chameleon Outdoor Survival ClawIf you are looking for the best product for assisting the outdoor activities and acting as a handy defense tool, here is another option you should check out. This is one of the best military knives called Masalong chameleon Outdoor Survival Claw. The total size of this knife is 22cm while 12.2 cm is the length of the durable blade. With this knife in hand, it allows you to hold and use it in any posture you want without any problem.

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5. Columbia River Knife and Tool

Columbia River Knife and Tool

the case that you are looking for the best fixed blade knife, here is an option you shouldn’t miss out. Columbia River Knife and Tool is the product that has the blade length of 2.975 inches. With the superb design on the handle part, holding this knife will only give you the sense of comfort and elegance. Plus, unlike most knives, this combat knife is very unique as well.

For the convenience in holding it, the handle part is ergonomically attached with nylon. Finally, the edge of this blade is plain.

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4. Norse Tradesman Handforged Viking Knife

Norse Tradesman Handforged Viking

Being known as the self-defense knife that comes with many great features, Norse Tradesman Handforged Viking Knife is way greater than the ordinary ones. Since Norse Tradesman wishes to offer you the perfect and durable knife of a nice design, this product is carefully polished. The quality of the blade is also incredible as well since it is well produced from carbon steel.

There is a sheath that comes with this knife as well; therefore, you can safely carry it around without any potential injuries. Since the total size of this product is 27.94 cm, its blade’s size is approximately 16.51 cm.

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3. Ka-Bar Fighting Knife with Kraton Handle Edge

Ka-Bar Fighting Knife with Kraton

This is the Ka-Bar Fighting Knife, one of the greatest tactical knives of all time. Since the company of this product cares about its quality, all parts of the knife are thoroughly designed with the top quality materials. You can comfortably hold this knife in hand while performing many other activities without any concern.

Plus, the 7 inches blade is guaranteed to be well produced from the 1095 steel type as well. For the convenience of the users, the full package of this product comes with a hard sheath for you to store your knife.

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2. KA5011-BRK Fighting Knife

KA5011-BRK Fighting Knife

Here arrives the second best product in our top 10 list; KA5011-BRK Fighting Knife is the best fixed blade knife that carries many superb features. First off, this tool is well produced in USA and it is also coated with the black powder as well. The blade part is produced from the durable carbon steel; hence, the quality of it is guaranteed to last for a long time.

The material used for designing the handle part is known as Kraton. We can guarantee the nice and superb experience for the users when he/she is using this product.

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1.KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine CorpsRight now the wait is finally over, the champion in the list today goes to the incredible product well recognized as the KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife. This product comes with a sheath which is produced from the high quality leather. The size of the blade is 7 inches long, and it is designed to have a straight edge. For your information, the full length of this product is 11.875 inches.

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Reaching the end of the article, we have just sifted through the top 10 best fighting knives in 2021. These picks are of nice designs, top quality, great performance, high durability, and they can be very practical when it comes to self defense or various uses outdoors. Get your preferred model soon while these goodies are still available.



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