TOP 10 Best Fingerprint Safe Reviews in 2021

We are sure that you might have seen most normal safes that use keypad or lock before. Yet, they now can be easily opened by thieves. So, if you are still afraid that anybody could know your password or burglar could hack your password, you might consider these new biometric safe models that utilize the fingerprint scanner for lock.

Biometric safe or fingerprint safe will make you feel safer with your belongings you left at home or somewhere else. And, if you are looking for the best one, let’s go through this review of the top 10 best fingerprint safes together.

List of the Top 10 Best Fingerprint Safe Reviews in 2021

10. AdirOffice Secured Access Biometric Fingerprint Reader Safe

AdirOffice Secured Access Biometric

We are going to begin our review with the best biometric safe from AdirOffice. This one comes with fingerprint reader system which could keep your items safely. It is capable of storing up to 100 fingerprints so your locker can be opened only with the fingerprints that are activated in the machine. It is constructed by the solid steel that ensures its durability and along with the black finish, which could make this one more attractive as well.

It can also be mounted to any surface very easily with the pre drilled holes at the back side, two mounting screws and two anchors. Ideal for keeping important documents, cash, or jewelries.

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9. Doitpower Digital Electronic Safe Fingerprint Lock

Doitpower 22 Inch 2.0 Cubic Feet Digital

Doiterpower also releases its best fingerprint safe lock to the market as well. This one can be mounted to the wall or used in wall-in style. It will offer the big space to store your valuable items yet consuming less space in your room since it comes in compact size. It is designed by highly quality anti-drilling locking bolts that offer everything you need to protect all of your special belonging from theft.

It also comes with fingerprint scanner technology but if the batteries die or you happen to forget your password, you can still open your safe by using another two emergency keys as well.

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8. Ivation Drawer Safe Digital Biometric

Ivation Drawer Safe Digital Biometric

Here is the best storage box that we have found from Ivation which comes to protect your valuable items including cash, important documents and even jewelries. It is made of high quality construction which includes solid walls and door attached with live locking bolts which is concealed by pry proof hinge.

You can mount this one to your wall or put it under your bed to add more security as well. With just saved fingerprint, you can unlock your safe much easier but when you cannot scan your fingers, there are also 2 manual keys which can also be used to unlock the safe.

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7. HomCom Flat Recessed Fingerprint Digital Home Safe Box

HomCom Flat Recessed Fingerprint Digital

To add more, we are going to introduce you to another best biometric gun safe from HomCom. It features the fingerprint scanner that will allow you to safeguard your belonging effectively. It is capable of storing up to 32 fingerprints. You can place many things in there including cash and documents.

It is designed with a 2mm wall and 4 mm, which is thick enough to secure your valuables. There will also be 2 manual keys given in a pack as well in case that the batteries die or you forget your password.

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6. Viking Security Safe Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-35BLX Biometric

What you need to do with this biometric safe is register your fingerprint and PIN code and then you are ready to feel relax knowing your valuables are in secure. 32 fingerprint is the maximum scanning that this one can store. The carpeted interior come with the built in LED light so that you can always see your items even in the dark place.

It comes in small size so that you can place it anywhere that you think easy for you. As a plus, when you left the door open, this one will alert you with a beep sound.

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5. Ivation Biometric Safe

Ivation Biometric Safe

Next, we’ve got another best biometric lock from Ivation. It comes with the seamless and laser cut design which will make sure that your safe can still withstand well with all break in. It is made to be best at protection since they have constructed it with the heavy-duty steel door and locking system.

It has seamless welding equipped with the protective carpeting with exterior that is made to resist well with scratches. It also features the beep warning as well which always beep every time you left your safe door open.

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4. Viking Security Safe Biometric Safe Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large

You are looking at the safe biometric which comes in large sized and made of steel. It comes with fingerprint sensor with digital keypad LCD display that shows the operation and battery status. It is equipped with warming beeps as well so that when you left the door unlocked, you will hear the beeps sound. It is the products designed in USA and made in China.

This one can defense against laser cut as well. There are 3 adjustable shelves inside this safe too. If this product arrives to your house, don’t forget to register at least 1 fingerprint.

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3. Viking Security Safe Fingerprint Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-20BLX Mini Biometric

Viking Security Safe has also brought its best fingerprint safe to you as well. This one can secure your important things very well and you can also get access to your things much faster and easier. You can register up to 32 fingerprints and another 1 PIN code, too. There is LED light in the interior with a removable shelf so that you can organize your thing in there.

It is constructed with two 20 mm solid steel locking bars that will insert to the slots in the frame of the safe. It can be placed anywhere you think suitable for you.

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2. Viking Security Safe Biometric Safe

This is also one of the best biometric safe we come across from Viking Security Safe. With registered fingerprint and 1 PIN code, you can unlock your safe faster. It comes with upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor with seamless laser cut and another 4 prong backup cross key.

It is very easy to use and offer you the simplest way using it as well. You can also see the interior clearly even in the dark place with the LED light equipped inside the safe. Choose this one for perfect storage solution.

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1. Verifi Fast Access Biometric Safe

Verifi Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric

With this Verifi biometric safe, you can get fast access to your important documents with just a finger touch. You can also set a PIN code but no weak code will be accepted. You can add up to 40 fingerprints and can actually add or delete each fingerprint as well.

It will be auto locking, which means if the door is closed, the door is locked. The most important thing is if there is anyone has the attempt to unlock your safe, it will give you the alert.

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Taking all of these top 10 best fingerprint safes into consideration, you will get to know the way to safeguard your things in a very easy way. With just your fingerprint, no one can get access to your safe anymore. All of the safe boxes above come to let you feel relaxed knowing your valuables will never be stolen away from you. Hence, if you want to change your old one or if you are finding the safest way to secure your items, consider one of the above.



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