TOP 10 Best Fireproof Safes in 2020

SentrySafe Security Safe, Large Digital Lock Safe, 1.2 Cubic Feet

Do you want to keep your valuable items safe? It is the best choice to consider fireproof safes. It can protect your items from many types of threat ranging from fire and water to burglary. Here are the top 10 best fireproof safes in 2020  if you care for giving your important documents and items the protection they need.

List of  Top 10 Best Fireproof Safes in 2020:

10. Garain

Garain Fireproof Digital Safe Box with Key for Safe Cash Jewelry

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How can you secure your cash at home? There is no better option than getting a fireproof safe. Garain is a fireproof safe of choice. There are many reasons that you can trust this one. It comes with a large storage so that you can keep your valuable things including cash and important documents. Furthermore, it is made of solid steel so that the reliability and durability are guaranteed. What’s more, it comes with a 3D size for exterior as followed; 9.2” x 6.8” x 6.8”.

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It also comes with two override keys for emergency purpose when you forget the passcode, or the keypad runs out of batteries. Furthermore, the design is made easily for locating it near the floor or wall. Lastly, we believe Garain won’t make you disappointed.

9. Steelwater AMSWD

Steelwater AMSWD-360 2-Hour Fireproof Home and Document Safe

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The ninth-best fireproof safe goes to Steelwater AMSWD. It got the rank for several reasons. It can keep your document and cash safe from fire, even with temperature of 1850°F for two hours. The reason behind this guarantee is that there are two layers made of steel. Furthermore, the fireproof safe comes with an exterior three-dimension size as followed; 13 ¾” x 19 ¼” x 16 ¾”. Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty as well. What are you waiting for?

8. Steelwater AMSWFB

Steelwater AMSWFB-450 2-Hour Fireproof and Burglary Safe

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Steelwater AMSWFB is another option. There are many reasons that this large safe model got the eighth-best place. It can stay under heating at 1850°F for two hours without problem. Furthermore, there is also the re-locking system that could avoid drilling attack while the bolt detent is designed for locking bolts engagement.

Additionally, it also comes with interlocking channel with full length while the external hinges are heavy-duty. Lastly, the door can swing for 180°. The quality is at its finest. You should get it now.

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7. Finnkarelia

Finnkarelia Digital Security Box, Safe Box, Security Safe for Jewelry

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There is still another good option. It is Finnkarelia, the seventh-best fireproof safe in 2020. Finnkarelia has many good characters so that it could earn the title. It is made of solide steel. Therefore, it is strong enough to protect your valuable items. Additionally, just the material isn’t enough. The wall is as thick as 0.06 inches while the front’s door is as thick as 0.12 inches. The model also comes with four bolts. Furthermore, there are two options to unlock the fireproof safe.

The first one is using the digital pin, while another option is using two keys. What’s more, there is also a reset button, and timeout option after three times of missed unlocking attempts. Plus, there is alert when the batteries are low. Lastly, it is hard to find any other models better than this one and their siblings in the list.

6. First Alert 2030F


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The sixth-best fireproof safe goes to First Alert 2030F. There are many good features that make the fireproof wall safe deserve the place. First Alert 2030F resists fire, and it can stand against the temperature up to 1,550°F for thirty minutes. The performance and resistance are incredible. Additionally, the fireproof safe is also a waterproof safe because it can protect your valuable items especially important documents from water even if it is dropped into water.

The storage is built to accommodate documents up to letter size. What’s more, First Alert 2030F also comes with key lock to give you more protection. Lastly, this fireproof safe will be the guard of your valuable items.

5. Honeywell 6104

Honeywell 6104 Fireproof Steel Security Safe Box with Key Lock

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Do you still hesitate to consider one? Honeywell 6104 is also highly recommended. It took the fifth-best place in 2020 for several reasons. The wall has two layers. Each layer is made of steel. Therefore, the security and resistance system are almost perfect. Furthermore, there is also insulation in each layer of the wall to guard your valuable items from fire. Additionally, the security box that comes along is lightweight; however, the fire proof safe is large enough to keep your important documents and valuable items.

The box weights as much as 5.3 lbs. It also comes with two entry keys. What’s more, the 3D size of the exterior design is as followed; 4.2 x 12.7 x 8.7. Lastly, the product comes with a three-year warranty. What are you looking for?

4. SureSeal

SureSeal by FireKing SS104-A 1 Hour Fireproof Waterproof Safe Chest

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The fourth-best fireproof safe goes to SureSeal. This model is one of the best among its peers for a number of reasons. The fireproof safe has the quality of security protection for your needs. Additionally, it can prevent your valuable items from the damage by water or fire. Therefore, you are not going to worry whether your important documents or cash are to be destroyed when you are away from home. Furthermore, SureSeal is designed to store letter-size document so that it can keep your important documents in good form.

What’s more, there are doubled latches and a handle for this fireproof safe. Lastly, the security safe comes with a 3D size as followed; height: 7 5/16, width: 19 7/8, and distance: 17. What are you still looking for?

3. SentrySafe Fire Safe

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Are there any other better choices than SentrySafe to keep your valuable items safe? SentrySafe got the third place for a number of reasons. First, the fireproof safe prevents your documents from damage by fire. The small fireproof safe is almost perfect in fire resistance because it can stand against fire at 1550ºF for half hour. Furthermore, the keylock adds up the security while there are other two keys and hardware for extra-security. Additionally, there is also grip for carrying the fireproof safe along.

As a result, you can bring this model anywhere you want. The fire safe is built for mobility purpose. Lastly, don’t forget to remember its name and get it soon.

2. SentrySafe Fire Safe 0500

SentrySafe Fire Safe, Fire Resistant Chest, .15 Cubic Feet, Extra Small

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The second-best fireproof safe goes to SentrySafe 0500. This small safe got the second place for several reasons. It resists fire and can protect your important items from any dangers. In addition, the box is classified as UL; therefore, it endures fire up to half hour at 1550ºF. What’s more, there is also a keylock so that the unverified viewers cannot get a touch the important items inside. Additionally, it also comes along two extra keys. Plus, there is also a grip so that you can bring it wherever you go.

Lastly, SentrySafe comes with an interior 3-D size as followed; 3.8 in height, 9.7 in width, and 7.3 in distance. The exterior size is 6.1 in height, 12.2 in width while the distance is 10.3. What are you waiting for?

1. SentrySafe Security Safe

SentrySafe Security Safe, Large Digital Lock Safe, 1.2 Cubic Feet-Fireproof Safes

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The best fireproof safe goes to SentrySafe Security Safe. There are many beneficial features that make it deserve the best title. The digital lock is computer-programming; therefore, you can select your combination that can guarantee the safety of your valuable items. If you have passcode problem, there is also override key for you.

Furthermore, there are two bolts while the wall is made of steel.

Lastly, the exterior 3D size is as followed; 10.6” in height, 16.9” in width, and 14.6” in distance. The interior size is 10.2” in height, 16.8” in width, and 11.6” in distance.


We know it is hard to choose one since the ten fire safes has their own good characteristics. However, we wish you to choose the right security safe. If you have any feedback on our reviews, please write us back. We are looking forward to reading your comments.