Top 15 Best Floating Wall Shelves in 2020

Getting new accents can be tough. We always want items that complement our existing home décor while meeting our price preference and needs as well.

Today, in this article, we would like to focus on all the leading models of floating wall shelves on today online market. If you are currently looking a the nice and durable wall shelf for your home, especially if we plan to put many items on the shelves, then this list is all you need to list. Here is the list of 15 Best Floating Wall Shelves along with a handy buying guide.

Buying Guide for Floating Wall Shelves

1. Material

If you plan to get floating wall shelves, the first thing that should come to your mind would be the material that it is used. There are various types of floating wall shelves that you can find; however, the materials used are sure to be different, serving different purposes. For those who want to get a classic look, you will want to try the natural wood shelf. The shelves made from mirror and metal are available, too. The former is recommended if you want something simple and neat while the later is well-known for its durability.

2. Style

Each and every product carries the style that can enhance the beauty in your house in different ways. Some shelves will show the traditional and classic taste that you have. On the other hand, some are for modern house decoration. If you want the shelves for placing your favorite novel, a nice shelf that depicts the contemporary design will do the great job. For example, that product should be the one that carries the newest design that evoke the feeling of the viewers.

3. Brand

As the shelves are used for storing purpose, it is somehow better if you look for the well-known brand that promises to offer you the durability that you are looking for. We bet that when you spend money on something, you always aim to get the best product in return. Plus, you also should pay a close attention to the capacity that it can hold before placing the items on the shelf as well.

List of  Top 15 Best Floating Wall Shelves in 2020

15. AMERICANFLAT Floating Wall Shelves

AMERICANFLAT Floating Wall Shelves

To deck your home with stylish design in a practical way, we would like to introduce to you the AMERICANFLAT wall shelves. In this package, there are up to 3 shelves that you can place your favorite items on. In terms of quality, this product is built to last. With the size of 14 inches, it will add a touch of elegance to your living area. It is made from the natural wood, so it is built to last.

It is compatible with all types of item. You can just use it for decorating your place as well as creating the personal modern art in your house. If you choose to get this product, you will have the chance to renovate your house the way you like. The total dimension of this product is 6.2 x 4.4 x 15.4 inches.

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14. HAO Household Floating Wall Display Shelves

HAO Household Floating Wall Display Shelves

This sleek floating wall display shelves by HAO ALWAYS DO BETTER is sure to give the unique design to the contemporary home. The size of this shelf is 23 inches, and there are 2 pieces in the package. You can choose to hang it at the same place, or use it separately. It can add the quality of life for the modern users. With the simple yet attractive design of it, it goes well with all type of room decoration.

The storage capacity of it is high as well; therefore, you can place many favorite items without any concern. You can use these shelves and transform your cozy room into the classic gallery too. The material used for producing this product is the MDF wood. The quality of it will last longer than the competitive products. We would like to remind you that, the installation hardware and instruction are added in the package.

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13. SONGMICS Floating Wall Shelf

SONGMICS Floating Wall Shelf

When it comes to the display time, it is a must to have a great and durable shelf. SONGMICS takes the lead and introduce the next product which is known as the SONGMICS Floating Wall Shelf. First off, this is the 15 inches that can go well with all countless decoration. If you want to turn the dull wall into a vibrant one, we bet you want to start it by having the right shelf. It is suitable for displaying various products ranging from classic to modern. Whatever products sit on this shelf, it will be very attractive. The combination of CARB P2 and MDF are the two components that promise to give you the best.

You can wipe it clean with less time and little effort too. The total weight that it can support is 10 lbs. This product is recommended for using in the kitchen, dining room, living room and even bathroom. If you are worried about the installation process, fear no more since installation can be completed with ease.

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12. Wallniture Philly 3 Varying Sizes Floating Shelves

Wallniture Philly 3 Varying Sizes Floating Shelves

Durable, unique and attractive are the perfect words for describing this Wallniture Philly Floating Shelves. As the name has suggested, there are up to 3 shelves in this product. It is a good idea for placing it in the bedroom, bathroom and more. You will add the great look to your room by placing the book on it. If you decide to use it in the bathroom, then you can organize your bath soap in the most elegant way. This tray is the best choice if you own the small living place. It can turn you wall into a great place for your items.

More than just the original features that it gives, it adds the style you need to make the modern house too. For those who are concerned about the installation process, worry no more as the tools you need are included in the package. Get this product soon for a clean and great look of your place.

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11. Wall Mounted Torched Wood U-Shaped Floating Shelves

Wall Mounted Torched Wood U-Shaped

A good shelf isn’t just for storing your item, yet it is the way to take your house’s decoration game to the next level too. Here, we would like to introduce to you the U-shaped shelves by MyGift. The full set of this product comes with the total of 3 pieces of incredible furniture. For enhancing its look and longevity, it is also coated with the whitewash finish. It can ease the decoration in your house as it is designed to have the u-shape.

You can choose to use it for decorating purpose just fine. This product is capable of holding books, photos, plants and more. For the mounting process, we believe that you can do it with ease. For those who want to have more storage space and great decoration for the house, this is one of the best choices.

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10. LightStan Wood Floating Wall Shelf

LightStan Wood Floating Wall Shelf Espresso Brown Tray Decorative

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LightStan floating wall shelf is made of wood and laminate. It resists water, so you do not need to worry that you cannot store vases on it. You do not need anybody to install it for you since all the needed hardware are included, and it is really easy to install as well. You can easily mount the wall ledge and shelves perfectly level and flush against the wall and there will no visible screws or brackets.

This thin floating shelf’s size is 15.75 inches x 4 inches x 1.75 inches. Each shelf can hold up to 8 pounds or 3.6 kilograms which is suitable for keeping DVD players, videos, photos, toys or some decorative items.

9​.​​​​ LightStan Decorative Wooden Floating Wall Shelf

LightStan Decorative Wooden Display Floating Wall Shelf

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Another LightStan floating wall shelf is also on these top 10 lists as well. Similarly to the last model, this decorative wooden floating wall shelf features the high quality MDF composite with a grey wash laminated finish. There is no visible screw, and the shelf itself really easy to install. It comes in three sizes. The small shelf is 6” x 4” x 1.75” (L x W x H), the medium one is 12” x 4” x 1.75” (L x W x H), and the large one is 18” x 4” x 1.75” (L x W x H). In addition, the small one can hold up to 3 pounds, the medium one for 6 pounds and the large one up to 9 pounds.

It gives such a great space to show some of precious items. It is completely suitable for some DVD players, books and some decorative items as well.

8. MyGift Floating Wood Shelves

24 inch Vintage Design Wall Mounted Floating Wood

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Let’s move on to another wall mounted L-shaped floating shelf with rustic distressed finish from MyGift. The shelves can be mounted to any wall with proper mounting hardware. The approximate dimension of these wooden shelves is 7 H x 24 W x 7 D in inches.

It features a set of two floating shelves that are suitable for storing books, photos or plants. So, let these shelves show off how creative you are with your space.

7. Martin Floating Wall Shelves

Martin Furniture IMAS370S Asymmetrical Floating Wall

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This floating wall shelf with drawer from Martin can be used as a shelf for storing your items or displaying your memory. It can hold two audio or video components side by side.

This one will be shipped with the needed mounting hardware for standard wood stud wall installation with a 5-year warranty.

6. DAKODA LOVE Rug Floating Shelves

DAKODA LOVE Rugged Distressed Floating Shelves

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Next, we’ve got the DAKODA LOVE rug floating shelves. It is a true floating shelf with a rugged beat-up appearance and a clear coat finish. It is uniquely designed to deliver the greatest finish product to you since DAKODA needs to use multi step that take time to achieves this smooth and refined appearance that you will be proud to showcase. And, if you’re looking for a floating bedside shelf, this one is a great option, too.

Especially, DAKODA has made the great offer to the environment as well. For each unit sold, they will donate some of their profit to plant some trees across North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa. Get one to help plant trees.

5. DAKODA LOVE Clean Edge Floating Shelves

DAKODA LOVE Clean Edge Floating Shelves

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Let’s continue to another model of DAKODA. This DAKODA LOVER clean edge floating shelves sits flush against wall with a hundred countersunk hidden brackets. It includes all mounting hardware in the purchase box. This one is handcrafted with furniture grade fry kilned pinewood.

In inches, it measures 36 L x 5.25 D x 1.5 H. DAKODA makes sure to not take the shortcut in order to bring the unique quality floating shelves to all the customers. Buying one shelf from DAKODA means planting one tree.

4. WELLAND Vista Picture Ledge Floating Wall Shelves

WELLAND Vista Picture Ledge Floating Ledge Wall Shelves

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Before we get into what this lovely floating wall shelf can do, let’s take a quick look at the specifications first. WELLAND chooses solid MDF as the material to make this floating wall shelves. They come in white color with the dimension 36” W x 3 ½” D x 2” H which can store items up to 2.5 pounds. With the U-shape structure, it will help you protect your frames from sliding.

Along with one instruction in the box, you will find it easy to install the shelf by yourself. This thin classy wall shelf will hold your family photo that will bring your family members smile when take a quick glance at the wall.

3. O&K Furniture Wall Shelves

O&K Furniture Wall Shelf Display Floating Shelves

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We are also pleased to introduce you to this O&K furniture wall shelves. These attractive pieces of wall decoration can be used for various purposes. It could be the perfect spot to show your favorite photos as well. The shelves are made of MDF & PVC finish laminate with the dimension of 18.9 x 3.93 x 1.57 (W x D x H) in inches.

There is no need for visible connectors or hanging hardware. With the hardware included, this picture frame shelf is really easy to install.

2. WALLNITURE Modern Design Floating Wall Shelves

WALLNITURE Modern Design Floating Picture Display Ledge Wall Mount Shelf

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The perfect place for storing items and displaying your decorative items is this modern design wall mounted floating wall shelves from WALLNITURE. It features the high quality materials. The company designs these shelves with good craftsmanship; the MDF wood and laminate which offers the high-end design. This one is like a place saver.

You can use this to decorate your house, to show off your family photo or to even as your coffee table. There is a hundred % satisfaction guarantee with the purchase of this shelf, so get it will full confidence.

1. Burnes of Boston Walnut Ledge

Burnes of Boston LL2931 Level Line 3 piece Ledge Set-Floating Wall Shelves

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We’ve reached the last one yet the best one on the list. This is the wall decoration Burnes of Boston walnut level line 3 pack ledge set. One set includes 12 inches, 1 inches, and 24 inches ledges all with 4 inches depths. For easy installation, it also shipped along the mounting bracket, and what you need is just only a hammer to install it. With only 2 minutes, you will get your shelf installed.

This walnut ledge is best at displaying your photos and storing your books, which makes you feel that you own your space.


There are many styles of the shelves, but what we have reviewed earlier are the top rated ones we have found so far. Those shelves may come in different sizes, colors and performances. However, they are best known for storing your own items while saving space since you just need to stick them to the wall.

If you wish to get the floating shelf whose size, appearance and performance fit your interest best, spend some time checking the information given above. None of these picks will ever fail you.



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