TOP Best Floor Standing Bluetooth Speakers in 2021 – Buyers’ Guide

Have you ever thought that there are many types of standing Bluetooth speakers, which makes difficult to pick one for your needs? You may not know its quality and characteristics clearly that you just can’t make a final decision to buy one.

To simplify the hassle, our research team has come up with the top best floor standing Bluetooth speakers, which sure will help aid your selection. Read on to learn about these standing Bluetooth speakers’ desirable features.

List of The Best Floor Standing Bluetooth Speakers in 2021

What are best floor standing speakers?

8. Rockville TM80B

Rockville TM80B is an outstanding choice you should not miss. This one boasts high-quality sounds – owing to the premium subwoofers and dynamic drivers equipped. It has cones with bullet dust cap, so it is capable of delivering fresh, nicely-balanced surround sound to every corner of your room. The main material chosen is high quality MDF.

The bass is adjustable. There are 8 band equalizers featured as well. The FM radio function can come in very useful, too. You can control the speaker either by the front panel of via the provided remote. Other noticeable features include USB playback, SD playback, and Mic inputs.

The Bluetooth range is 150 feet long. Upon purchase, buyers will get cables, warranty card, rubber feet, etc. Offered at an exceptional value, you should check this one out for sure.

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7. Venloic Floorstanding Speaker

Be ready to get blown away with these Yamaha speakers. The speaker features a sleek profile as well as great capabilities. It features Bluetooth, FM radio, USB and many more features that you will find beneficial. The Bluetooth range is 10m.  The sound that the speakers deliver is loud, clear and deep. Connectivity is not an issue. A remote and power cord will also be given in the package. Plus, with this price tag, this pick is a steal. The speaker can also be a decoration to your house, for it has a simple yet modern black design.

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6. TSME38 High Power Tower Speaker with Giant Sub-Woofer

SYKIK TSME24 49W RMS Wireless 2.1 tower speaker

Moving to SYKIK Pro, it is a kind of Bluetooth speaker with 100W RMS music power that is one of the powerful Bluetooth Tower speakers one all times. This standing speaker system is attached with 8 sub-woofer with pair of 4 mid range and 1.5” twitter of great sound quality.

SYKIK Pro has been designed with a full function remote control with separate Bass and Treble controls along with USB and SD port, RCA audio and FM radio. You will love what this incredible item has to offer.

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5. Pyle PSUFM1035A Bluetooth 2-Way Speaker System

Pyle PSUFM1035A Bluetooth 1000 Watt 2-Way Speaker System

Next, we’ve got a fantastic Bluetooth compatible 1000W for playing music and two ways speaker system with SD Card Reader. In addition, this standing Bluetooth speaker has a dual 10” Woofer and Two 3”Piezo; this matches with Model PSUFM 1030P. Its system is also attached with three Flashing DJ Lights with On and Off. This Bluetooth tower speaker has two ¼” Microphone with speaker out clips for optional passive speaker that its crossover Frequency is 3.2kHz and Woofer Magnet Weight 25 Oz. For specs, its size is 36.8”H X 15.2”W X 13.6”D.

It has the display screen for showing number of songs, play time and FM radio frequency. It also encloses for added bass response 35 mm speaker stand mount.

This can also be said one of the best bluetooth tower speaker with lights you may wish to buy.

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4. ART+SOUND AR1004 Wall Powered Bluetooth Tower Speaker

ART+SOUND AR1004 Wall Powered Bluetooth Tower Speaker

This one of the best tower speakers. This best Bluetooth floorstanding speaker with its lightening design, this highly reviewed floor standing Bluetooth speaker has got a blue lightening. This makes it looks really cool and flip light with button on and off. Especially, it will not take huge space with its slim body. The most noticeable feature about this ART Bluetooth tower speaker is that you can stream music from online streaming conveniently. Plus, you can play music on the speaker from your smart phone, tablet or laptop to play it as well. In addition to the wireless connection, you can connect through the speaker’s wired AUX 3.5 MM input, which is also a charging dock of your device.

Having this kind of speaker, you will have a good time listening to fantastic quality audio. The system itself gets 4 active speakers to generate the full audio spectrum in crisp and tuned sound, which are the perfect fit to enjoy music, movies, talks and many more.

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3. Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Loudspeaker

This Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Loudspeaker offers the whole new look to your home media center. With a sleek space-saving design, you can now fit it in anywhere whether it is next to the TV or at the end of the TV cabinet. At the same time, its wide and heavy duty base ensures that the speaker remains safe in place.

It is also integrated with 3 surface woofers to ensure a greater bass response along with your music. Thanks to the new design of crossover equipped to this loudspeaker, this product is capable of delivering a very loud sound quality while using a very low power.

A grand soft dome tweeter is also added into the construction to reduce frequency radiation so that the music still flows smoothly even at high volume. Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor Standing Loudspeaker is very suitable to use for improving most sources of sound quality ranging from CDs, DVDs, movies, gaming, and more.

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2. Pyle Digital Audio Speaker Tower Amplifier

What is interesting about this product is that it does not only come in one unit, but you will get more in the package. This one from Pyle is a speaker that comes in set with a tower audio amplifier to keep all of your favorite music playing in a very smooth and heart melting manners. A full range subwoofer coupled with a 2.5’’ tweeter are the main parts that help control bass and tone of your music. At the same time, they also help to keep low the frequency radiation so that your music remains beautiful at very high volume. This Pyle Digital Audio Speaker Tower Amplifier allows users to use it both with wire and without wire. Thanks to an integrated bluetooth connection, users can now stream music from your phones, ipad, and many other compatible devices.

It also comes with ports for USB, AUX, and memory cards. Therefore, you can now plug in your cards or USB flash for unlimited music streaming. Designed in more controlling buttons and digital displays, this is definitely a user friendly product to own.

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1. Dayton Audio T652 Dual Tower Speaker Pair


The top product on our list goes to Dayton Audio T652 Dual Tower Speaker Pair. This product comes in a set of two that can be used alone or together. The product features a very compact and lightweight design that allows you to locate it conveniently on your media cabinet. By weighing only 28.3 pounds, users can always easily move it back and forth if they need to.  Although they are small, they comes with a sturdy construction. It also has two built-in subwoofers of 6-½’’. Therefore, the bass of any music, movie, or game can always remain powerful on the play.

More than this, the product is also highly constructed with polycarbonate dome tweeter to help decrease the level of frequency radiation from your music. Thus, even when you turn the volume on, the music still comes out good and beautiful.

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After receiving some brief information about each type of speakers, we hope it will be easier for you to make decision on which floor standing Bluetooth speaker is best-suited for your needs and preference. Choose any one of the above picks for your modern lifestyle, and to not miss out your favorite music in a pleasurable and entertaining environment.

Buying Guide of Best Floor Standing Speakers

If you have finally made up your mind to get a single or a pair of floor standing speakers to fulfil the space of your media cabinet, you need some time to do research on it. Thankfully, our team has prepared a list of some important points that can be useful for your purchasing of floor standing speakers. By taking into account all of the things below, you can totally make use of the product to the maximum level.

Measuring your space:

it is always important to measure your space before purchasing them. The reason is that you do not want to get the one that does not fit to your space. As floorstanding speakers may come in different designs, you need to know where you want to place it. Some designs are made to fit with TV cabinets while some are made for alone standing and still look good on the floor. Besides, some speakers are made to look greater if you place it at the corner of the room or so.

Big Vs. small speakers:

Size of the speaker matter to your purchasing and buying budget. Therefore, you need to question yourself what you need it for as the bigger ones may require a larger amount of budget as well. If you only need it to complete your gaming accessories, getting a small standing speaker is enough. However, if you want to pair them up together with your home media in your living room, it is worth spending more money to get the bigger ones.

Type of Tweeter:

getting a good speaker can help to deliver greater audio as well. Therefore, to ensure that, you need to consider about types of tweeter you want for your speaker. There are a few popular types of tweeter to look at. They consist of horn tweeter, cone tweeter, dome tweeter, long throw tweeter, and so on. All of them may deliver different types of good sound at different circumstances.

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SHARPER IMAGE Premium Bluetooth Tall Tower Stereo Speaker

Here let’s check out another special standing Bluetooth speaker from Shaper Image. You may experience listening to music wirelessly with a remote control on board. It can be plugged in via the aux-in port with the built in FM radio receivers having quality voice. The SBT1001 Tower Speaker is designed with softly glowing LED light, leading to a fancy home environment. With this one, you can always enjoy your favorite songs in the most convenient way possible.

The SHARPER speaker has a top-mounted slot to hold most devices. It is perfect for using the aux-in feature or for charging any USB-chargeable device with tower’s USB port. And, be noted that the unit’s size is 39 x 6.2x 5.9.

TRANPSEED Wireless Bluetooth Floorstanding Speaker

TRANPSEED Wireless Bluetooth Floorstanding Speaker is a top-rated tower speaker, which can be connected to iPhone, iPad, Samsung and other smart devices via both wired (AUX input or USB &TF card slot) or wireless connection (Bluetooth &EDR). This Bluetooth speaker provides you a very great sound quality—2.0 Channel active speaker along with remote control for your own convenience. Because of the 4*10W drivers with TRANSPEED power features, the speaker generates loud and extremely clear sound. 33 feet/10 meters of distance is not a matter for it.

Interestingly, the speaker comes along with circular soft blue LED light and very attractive and cool appearance design. You can also connect it to FM radio and 5 EQ Modes. And, a 40-day money back guarantee and 1-year hassle-free warranty with a considerate customer service will be provided.

Sylvania Water Dancing Bluetooth Mini Tower Speaker

This is another kind of Tower Speaker, which could be connected to hundreds of devices. It also comes with a rich stereo sound will offer for 100%. Special notice about it, there is mesmerizing light and water that moves based on the beat of music played. This is indeed a great floor standing Bluetooth speaker for the price.

DURHERM Bluetooth Wireless Tower Floor

This next choice comes with the specialty of 8-inch subwoofer for amazing bass and dual Karaoke Microphone Jack. Besides, it is capable of streaming music by wireless connection from different compatible devices with quality sound. This device plays MP3 which could be from SD card or USB drive. And, the sound and bass is magnificent.

FM radio and LED display are also included features for DURHERM Bluetooth. Radio reception is guaranteed to be clear, too. Purchase also comes with a remote control. And, the item is backed by a 1-year warranty as well.

TRANSPEED Bluetooth Floorstanding Speaker with Subwoofer

Coming to the 5th best Bluetooth floor standing, the TRANSPEED Bluetooth Floorstanding Speaker is to be introduced. This product has a 2.1 Channel active speaker with a remote control and 3*10W driver for generating a superior sound Mid and high sound. It has a 30W subwoofer to pump out amazing and thumping bass. It can be used with wireless—Bluetooth and EDR and wired device—AUX input or USB drive& TF card slot which can be attached to smart devices. This Bluetooth is portable with illuminated LED light and handle.

What’s more, this standing speaker system is capable offering FM radio and 5 EQ Modes (Pop, Rock, Classical, Country and Jazz). Best yet, it especially comes with 40-day money back guarantee and 1 year hassle-free warranty with a considerate customer service.

Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K Standing Speaker

Now if you are looking for a more sturdy speaker, Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K standing speaker is what we recommend. As can be seen that this one arrives in a set of two speakers with very heavy duty steel poles. The poles can be adjusted in height to make it fit to different needs. It also features tripod base that helps to build greater stability for the whole construction. As for the speakers, they are highly built with long throw woofer and a voice coil to ensure that the sound will come out clear and the base of music will respond perfectly. There is also a compression horn tweeter which helps to manage to bring a clear sound even when you turn on the high volume.

To make it easy for users, this Rockville Power GIG RPG-122K standing speaker is also built in bluetooth technology. This allows users to still keep the atmosphere running with music streamed from phone, tablets, etc. Thanks to its DSP pitch correction, you can now sing beautifully. To make usage even more convenient, this product also comes with a full kit that include, speakers, wireless microphone, audio amplifier, and remote controller.

Transpeed Floorstanding Speaker with Subwoofer


If you are on a limited budget and still want to get the top quality speaker, you have come to the right place. With a very reasonable price, Transpeed Floorstanding Speaker with Subwoofer amazes so many users with its incredible features. With the price under one hundred bucks, this product still provides more controlling options to users with an additional remote control. It also comes with a built-in bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to other bluetooth enable devices for a wide range of music streaming. Coming with 2 pairs of 15w subwoofers, the bass goes out strong and smooth.

Transpeed Floorstanding Speaker also features USB and AUX ports for more options of connectivity. Other than that, it has LED light integrated in blue color to enhance the look of the speaker itself during music playing. For now, users has no more worries on how and where to play a speaker at all. Thanks to its minimalist design, you can now slot it in any corner available.


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