TOP 10 Best Folding Utility Carts in 2020

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

It is always a fun idea to go out with friends for clothes/groceries shopping, or for a picnic with family. However, the main questions are how are you going to bring needed items with you to make your trip even better? Or move things from one place to another without annoyances?

Well here below, we have listed several type of carts from different brands with different features in terms of size, capacity, maneuverability, colors which we think you probably find one best-suited for your carrying situation.

Top 10 Best Folding Utility Carts in 2020

10. Versacart Folding Shopping Cart.

 Folding Shopping Cart - VersaCart Transit Utility Cart

Having a hard time holding all heavy bags when back from shopping? Say yes to one of the solutions, Folding Cart by Versacart. This light, portable and easy-rolling cart will assist you carrying all stuff from shopping, for doing laundry and so much more. This light one comes with a water-resisted nylon bag sized 21”H x 17”W x 18”D.

There is a 3.72 cubic ft capacity that could store at most 120lbs of contents, with two strong handles and four swivel wheels allowing us to revolve to any direction. This product is durable and can be folded up to fit in your trunk or closet when not in need.

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9. REDCAMP Collapsible Wagon Cart

 REDCAMP Collapsible Wagon Cart

Next, comes one of the multi-purpose use collapsible utility carts. With one adjustable handle, this allows the cart to be pulled or pushed as desired. This upgraded design is set of swivel rubber wheels of tough plastic rim, 19/16mm steel frame heavy-duty and 600D sturdy polyester Oxford with PVC coating. The cart also features a large storage capacity of 100lbs, and its bottom steel frames are kept complete when it is compact.

Be noted that the wheels have to be mounted before the first use. This product also offers a warranty of 365 days. Just in case, you are not satisfied, you can contact REDCAMP.

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8. Mac Sport Heavy Duty Collapsible Cart

 Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon Beach Cart

Another one of the top 10 folding cart is this Mac Sport cart. It can be used for outdoor purpose or around the house. The large capacity wagon can load approximately 150lbs of cargo with a durable 600 D fabric bag that can be cleaned easily. It is easy in setting up and folding.

This one comes with one strong adjustable handle, two back single-wheels and one double-wheel with two mesh cup beverage or telephone holders by the handle. Favoritely, this product comes with many colors to be chosen, red/white, blue/white, blue/black and black.

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7. Timber Ridge Folding Sturdy Steel Frame Cart

Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon/Cart - Collapsible Sturdy Steel Frame Garden

Another recommendation goes to the folding utility cart with wheels by Timber Ridge. This one sized of 35.5 x 18.4 x 39 inches with the carry bag sized of 30 x 16.5 x 8.5 inches is designed of sturdy materials, such as strong handle of 20”, 4 large sized plastic and rubber wheels which can be revolved around.

This product is suitable for beaching, shopping or garden. Just remember for hard surface, this can support up to 150lbs while on soft sand, you should not overload it over 100lbs. This wagon also comes with three choices of colors, red, green and blue.

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6. Tipke 2100 Marine Fold-it Utility Cart

 Tipke Foldit 2100 Utility and Garden Cart

For those who look for heavy duty cart to bring things on and off boat, here is what we recommend. This folding rolling cart with the size of 55×30.4×23 inches can store up to approximately 350lbs and when folded. It takes less than 2 square feet space on boat.

Its two pneumatic tires are very flexible on craggy surface with its spring-action handle allowing more flexibility. Designed with aluminum makes it rust and corrosion-free. Purchasing this, you will get a two year warranty.

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5. Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Utility Cart

 Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

Next, for our 5nd recommended wagon, please take a look at this wieldy cart that makes your items carriage a lot easier and lighter. This portable folding cart can load up to 150lbs. It also features a handle for easy pulling and two beverages holders.

With its large wheels, it is very convenient to be used on any types of terrain, especially on the beach. It can be folded and kept anywhere after use because of its thin thickness of 9.7”.

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4. Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

 Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

Here, let’s look at another alternative, collapsible cart by Olympia. This lightweight and aluminum wagon features four 360-degree rotatable wheels, with three stories shelf that can support the capacity up to 150lb of items or 65lbs per level.

This foldable rolling cart also has two dual handles making it more comfortable to easily mobile. The cart’s size is 34”x 15” x 26-1/8” while folded it is 42”x 15”x 8”. This product is suitable to be used in home, office, library, catering and so on.

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3. Magna Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

 MagnaCart Flatform Truck

This foldable flatform makes it even more convenient in moving items from place to place with its flat platform, strong retractable handle and patented rotatable 4 wheels that can be drawn and put back in easily. It also comes already assembled, so you can use immediately after purchasing.

The truck can handle up to approximately 300 lbs of items with its large platform sized 26” x 16” that is made from sturdy material allowing durable service life. After use, it can be compact and kept in closet, behind the door or car.

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2. MOD Double Basket Flat Folding Shopping Cart

 MOD Complete MDC77037 Double Basket Flat Folding

This handy wagon is probably one of the most reviewed folding wheeled carts. It comes with size of 41.75”H x 24”W x 21”D when fully expanded with two large single wheels and two double-wheels and two steel baskets, one large and another one smaller which can be used for everyday purposes, not only for shopping but for laundry or in door, etc.

The sturdy materials used allow it to carry for up to 121 lbs. You can use it for years without worrying about rust, corrosion or frame bend. The handle offers comfort in moving the cart and the wheels offer non-slip stability so you will have a total control on your navigation.

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1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

 Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon-Folding Utility Carts

Now it is time to view the number 1 folding utility cart with wheels, which is this blue collapsible folding wagon by Mac sport. This blue cart can be opened and used in a second without any complication. This product allows smooth maneuverability with its 4 single wheels and more capacity of carrying up to 150lbs because of its functional feature of large storage 32.5” x 17.5”x 10.5”.

There is one strong adjustable handle and two mesh cup size pockets beside it. It is suitable to use for indoor and outdoor. You will love what this Mac Sports Folding Folding Utility Wagon has to offer.

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After reviewing all the top 10 best folding utility carts above, we have seen these items are ideal for transporting items yet they may differ in terms of design, load capacity, size, etc. Therefore, now it is your moment to decide which one folding utility cart is what you are looking for according to your preference and needs.