TOP 10 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

fruit infuser

Fruit infuser water bottles are reusable bottles that allow you to make tasty drinks on-the-go. They are portable, and come in plenty of looks and styles. Looking for one that suits your needs? This article is all you need to read. In it, you will find the top 10 best fruit infuser water bottles. These leading models come with many desirable features and heaps of benefits. To learn more, read on:

List Of Top 10 Best Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

10. Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser

Pure Zen Tea Tumbler

First, let’s look at this Pure Zen Tea Tumbler with Infuser. This is not a simple tumble that you used to see before, but it is the tumbler which has an infuser inside. The infuser is really useful for tea lovers to make a drink for yourself, you can brew your favorite tea leaves or use it as a fruit infuser water bottle or any other drinks. Its size is big enough up to 13oz. (400ml) that it makes you less worried about maintaining your hydration level during the entire day. Because this tumbler is made of glass so it is free from sweating and leaking; you can keep your drink fresh much longer, cold or hot drink, this tumbler can store without causing any odor.

Moreover, the infuser is easy to remove or install that makes your cleaning becomes easier and its lid is stable, even though you keep it upside down. Plus, a travel risk free- neoprene sleeve for safe holding- is attached with this bottle for free. Love tea, love fresh drink, get this tumbler.

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9. Cactaki Water bottle with time maker

Green Sequoia Cactaki

Do you find it hard to be reminded to drink water regularly? Don’t know what time you should drink water? This bottle is precious to change your routine in drinking water. Now you can drink amount of water based on your body needs for this Cactaki bottle have timer that helps you to know when is your next sip.

The bottle is made BPA free, free from harmful chemicals and have no odor, epsecially leak proof, making it really safe when you put this bottle in your bag with your book or any electronic stuff. Furthermore, this bottle is well designed; it takes just one-click to open its lid. And, it features fast water flow, easy to take with for gym or travelling. Purchase it and you get an ebook for free.

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8. A Stainless Steel Fruit Infuser

asobu Flavor U See

The next best water bottle in the list is A stainless steel fruit Infuser. This innovative and fashionable bottle is the newest upgraded one; it is made for those who care about their lifestyle and health. The stainless steel is super strong, and it can keep cold water longer till 12 hours.

Plus, the clear Tritan BPA free which is in the center section between two filters stores your fruits, mint or other contents there makes you feel good to see those contents and keep your drink fresh. Last but not least, this bottle comes in 5 stunning colors; there are black, white, silver, gold and teal; choose one and make tasty drinks for your daily life.

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7. Virbrant All in One Travel Mug


Here we have a multifunctional bottle that is most suitable for people who love to carry less. With this product in hand, you can carry it with you anywhere either at home, sport places, entertainment places or at work place easily and comfortably because of its attractive design, unbreakable qualities and its multifunctional use. By having this bottle in hand, you can have a coffee mug, a fruit and tea infuser by just removing or keeping the strainer.


More interestingly, its capacity to maintain the temperature inside is amazing. The content can stay hot up to 12 hours which will be long enough to win a heart of hot coffee or hot tea lover. It can stay cold up to 32 hours which also would be appropriate enough to maintain the taste of cold beverage.

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6. Infusion Pro Water infuser

Infuser Water Bottle

Next is Infusion Pro Water infuser. This product provides the sense of anywhere anytime with the Infusion Pro Water Infuser from its thoughtful design of neoprene sleeve and carrying strap. It is not just easy to use, but with it, you may maximize your freedom to drink fruit infusion at any place and any times with amazing taste. It can’t be denied that the unforgettable taste come from the amount of fruit you put in the bottle.

Thanks to its extra-large infuser basket which allow users to put bigger amount of fruit than normal bottle can, and its only-one-strainer prevent you from seed, small ice or pulp that may bother you while you are drinking. Beside the quality inside the bottle, you may be curious about quality outside the bottle. Different from some plastic bottles, this bottle was designed specifically with durable quality without a doubt.

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5. MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser


Another one is MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser; the taste and health specialist. The infusing mechanism of the bottle is designed to ensure the original taste of fruit infusion in longer time, and especially, this product is an eco-friendly product of Eastman Tritan Plastic that enhances the quality of the water or fruit infusion. This bottle’s design cares a lot about your health. Love your health, carry it with you everywhere.

Anyway, you may want to carry it but feel frustrated to just think about the leaking water from the bottle that you usually face while carrying some products. Please do not worry. MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser is equipped with an effective leakproof feature to keep your drinking experience mess-free while using it.

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4. Infusion Pro 32 oz.

 Infusion Pro 32

You can enjoy another choice of fruit infusion bottle with Infusion Pro 32 oz. Anyway, you may question how can this bottle make your drinking experience more enjoyable? The answer can be shown on the unique quality of this product. This Infusion Pro 32 oz is designed with smaller holes to prevent fruits bite, pulse, seed or even ice to get in or get out of your bottle. This way, that can provide you more choice of fruits to put in the bottle without worrying about their seed or texture.

Plus, it can submerge the fruits longer than some other products. Besides, this bottle is made from Ultra-Sturdy and BPA-FREE plastic that can keep you away from any harmful chemical.

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3. Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Infusion Pro

This Infusion Pro Premium Fruit Infused Water Bottle is a new infusion bottle design that thinks about the comfort of your hand. With its sweat proof function, with either hot or cold drinks, you don’t have to care about the sweat outside of the bottle. More than this, your hand will not struggle while cleaning it. You can open the base or the top of the bottle to easily clean the whole bottle.

Besides, the industrial design and the technological advancement equipped in this botte maximizes the fruit submerging duration. It can easily submerge the fruit longer than other products without leaking it. The leak proof feature always ensures that the water or the fruit contains in the bottle.

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2. Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32 oz

 Fresh Fusions Fruit

Next is the Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32 oz, this product comes up with the infusion chamber that elongates into the full length to fit with the entire bottle. So, there is no doubt that this bottle can submerge the fruit longer. Another thing, this product is equipped with leek proof technology that no water will come outside the bottle when you open it.

More than this, Fresh Fusions Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 32 oz also brings together heathy collection by offering the fruit recipe Ebook along with it. The new design will fit with new year resolution. New year, new healthy routine.

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1. Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hydracy Fruit

If you are a sport lover or sport fashion lover, this Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle will 100% fit with you. You are got going to getting tired carrying it with you because of its attractive sport look, and also with the timeline feature, you can track your healthy routine as the other famous sport players in the world do. Please enjoy taking it with you as long as you can. No matter how long you carry it, there will be no sweat from the bottle, thanks to its modern sweat proof design. So even if you put it in your bag, your bag or your materials inside will be safe from the condensation.

You surely think a lot about the safety of your bag, but how about you yourself? This bottle surely thinks about your safety. To make you safe, the producer decides to produce this bottle from BPA free eco-friendly Eastman Tritan which has no negative effect to your health.

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All of products listed above are really high quality and trusted products. In order to make your lifestyle becomes more modern and easy, you should have one of these bottles; get it for yourself or for your friends.Thank you for reading this review.