TOP 10 Best Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage in 2020


While there can be some loss about moving your jewelry or other makeup accessories from one place to another, the best solution is to keep all your favorites organized with a spacious jewelry armoire. It’s probably time to choose a mirror jewelry armoire for a touch of glamour and a practical way of storing your goodies. So, to aid your shopping, here, you can quickly go through the list of Top 10 Best Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage in 2020 that we have made for you below.

List Of Top 10 Best Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage in 2020

10. NEX Lockable Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror

NEX Lockable Jewelry

First off, let’s start with this NEX Lockable Jewelry Armoire with Full-Length Mirror. It is made of a sturdy MDF. It comes with mothproof that can ensure the durability of the mirror stand. It is additionally designed with the rectangle mirror’s size of 44 long that can provide you the best look from head to toe. Behind the mirror, it offers you a large space for storage which you can organize your jewelries and other accessories.

More than that, it also comes with the LED light which you can easily access and find your favorite one. What is more, this mirrored jewelry armoire has the capacity to hold up 96 earrings, 36 necklaces, 78 rings and other type of accessories. Lastly, you will find it easy to put it together as well.

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9. LANGRIA 10 LEDs Lockable Carved Jewelry Armoire

LANGRIA 10 LEDs Lockable

Versatile and stylish, this lovely jewelry armoire with a mirror is a must-have for your home. LANGRIA 10 LEDs Lockable Carved Jewelry Armoire is made of a good quality of MDF board with a beautiful design on the top that could enhance the decoration of your room to look more elegant. This white jewelry armoire is the greatest accessories storage which has the capacity to hold for more than a hundred of jewelries. Thus, you can keep your accessories well organized and easy to access back.

What is more, it is also designed with full-length mirror with the size of 42.6 long which can reflect the whole body including your head. This model also adds another extra LED lights that help you quickly find your jewelries. It is automatically turned off when you close the mirror.

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8. SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

SONGMICS LED Jewelry Cabinet

SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire is a perfect choice for those who own a small room. This standing mirror jewelry armoire can let you see your whole body closer as it is designed with a good quality glasses that can reflect the real image of yourself. This mirror is additionally designed to be adjustable.

More than that, the interior design of this mirror is also equipped with the LED light all around the mirror which you can easily do your makeup. Apart from that, it comes with many holes which can embrace all type of your make up accessories either big or small.

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7. SONGMICS Large Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror

SONGMICS Large Jewelry Cabinet

This is another Large Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror by SONGMICS. It is specially designed with the full-length mirror a long with plenty of storage inside as well as another 6 photo frames that you can display your pictures there to make it look more unique. This large Jewelry Armoire is made of MDF and soft velvet which has a good quality that can ensure the longevity of this jewelry cabinet. What is more, this jewelry armoire comes in the ideal size of 61 1/8″H x 24 2/3″W x 18 7/8″D which is suitable with room of any size.

It is additionally equipped with more than 10 LED lights which automatically turn on or off when you open the door. The interior design of this mirror has made a plenty of space with a hundred of holes for jewelry and accessories storage. So now you can keep your stuffs well organized with this cabinet.

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6. LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet

Coming to another well-made jewelry cabinet, we have this LANGRIA Lockable Jewelry Cabinet. This model of jewelry cabinet comes in white color with a beautiful design. It is a well-constructed white jewelry armoire that is built from sturdy and durable MDF which is easy to put it up together. More than that, this jewelry armoire is designed with a lot of holes, hooks, hanging, drawers which can provide you a large space to organize your all types of your accessories.

Apart from that, this model of cabinet comes with the 42 long mirror that can reflect the whole body from toes to head. Last but not least, this cabinet also comes with the security lock that can protect your personal belongings.

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5. LANGRIA Full-Length Lockable Standing Jewelry Cabinet

LANGRIA Full-Length

Classic and well designed, this LANGRIA Full-Length Lockable Standing Jewelry Cabinet is the best option for every girl. This model of cabinet is designed with to meet your satisfaction. It is designed with the full-length mirror that could help your doing make up much easier. More than that, you would feel comfortable checking your outfits before going out as this mirror provides you a real image of your whole body.

Apart from that, the interior design of this wood jewelry armoire has made a large space for jewelry and make up accessories storage along with the few LED lights that can easily control when you turn the door off or on. Lastly, the installation of this armoire is easy and quick.

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4. LANGRIA Free Standing Jewelry Cabinet Lockable

LANGRIA Free Standing

Are you looking for a good jewelry storage with an incredible design? Here is a well-made jewelry cabinet that is made of a sturdy and premium quality of MDF and a soft black velvet lining. With this large jewelry armoire, you can separately organize your accessories based on its categories. In addition, it comes with a full-length mirror stand which gives you a real image. To help you see your whole body clearly, the mirror comes along with 10 LEDs that could give you enough lighting.

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3. SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire

SONGMICS 8 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet

Let’s check out another well-constructed jewelry Armoire which is this SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Armoire. It is designed for a heavy-duty use as it is made of premium quality MDF that can guarantee the longevity of this cabinet. It also has the sturdy legs to maintain the stability of the cabinet well.

What is more, you can find it comfortable to do make up as this Jewelry Cabinet also comes with a good quality of mirror that provides you a real reflection of your body. More than that, this mirrored jewelry armoire equips with 8LED light that illuminate the jewelry inside, you that you can easily access back.

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2. SONGMICS 6 LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Large Mirrored


Here is another jewelry cabinet large mirror by SONGMICS that provides you a huge space for any type of accessories storages. It is made of a premium quality of MDF which makes this locking jewelry armoire can be use for long lasting.

The exterior design of this cabinet comes with the good quality of mirror that can see from toe to head along with the LED lights for more brightness, while the interior design has made more than a hundred holes for jewelry storing. This jewelry cabinet is additionally easy to assemble. It only need a few tools to set it up.

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1. SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door


Looking for a safe space to store your valuable accessories? Here, we would like to present you to the last model of jewelry cabinet we adore. It is the SONGMICS Jewelry Cabinet Lockable Wall Door. This cabinet is a well structured one as it makes from a good quality of material that could guarantee its durability and sturdiness. What is more, it gives you over spaces for jewelry storage.

Additionally, it comes with full-length mirror that you can view a whole image of yourself. Lastly, you can also mount in on the wall to enhance the decoration as the height of the mirror is adaptable.

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Now you can keep all types of your jewelries and other makeup accessories well organized by just owning one of these Top 10 Best Full-Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage in 2020. Let’s not wait; now you can get a well-made jewelry cabinet with plenty of storage and a full-length mirror.