TOP 6 Best Gas Hot Water Heater Reviews and Buying Guides in 2020


It has always been obvious that heated up water is needed in every single home. Especially, during winter time when the water gets way too cold for you to even consider being hygiene. That’s why hot water heaters are essential to all homes. Especially, if it is a gas water heater, you will definitely like it. It will make keeping clean and showers during winter’s mornings much more pleasant. Not to mention, these heaters will instantly heat up your water without stacking your electricity bills.

The best types of heaters are the ones that are durable and a great investment. That’s why we’ve made a long list of great products for you easily look through. But before purchasing, we want you to look through the following buying guides.

Buying Guide for Best Gas Hot Water Heater

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Even though there are plenty of products on today’s market that offer great features, you should still have a strong standing ground and a checklist when it comes to the buying time. There are many small features and aspects that you should not overlook when buying an item especially for bigger household equipment. Hence, here’s a look at a buying guide for a gas hot water heater:

1. Capacity

Before buying a gas hot water heater product, the first thing that should come to your mind is the capacity of it as gas water heaters carry different capacity; for example, 40, 50 or 55 gallons. You should consider the capacity of it thoroughly and see the water demand that your family needs.

On average, a family that consists of 4 members is likely to use up to 100 gallons of water per day. On the other hand, if you are using it in the restaurant and hotel, we bet that you indeed need one that is much larger than this.

2. Warranty

No matter what type of water heater you are going to buy, it is a smart choice if you ask for the warranty. First off, it is the modern equipment; therefore, it tends to have errors on its function and more. Next, for the storage tank water, the problem with leaking and insufficient heat water is always the problem.

While the gas can leak easily and anytime, the warranty and immediate helps are the things you need. You should look for the brand that offers the warranty and help when you need.

3. Type of water heater

If you decide to get a gas hot water heater, you need to decide which type of it you want. First off, it is the storage tank type, this means the water is stored in the tank then it is being heated. When you need water, it flows from the storage tank. The problem of this type is it costs a lot of energy and space for storing the tank. Next it is the on-demand water heater. This type doesn’t have the tank, it will just immediately coil the water based on your demand. It methods is energy saving than the first one.

Last, it is heat pump water heater; this type of heater captures the heat in the air and transfers it into the water. This one is so convenient as it can ensure that you will get enough water all the time. If we compare, the third method can save energy better.

4. Digital display

It is very convenient if you can see the status of the water heater. You choose the product that comes with the digital display that indicates the temperature, timer, flow rate, recover rate and more. When you have the control over it, you can maintain it when needed well.

As the gas and the water tank can leak when using for a long time, the digital display would save you and your machine on time. You can easily set the time and customize the amount of water you need per bathing time.

5. Size of the water heater

If you decide to give the storage water heater a try, you will have to consider the size of the tank first. You need to decide where to place it as well as the size and shape of it. Even though there are so many shape that the tank have, something the capacity that it holds are the same.

If you have a small place, choosing the tall tank would be very beneficial. Since the storage of it will be the same, but you will only need to choose the shape that suits your living area.

6. Technology

As we are living the world full of the modern technology, you should also look for the product that adapts the new innovative technology. By the term technology, we refer to the premium technology that can adjust the temperature based on your need with ease. This smart performance of it is sure to give the benefit to the user. The gas valve is very important as well. The good valve should be the one that can turn off the machine when the gas leaks. It should also show the status and the amount of the gas in the machine too. The gas can control and speed up the time for hot water to recover.

Last but not least, seek the product that can access to Wi Fi; so you can control it with your smart devices. You may be able to customize the temperature and the amount of water you need per bathing time.

7. Energy efficiency

It is good to look for only the high-quality and brand-new product that can save your bill too. Everyone can spend the money and get the good gas hot water heater, yet the good product doesn’t end by just having the durability. The high demanding product should be the one that can save the users from the heavy electrical bill and the environment at the same time. Though the natural gas cost less than other form of energy, saving and preserving the energy is always a good choice. You can learn more about the types of hot water gas and decide later.

8. High flow rate

This is various from one model to another. However, it you are going for the tankless water heater, you should pay attention to the amount of water that flows per minutes. The tankless types cost less energy than many other types, yet the flow rate of it is limited.

If you don’t need a large amount of water in a short period of time, getting the tankless type is not a problem. Lastly, no matter what type you are going to buy, you better be selective when it comes to the flow rate in a minute.

9. Recovery rate

When you use up the stored heated water in the tank, the big question that users ask is “How long will it take to get the heat water again?” And it is what you too will have to consider closely. The storage tank water heater type is highly recommended for using in the family.

As the heated water that you can use is limited and it may take some time for heating the water in the tank once again. No matter what type of water heater you choose, think about the demand that you need properly.

10. Low NOx

We bet that you will get the comfort from taking the hot and warm bath whenever you want. At the same time, it is also a must to think about the environmental problem. Though the natural gas is affordable by all most everyone, it is the source of air pollution.

In some areas the amount of nitrogen oxide is limited; therefore, you should learn about the area you are living in, as well as, the product that you are about to buy. Some models that are newly invented tend to emit less NOx to the atmosphere and that’s what you should choose.

11. Safety feature

When you buy electric products, it is a must to look for the safety features that it has. The safety should include the auto shut-down feature and the status of the water heater. It is good to look for the one that has timer since you can manage the use time and energy.

Next, the water alarm is also important, it allows you to know if your tank is leak or overflow with the water. The water alarm can be in the form of audio alarm.

12. Installation process

For a simplified life, you should also look for the product that requires easy installation process. As there are so many types and brands of the gas hot water heater, you can choose the one that require only the easy task if you are the beginner. If you want to ensure that your water heater is installed the right way, you better look for the product that offers the help or free installation process.

13. Quiet operation

With the noisy life that we are living, we believe that your home should be a quiet place to relax. For that reason, you should look for a product that operates quietly. You may spend time with the water heater many hours a day, so it should only give you a nice experience.

The Ultimate List of The Best Gas Hot Water Heater

6. A.O. Smith GCR-40 ProMaxgas-water-heater

Let’s begin by taking a look at A.O. Smith’s 40 gallons’ water heater. This is a heavy duty water heater perfect for home usages. Especially with the glass coating, it will provide you with less corrosion as well. Not only that, you’ll find that the interior has a microprocessor that will boost the heating responses. Plus, this water heater will not be needing any extra energy either since it uses thermopile to generate energy.

Let’s all establish that cleaning can be a pain whether you’re using a big or small sized water heater. With A.O. Smith’s product comes with a diffuser that will help lessen the sediment so you won’t have a hard time cleaning.

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5. Camplux 16L 4.22GPM Outdoor Propane Gas


Here we have a slightly different product. We’re looking at Camplux water heater without a tank. This water warmer is only 4.22 gallons per minute, though you will definitely love this product. It comes with a convenient temperate display on the heater. Plus, it also has all safety features that will save you trouble. This water heater has an anti-freeze protection so you will not have to worry in the winter time. You might want to keep in mind that the safety features include an automatic shut off. Once you’ve left the hot water on for 20 minutes, the heater will shut itself off.

To add to that, this water heater is also portable. So you can enjoy hot water wherever and whenever you please. Besides that, it comes with a shower head that you can adjust to however you may please. Not only that, this water heater is quite simple to install as well. It will definitely enhance your showers during any time of the year.

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4. Rheen RTG-64XLN 6.4 GPM Low NOx


Our second no-tank water heater is this model from Rheen. Not only is this water heater designed for outdoor usages but it also uses natural gas to heat up water, too. This will swoop away your concerns about energy conservation and your bills as well. With this product, you will be receiving 6.4 gallons of heated water per minute.

This water heater is quite simple to install as well, so you won’t have to go through too much trouble to get this working. Plus, this is a great deal with the price and the quality it comes with as well. This guy will heat your shower up as well as supply hot water for your whole home within a matter of seconds.

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3. Rinnai RUC98iN Ultra Series


Now we will be looking at this imported water heater. One of the typical concerns while purchasing a water heater is finding a place to install them. This water heater is the answer to that concern. Not only is it designed to be nicely compact but you can install this heater anywhere in your homes. With this water heater, you will have full control over the venting options as well. You can choose between having a concentric installation and twin pipe which not many other heaters will let you do.

Most water heater makes loud irritating noises when you’re showering but with Rinnai, you can rest assure. This is greatly efficient and it does not produce those loud annoying noises that we clearly all hate. You and your family won’t have a hard time running hot showers in the house all at the same time. With that being said, with this durable little guy, you’ll also be saving a lot from the electricity bill for a long time.

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2. Rheem RTGH-95DVLN 9.5GPM Indoor Direct Vent


Here we have another great water heater from Rheem. This water heater is made from stainless steel, so you will not regret investing in one of these durable guys. It will definitely stay useful in your home for a long time. Especially, with its capability of conserving energy, you won’t worry about your bills no more. As mentioned before, a lot of water heaters make loud noises while you’re using them. Well, this isn’t one of them. It will efficiently supply your homes with heated water while staying quiet. As a cherry on top, this heater is also quite compact. Given that, you won’t be having a hard time finding a spot for it in your home.

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Though, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First off, this heater may be a little complicated to install by yourself. You might want to have it planned out a little before you start installing. Lastly, the water might take a little time before it starts heating up once you’ve started to run the faucet. But there won’t be any bigger issues that these ones, so you won’t have to worry too much about purchasing it.

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1. Takagi T-KJr2-IN-NG Indoor


Now let’s look at the last product on our list. This natural gas water heater is from Takagi. This is a great heater for homes since at maximum speed, it will let out 6.6 gallons of water per minute. Not to mention, you can keep the temperature under control at all times with its inlet and outlet thermistors. Not only that, you will absolutely love the quality and durability of this water heater. Once you get your hands on these, you’ll see how durable and nice it is. With this, your home will be fully supplied with warm water in no time.

Though installation does take quite some efforts. You will definitely want to carefully read the manuals provided to get the installation done correctly and quickly. Besides that, it might take a few seconds for the water to heat up as well. You might want to keep that in mind before plunging into your showers.

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We’ve reached the end our list. Now you can pick out the top rated water heater to invest in for your home. You won’t have to deal with unbearably cold water while cleaning up any longer. You won’t have your electricity bills stacked up after investing in one of these. Though, please be careful while installing and carefully read the manuals that will come with the purchase of this product.