TOP 10 Best Glass Bathroom Shelves in 2020

KES Bathroom Glass Shelf 2 Tier

What are needed in a modern bathroom? There are a lot including a beautiful bathtub, floor decoration, toilet with advanced technology and more. What is as important as those mentioned things is a shelf. A shelf helps decorate your bathroom while provides you more space to store your items. Thus, you are going to feel comfortable once you get into the bathroom.

If you have a glass bathroom shelf, it is going to be perfect because a glass shelf elevates the look of your bathroom. Here are the top ten best glass bathroom shelves in 2020 for you to consider if you think you need a shelf for your family bathroom.

List of Top 10 Best Glass Bathroom Shelves in 2020

10. Leyden

Leyden Wall Mount Chrome Finish

Leyden could be an awesome bathroom shelf to decorate where you take shower and relax. As equipped with crystal glass, the bathroom shelf has a three-dimension size as 22.32*5.61*2.17 inches. The other material is stainless steel. With such good material, it is sure that the shelf is durable. At the same time, the stainless steel is chromed so that it could be more shiny. The bathroom shelf is design to mount with the wall.

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9. Hamilton Hills

Modern Flat Brushed Glass Shelf

Hamilton Hills comes with a sophisticated design. The size of the shelf provides large space for you to store your item. The width is 20 ½ inches while the depth is 5 ½ inches. The materials to make the bar shelves are stainless steel and glass; both materials make good combination. There is also a single bar in front of the shelf so that your items will not fall out easily. In regard of the quality, the shelf is both sturdy and durable because the stainless steel is the solid #304 type. The steel’s quality guarantees there is no rustiness even with long-standing moisture.

The material with such a design has gone through various types of inspection to cross check the quality. Everything comes in an almost perfect form because the manufacturers have experiences of three-generation works. There is also a guarantee that you can return the product and get your money if you do not like it.

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8. MyGift

Wall Mounted Stainless Steel

MyGift is another beautiful product made of stainless steel and glass. The shelf does not come alone as a shelf only; there are also towel bars so that you could put your towels while you are bathing. Each towel bar is attached with sliding hooks; thus, you can hang many other items with the hooks.

Also, the railings helps to avoid your items from falling off. This design is surely thoughtful. The three-dimension size of the product is 15.7H x 16.1W x 5.9D.

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7. Gatco

Gatco 4056 Elevate Glass Shelf

Gatco is an elevate suit that helps you to keep your items easier. You can store items ranging from soaps to towel on the shelf. The design is composed of crystal plate as well as the supporters made of metal. The type of design is amazing especially if you are a minimalist. What is more fantastic is the fact that the glass shelf is handcrafted and hand-polished. In addition, the product is easy to be mounted with wall.

It could accommodate different types of wall surfaces including drywall and tile. A lifetime warranty is attached with Gatco once you get the product.

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6. KES

KES Bathroom Glass Shelf 2 Tier

Kes is the sixth-best product in line. The product is designed to self-avoid rusting and corrosion. The material is a top quality of stainless steel mixed with Chromium/Nickel content. At the same time, the material also helps to prevent scratch because the product is hand polished before getting into your hands. In regards of sturdiness, if you really worry whether the glass will broke, it is out of your concerns because the glass is a 7 MM-Thick tempered one.

It is recommended that you use the shelf to store toiletries and cosmetics; however, it is not really limited to those items. With such a rail, your items will not slide off. Lastly, you do not need to assemble since the product comes in once piece.

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5. Alise

Alise SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom

Alise is another great glass shelf for bathroom. It is made of brushed Nickel, stainless steel as well as concealed screws. Even though, some parts are made of stainless steel; there is no worry that the steel will get rusted since it is a SUS 304 type of stainless steel. Also, with such material, it is sure that the shelf is sturdy and durable. There is another quality inside the product. The shelf is also scratch-resistant because it is hand-polished.

The rail helps to prevent items from sliding off while there is additional towel bars. The glass is a 8mm-thick tempered type so that you do not need to worry whether it wil break.

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4. Best Living

Best Living Elegant Bathroom Space Saver

Best Living has a classical design. Compared to the abovementioned shelves, it is a unique one. If your bathroom’s floor is uneven; you can easily adjust the bases to fit the uneven floors. There are five tiers that you could store your bathroom items. Thus,the wall self design provides a plenty of space. The material includes importantly metal.

Moreover, you do not need to care about assembly because the product is easy to assemble without necessary tools required. The racks and shelves come in a three-dimension size as of 67”H x 14.2”W x 14.2”D.

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3. Moen

Moen DN8390BN Retreat Glass Shelf

Moen looks similar to other mentioned shelves. However, it also got its own unique characters. The design has a curved and soft silhouette. It got a look with a grey metallic color because it is composed of brushed nickel as the shelf’s material. Surely, you will not see water spots and fingerprints because the brushed nickel has the ability to resist those kinds of things. The product is not difficult to install, nonetheless.

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2. KES Bathroom

KES Bathroom Lavatory Double Glass

KES bathroom comes in second place. It is composed of stainless steel, a Type-304 one. With such quality of the material, the product is rust-resistant. Also, it is sturdy and durable. Moreover, the screws are concealed. It is highly recommend to use the product in closets, bathrooms and bedrooms.

The less advantageous factor of the product is that you need to install the shelf in your bathroom. Nevertheless, hardwares required for installation are included in the package.

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1. Gatco

Gatco 4246 Latitude II Glass Shelf

Gatco becomes the first-best shelf for bathroom. The design is wonderful with the edge which is beveled and an escutcheon plate. The material is hand polished so that you got the high quality while the glass is also handcrafted. There are other thing such as concealed screws as well.

Furthermore, the glass rack shelf could be mounted with wall easily regardless the surfaces of wall. You also get a lifetime warranty attached with Gatco as well.

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Here is the summary of the benefits you could consider from good quality of glass shelves. A good shelf is durable and sturdy. You could check this quality by being aware of the materials used and how the materials are produced into the product. Also, a beautiful design is another quality for a shelf. Since beauty is defined differently, it is recommended that you should match the style with your bathroom and its existing decoration. In addition, you should also consider the space provided by the bathroom glass shelf. You get a bathroom shelf not for decoration alone but also to store your items.