TOP 10 Best Glass TOP Coffee Tables in 2020

bonVIVO Designer Coffee Table Donatella, Modern Coffee Table For Living Room

When you have a sofa set up inside the living room, it is normal to have a table to fulfil the free space. Whether it is used for coffee, tea, or food serving, the glass top table helps enhance the decor of the living space better than other types of tables can do.

To help you choose the right one for your living room, we have come up with the top 10 glass top coffee tables in 2020 that come with the most brilliant designs on the market.

List of  Top 10 Best Glass Top Coffee Tables in 2020

10. eHomeProducts Vintage Glass Top Coffee Table

Vintage Dark Brown Glass Top Black Metal Frame Cocktail Coffee Table

A vintage glass top table from eHomeProducts offers a nice and classic display to your living room. It comes with a combination of dark brown and black color which makes it look simple yet professional. It carries out a 2-level design which provides extra space for other storage. The top shelf is a big piece of tempered glass that goes against scratching and cracking. Meanwhile, the bottom shelf is made of wooden veneer that is strong enough to hold a lot of things.

It uses firm metal for a catchy x-design on the sides to make it more sturdy and stylish for a living room. As the glass offers a crystal clear view, it looks very elegant when put a cup of coffee on.

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9. Mango Steam Dakota Coffee Table

Mango Steam Dakota Coffee Table - Blonde Oak

Mango Steam Dakota Coffee Table does not only serve as a coffee table, it also works as a glass top dining table in the living room. It comes with a U-shape design where the top shelf is made of tempered glass and the stands at the sides are made of strong wood. The stands are greatly textured with wooden pattern to enhance the overall look of the table.

The glass of this table is thick which does not get cracked easily. It is highly resistant to water which maintains a clear and shiny look. The surface is smooth that you can conveniently clean it by wet wiping.

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8. Finley Home Sutton Glass Top Coffee Table


Sutton Glass Top Coffee Table with Slat Bottom


Finley Home Sutton is a wooden table with glasstop that enhances the decor of your living room once you place it in. It comes in black color which looks great to any colors of the sofa, especially the grey one. It has a large piece of glass on top which is very thick. As the glass is framed with black wood, it still glistens its crystal clear surface once the light is on.

It features a slat bottom shelf which is suitable to its overall design. While the top shelf is for coffee and food serving, the bottom shelf can be used for book and magazine storage.

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7. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Glass Top Table Set

Ashley Furniture Signature Design - Exeter Glass Top Occasional Table Set

This product comes in a set of three glass top tables that serve for different kinds of usage and decoration. The big one is a glass top coffee table which you can place within sofa area. On the other hand, the other two can be used as a glass top patio table or a flower vase holder under any photo frame. The glass top has a very clear and airy appearance which makes the place look very well organized. The frames of the table comes with a 3D design and looks very sturdy and supportive for a thick glass top.

This product comes with a nice packaging for a good protection from any coincidence damages. Besides that, they are very easy to place together which you can simply follow the instruction.

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6. Tangkula Glass Top Coffee Table


Tangkula Glass Coffee Table International Occasion Tea Table


If you are a fan of sleek and stylish home furniture, we are sure you are going to love Tangkula Glass Top Coffee Table. The only material that manufacturer uses to build this up is a tempered glass. Even if it is made only from glass, it is perfectly finished with a very smooth surface and shiny look. This glass top coffee table has a clear tone which makes it look really neat and fit easily to different kinds of home furniture.

As the glass surface is nicely textured, this makes it easy for users to clean it up. Apart from that, this product requires no assembly as it comes originally with a U shape and design.

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5. SUNCOO Glass Top Coffee Table

SUNCOO Coffee Table Clear Glass Top with Shelves For Living Room

SUNCOO Glass Top Coffee Table is a rectangular shape table that comes with 2 levels for extra storage. For the top and bottom shelf are nicely constructed with thick glass that perfectly goes against scratch and cracks. Therefore, it is very safe to place things like a cup of coffee, dishes of food, flower vase, and book/magazine on. The glass is well finished to ensure that it remains shiny after each wipe clean.

This product uses both wood and stainless steel chrome for the frame which looks very sturdy and glossy at the same time.

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4. Merax Black Highlight Glass Top Coffee Table


Merax Black Highlight Glass Top Cocktail Coffee Tble with Wooden Legs


Merax Black Highlight Glass Top Coffee Table is suitable to all black lovers or those who want to use black as the main color for their home decor. It comes with a black glass top that is sleek and thick. Therefore, it offers another unique look among every furniture. It looks great if you locate it nearby gray sofa or on top of a grey carpet. Both the top and bottom shelves are made of black color glass that creates another great symmetrical appearance.

There are two stainless steel chrome tube for each side used to attach the top shelf to the bottom shelf. Furthermore, it has a pair of wooden peg legs at the side to make it even more stable.

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3. Winsome Genoa Coffee Table

Winsome Genoa Rectangular Coffee Table with Glass Top And Shelf

Winsome Genoa Coffee Table offers a simple elegance to the space of your living room. A big piece of transparent glass, a brown wooden frame, and sturdy legs creates a very solid construction. The glass comes with a smooth surface which makes cleaning become a lot easier. The legs are very convenient to wipe clean as they are smoothly textured.

The bottom shelf is a big wooden piece that provides additional storage for the books, magazines, and other things for home use. It is thick which is believed that it is capable of holding many things.

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2. TroySys Round Glass Top Table


Round Glass Table Top 28 Inch Custom Annealed Clear Tempered


If you are looking for a round glass table top, we would like to introduce to you TroySys Round Glass Top Table. It comes with a thick glass top of 0.5 inches and an overall length of 28 inches which looks great for every living room or in the office. This round table can be used for different purposes. It can be used as a coffee table or even as a round glass top dining table. The top surface is made of tempered glass which is a lot stronger than ordinary glass. The edge of the glass is beveled and nicely finished which is not sharp and is very safe to stand nearby.

The table peg is very stylish and comes in a triangular shape for a unique look. However, it is very sturdy and strong which maintains the balance very well while holding a lot of things.

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1. Donatella Glass Top Coffee Table

bonVIVO Designer Coffee Table Donatella, Modern Coffee Table For Living Room

Donatella Glass Top Coffee Table is the top contender in term of modern design. It has a thick and clear glass top that looks very shiny and is easy to clean. This coffee table carries out fashionable sense as it has another bottom shelf that comes in white color. Beside that, the peg legs are made of solid bamboo which makes it suitable to the overall design of the table. Every materials used to create this coffee table are resistant to water which you can easily do the daily clean up by wet wiping.

As it has 2-level shelves, this offers additional storage space for your home gears such as book, magazine, remote controller, and so on.

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Every product on the list carries out different designs that would fit to a particular decor of your home. However, all of them come with high quality in terms of strong glass, and solid build. Therefore, if you have found an eye catching product that would look good with your home decoration, it is not too late to grab it from the list.