TOP 10 Best GoPro Case Reviews in 2020

Smatree SmaCase GA500

If you own a GoPro, you would know it is so difficult to keep it safe from falling or bumping into something. With a GoPro, you can put your GoPro inside and carry it without worrying. However, it is really bothersome making a decision which one is the best GoPro case.

Don’t worry, this article would present you the top ten best of the best GoPro case reviews of 2020. Look through this and get the sense of which case suits your tastes and can protect your GoPro better.

List Of Top 10 Best GoPro Case Reviews in 2020

10. BUBM Carrying Case For GoPro Hero

Carrying Case for GoPro

No matter how durable your GoPro is, you still need the case to protect it. Made from heavy-duty, resist pressure, water-proof material, this BUBM GoPro Hero case would help protect your GoPro. With three removable pad, you can use your space efficiently by taking it out or putting it in. The dimensions of the carrying case are 26.5*22.5*12 CM. Large enough to put all GoPro accessories in.

This 1.1Ibs GoPro case acts as an organizer bag, the accessories bag, the first aid and even a make-up case for ladies. Multi-functioning bag, where can you find it?

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9. BUBM Portable Travel GoPro Bag

Portable Travel Gopro Bag

The ninth elegant case to put your GoPro in is a BUBM Portable Travel Bag. Guaranteed for its durability as it is made of the high-quality nylon along with the semi-flexible covers and the elastic loops. Water-resistant function is included therefore the case can be used not only to put GoPro but also other crucial accessories as well. The size of this GoPro camera case is 12.5x 8.5x 2.8 inch. It weights only 1.1 pounds, easy to carry and easy to use.

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8. CamKix Deluxe Large Carrying Case

CamKix Deluxe Large

Another case is from CamKix, one of the most popular bag in town. CamKix carrying case has the anti-dust feature along with the anti-protection material inside of the case. The shoulder strap is attached with the bag to provide the convenience for the customers as they hold it.

With circumspect design, the case is spacious and can be used to not only put GoPro but other accessories as well. This bag has the size of 10.2 x 8.3 x 3.4 inches. Tough and unbreakable because of the high-quality nylon mesh. Light and easy to carry as it is only 1.6 pounds.

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7. Smatree SmaCase GA500

Smatree SmaCase GA500

This 11.02” X 9.68” X 4.17” GoPro travel case is made from ABS materials. It is made to last long and has the waterproof feature allowing the GoPro owner walking under the rain without worrying. Twin layers along with spacious storage, the case can be used to put as many accessories as you want. This case is also light, weight only 3 pounds. Easy to carry around.

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6. GoPole Venturecase

GoPole Venturecase

Meet with the grey GoPro case from GoPole. Spacious space allows the photographers to fit two cameras in the case together with other accessories. The zipping pocket enables you to put small accessories such as USB, memory card or the like inside. Created using weatherproof zippers and canvas backing, this GoPro accessories case are known for its sturdiness. Life time warranty is also provided to the owner of the case.


Good for traveling; keep your camera and other accessories safe, nowhere can be found but GoPole Venturecase.

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5. GoPro Casey (Camera + Mounts + Accessories Case)

GoPro Casey

The fifth GoPro case that we are going to introduce is GoPro Casey. This GoPro storage case has the weather resistant function. It is durable even in rain or snow. Enough space to satisfy the owners as they can put a lot of accessories and camera in it.

This black case has the weight of 10.1 ounces and the dimensions of 6.5 x 3.5 x 8.7 inches. The case also has a place where you can attach it with your belt or your backpack. Easy to carry around and good for traveling.

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4. Smatree GA700-3 Waterproof Hard Case

Smatree GA700-3 Waterproof

Let me introduce you to a large GoPro case made by Smatree. The case has dimensions of 11.02″ X 9.68″ X 6.14″ large enough to put everything accessories or camera in. Even with this large dimension, Smatree GoPro case provide dual-layers allowing owners to put even more things inside. Though it is large, but the case weighs only 3.6 pounds make it perfect to carry around when traveling. The case is made from ABS materials contributing to the dust-free, water-resisting, and floaty feature.

Providing the owner with the warranty, so you don’t have to hesitate about the quality or the large space of the case. Become the owner of the case and travel free with your camera and its accessories.

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3. Smatree Carrying Case for GoPro Hero

Smatree Carrying Case

The dimensions of this red GoPro case are 10.6″ x8.3″ x2.8″ making it the spacious storage. Two cameras and other accessories can be fit in the case. This Smatree G260SL is made of EVA foam. This material contributes to the durability. The mesh plastic zipper inside helps the owner put some small accessories such as USB or memory card without worrying that it might be dropped somewhere.

The mental loop is attached at the edge of the case. It can be linked with the large bag or your belt so that you could conveniently carrying it around. This stylistic 1.15-pounds case is a perfect match for every photographer.

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2. HSU Large Carrying Case for GoPro

Large Carrying Case

This stylistic GoPro case is made from superb quality EVA materials. It helps protect the camera as well as other accessories efficiently. With high quality materials that is used to make the case, HSU GoPro case is water-resistant, dust-free, and durable. The nylon shell and smooth zipper are used to produce the case and it helps the product durable even under the rain or snow. Two colors are opt for the users to choose including green and red. Three sizes are also there for you to select, large, medium and small.

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1. CamKix Carrying Case

CamKix Carrying Case

This GoPro carrying case has three sizes, large, medium and small. Two colors black and blue are there for GoPro users to choose. The interior is fully customized. Users can just put their accessories as well as their camera without thinking of where to put it or if they have enough space to put it or not. The outside of the case is made from nylon, so it is hard and unbreakable.

Convenient for users to hold as it is light. The handle at the top also contribute the convenience of the users as they can hold on to it. Nowhere can be found, CamKix GoPro case, the most satisfying GoPro bag I’ve ever used.

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The article presents the top ten best of the best GoPro case of 2020. The high-quality materials used to make those ten carrying case contribute to a lot of features such as waterproof, dust-free and durability. With smart design, the loop or the handle is attached to the case making it easy for the users to carry. Some case even have the warranty so you don’t have to worry about a sudden break down after using.