TOP 10 Best Hair Removal Cream Reviews

Finding the right hair removal cream for our purpose is not an easy task. Some products are just a waste of money because they do not deal with your hair’s problem effectively. And, if you choose the wrong product, your skin will be irritated or it might lead to other problems that cost you more money. So, to assure that you will never face this trouble, we have made this review list that includes the top 10 best hair removal creams suitable for women and men to make you decision-making easier and faster.

List Of Top 10 Best Hair Removal Cream Reviews

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10. GREENCAINE BLAST – Topical Anesthetic Gel


First and foremost, let’s begin with Topical Anesthetic Gel by GREENCAINE BLAST. You might wonder what makes this hair removal gel receive number 10 in our list. The answer is its incredible ability to leave you pain-free every time you remove your hair.

Moreover, this GREENCAINE BLAST gel does not work only with hair removal, but it also makes you comfortable in other beauty procedure like tattoo or tattoo removal and Brazilian waxing treatment.

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9. Bare Balm – Body Hair Management Cream

Bare Balm - Body Hair

If you are looking to get rid of your hairy spots and brighten up your skin following your removal process, Bare Balm Body Hair Management Cream is a hair removal product that will not disappoint you in this case. Just spare a little amount of Bare Balm on any parts that you would like to remove your hair away and leave for few minutes, then you can wipe your hair away and it will smoothen your skin later. One more thing, it is very easy to apply and it is well-known as great for mens as it comes with king size big ball formula.

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8. Stop Hair – Natural Hair Reducing Spray

100% Natural Hair Growth

Do you want to stop your annoying hair growth problem? If you do want to, we would like to introduce you this hair reducing spray from Stop Hair brand which is graded to be one of the best facial hair removal creams.  Plus, this product is made of natural substances, you will definitely love it right after using.

Natural Hair Reducing Spray can be used with both women and men. It works perfectly for decreasing re-growth hair and the new hair that grows, will be softer and lighter.

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7. Brazilian Bare – Shave Syrup

Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup

Right now, let us talk about the product for only women and that is the secret of beauty experts that all ladies need to know. Brazilian Bare Shave Syrup is graded to be our number 7 product. This product is made in the United States and it is a must-needed product for those who have sensitive skin because this shaving syrup is irritation-free. You can use on every part that you shave including legs, underarms, bikini area, and also face.

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6. Nair – Men Hair Removal Body Cream

Nair For Men Hair Removal

Moving away from women products, we, now, take a look at hair removal product for men instead. In case that you want a clean look for yourself and you find it difficult to decide which product you should go with, we recommend you to try this Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream. This product is time saving because it works quite quick during your shower.

In addition, it also deals with thick and coarse hair effectively. More than this, using this Hair Removal Body Cream from Nair can prevent hair from growing faster and its effect of using can last longer than shaving.

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5. IntiMD – Intimate Shave Cream


Well, let us switch our topic from men to women again. Best hair removal cream that comes in the 5th place of this review list is COOCHY PLUS Intimate Shave Cream by IntiMD. This hair removal cream is formulated for the most intimate parts of body. It can provide you a safe experience of shaving.

In addition to that, IntiMD Shave Cream is made of 5 influential moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and vitamin-rich substances that can soften your hair. Especially, it also creates a shield for your skin to protect your skin from damage in time of your shaving process. It is best used with all skin types and gives you an improving shaving experience with your pubic hair and underarm.

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4. Moom – Organic Hair Remover

Moom Organic Hair

We have not turned away from women product, yet. You will now read the product from Moom brand known as Organic Hair Remover. In terms of packaging, this hair removal product is completely different from all the product in this review list. Moom Organic Hair Remover comes in a red refillable jar that is really eye-catching while also saves the environment. You will be absolutely in love with this hair remover as it is formulated using tea tree oil and other 100 percent natural ingredients that is ideal for women who have irritation-prone skin. More surprisingly,

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3. Nair – Hair Remover Lotion

Nair Cocoa Butter Hair

Now, let’s take a look at another hair removal product that falls in the 3rd place. It is Hair Remover Lotion also from Nair brand, yet it is for women only. Women who do not love product with heavy scent, would totally love this one because Nair Hair Remover Lotion has very fresh scent that can also freshen your mood. It is made of cacao butter and infused with Vitamin E that leaves your skin extra moisturizing as well.

And you do not have to worry that it will take you long time in removing your hair, just apply the lotion and wait for 3 minutes then wipe off with a washcloth then rinse your body with lukewarm water, you will then have silky smooth body that you always long for.

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2. Veet – Gel Cream Hair Remover

Veet Gel Hair Remover

Before introducing you our number 1 product, let us show you our 2nd rank product first. It is from Veet brand known Gel Cream Hair Remover. This product gains a lot of good feedback from the users as it works best with dry and normal skin types and after using it will leave your skin hair-free and smooth longer than shaving. More importantly, it is able to remove your hair closer to its root. Besides, it takes you just about 3 minutes to remove your unwanted hair. And if you like rose fragrance, you should go for this one.

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1. NEOMEN – Hair Removal Cream

NEOMEN Hair Removal Cream

You’ve probably been waiting to see our number 1 product for a while! Now, let us introduce you a hair removal cream from NEOMEN that ranks in the 1st place of our review. This hair removal cream has a portable size that is convenient for carrying and using. It is usable with every hairy areas of your body except your face. Regarding ingredients, it is produced using safe formula that contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and baby oil that will make your skin moisturized. Also, it does not leave any nicks or bumps on your skin. You will also receive a 30-day warranty right after you purchase.

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All in all, hopefully this review list of top 10 best hair removal cream will help you save your time in finding the right product that is best suitable for your requirements. So, grab one among the ten to get rid of your unwanted hair right now.


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