TOP 10 Best Hair Straighteners and Curlers in 2020 – Buying Guides

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Hair is considered one of the most important parts for women and men. Are you looking for an effective tool to upgrade your hairstyle? To style the hair, we always need different types of hair iron. Choosing the right hair tools to style your hair will be hard. There are so many fake products that are available on the market, but they might be causing your hair into problems. In order to help you to find the right one, we have listed down the Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners and Curlers in 2020.

Buying Guide of Hair Straighteners and Curlers

Even an ordinary hair straightener and curler does not come very cheap in price. Thus, you can now think of the price that the best product carries. In this case, before getting a new hair straightener and curler with quality, you may need to look at a few important points first. Below is a list of buying guide of hair straighteners and curler that can help you choose the right one for optimal benefits.

Look at the shape: in order to make the maximum use of 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler, one thing you might need to consider is its shape. You cannot just go and pick the one that has a very very flat shape. This is because when it is too flat, curling is not going to work perfectly on your hair. Therefore, you might choose the one that has curved or little curved edges.

Level of Temperature: the ones that comes with variety of temperature settings makes the best hair straighteners and curlers. This is because when you get to select between 4 to 5 different temperatures, this allows you to choose the one that suits perfectly to your hair condition. You cannot just go forever with one level temperature. It is because straightening with this kind of machine is not going to work with curly hair at all. Normally, good products come between 300-450 degree fahrenheits.

Choose the right Plate Width: Why the width of iron plates matters? This is because choosing the right plates allow you to deal with hair styling easier and faster. For example, if you have very thin hair, you can just go with a 1 inch iron plate. However, if you have a very thick hair, straightening or curling your hair with small iron plate will take your forever to finish. Thus, a bigger one is the best.

List of  Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners and Curlers in 2020

10. FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener

2 in 1 Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron

No matter how busy you are, you can still keep your hair beautiful with FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener. It provides a very high heat straightening function that makes your hair become very straight within a very short time. Thanks to its directional switch new design, you can conveniently rotate it to 360 degrees. Therefore, you can now make use of this machine in two ways: as a hair straightener and a hair curler.

FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener features a very smooth surface which will not tug your hair and hurt your scalp. With a very compact construction, this makes it very convenient for users to bring it along on the trips.

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COOLKESI is an ionic hair straightener brush that transfer your hair magically. It is very easy to use as you can use it like your brush. By combing your hair back and forth, you can also get straight, beautiful, and shiny hair. This hair straightener brush heats itself up very fast which only needs about 30 seconds of your time. Users can also adjust its temperature from 180° F up to 450°F to fit different hair conditioner. The product is suitable for any hair types and it will never turn your hair into dryness or produce split ends at all.

Because it is built with a lot of high density brush teeth, COOLKESI tends to smooth down your hair and make it straight within a few minutes. On top of the brush, there is also a clear LCD screen that displays information regarding heat settings. With the purchase of this hair straightener, you will also receive a heat resistant glove, hair clips, and 1 storage bag as well.CHI Original 1″ Flat Hair Straightening

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8. Homitt 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler


Homitt 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler comes with a 360 degree swiveling design. By this, you can know that it is not only a straightener, but also a curler at the same time. Users will be amazed by the fact that this product heats up under 20s with which you can get ready within no time. This one is capable of dealing with any kinds of hair ranging from oily, dry, to split end hair like a pro. It creates no tugging or burning on your hair at all thanks to its smooth flat iron boards.

Besides all of this, Homitt 2 in 1 Hair Straightener and Curler features a small digital screen that shows set and current temperature. Thus, you can always set an accurate one to suit your hair condition.

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7. AllBeauty Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler

Flat Iron For Hair Styling: 2 In 1 Curling And Straightening

If you cannot decide which machine fits best to your current hair length, let us introduce you to a straightener from AllBeauty. This one comes with a very sleek and compact design. It also weighs very lightly on hands so you can always feel comfortable holding it and working on your hair styling. Although it is small, it is perfectly designed to fit all lengths of hair which is very interesting. It comes with a 360 degree rotating design that also allows you to use it as a hair curler.

Built with top quality ceramic plates, users will notice that it has an ability to distribute heat very fast and evenly. It also comes with a very easy heat adjustment system which you only need to turn its rotatable cord to choose your temperature.

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6. InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron is a hair styling machine that arrives with a very unique construction of hair comb. The comb helps to organize your hair so that the styling can go smoothly without getting stuck. Moreover the rotating barrel makes it possible for curling your hair while using a straightener. The straightening plates are made of grand Black tourmaline ceramic materials that perfectly and evenly heat up with a decent amount of time.

InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating Iron allows users to adjust the temperature up to 450F degree to suit different kinds of hair condition. With a user-friendly on/off button, it only requires a single click to let the process begin.

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5. TYME Iron Pro Hair Straightener and Curler

TYME Iron Pro

Coming next, here is a product from TYME known as TYME Iron Pro Hair Straightener and Curler. Like other previous products, this one also comes with a 2 in 1 design allowing users to transform a straightener into a curler very easily. What makes it different from previous products is that the plates are made of titanium. This improves heating up and helps to maintain heat very well at certain temperature.

TYME Iron Pro Hair Straightener and Curler also comes with 5 setting temperature to meet different requirement and usage. Starting from 300 degree Fahrenheit and ending with 400 degree Fahrenheit, users can quickly adjust by clicking on the button.

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4. ELLESYE Upgraded Hair Straightener


As the top 4 best hair straightener, ELLESYE Upgraded offers so many incredible features in just a single machine. Now that it has a 2 in 1 design, you already know that you can be used in two ways for hair styling. Although it looks small, it heats itself up very fast. All you need is 15 seconds to begin your hair straightening or curling. It arrives with 5 temperatures that can be easily adjusted. Therefore, it provides optimal result for different hair conditions.

Once you set the machine to a certain temperature, it distributes heat constantly making your hairs look equally beautiful from the root to the end.

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3. Weewis Professional Hair Straightener and Curler


Another professional hair straightener and curler to look at is a product of Weewis brand. With the whole construction being colored in rose gold, it offers a very contemporary look to every stylish women. It also comes with those iron plates made in gold color that are very suitable to its shell. Being made of titanium material and new PTC heater, the plates tremendously heats up like a freeze.

During straightening or curling, it will maintain constant temperature when you select a level among the 4. Thus, your hair follows a correct tone from the top to the bottom and looks shiny throughout the day.

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2. CNV Hair Straightener


CNV Hair Straightener features a smooth iron surface that is highly constructed with 3D Concave and Convex plate. This makes either straightening or curling goes fluently on different types and conditions of hair. Heating up with just 20 seconds, this product allows you to stye your hair in so many different styles using less time than ordinary ones. With various temperature settings available, it allows you to choose from 300 degree fahrenheit to 450.

CNV Hair Straightener also has a built-in digital screen that accurately displays the temperature. This way, you can easily monitor the temperature during setting and doing your hair.

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1. JMiToo Automatic Release 2 in 1 Twist Straightener

JMiToo is the top product on our list that presents an automatic release design. Therefore, it is even more convenient to use for greater hair care. Similarly, this one also comes with concave and convex heating plates that features 3D design. This makes straightening and curling go very well on various types of hairs. It also heats up under 20s which is the best option to use on any busy day.

Besides all of the good functionalities, JMiToo Automatic Release 2 in 1 Twist Straightener also has a very small and portable body that is very comfortable to carry with. Together with a lightweight construction, this makes it the best hair straightener to use of all times.

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You cannot get the best hair straightener and curler without any knowledge about it. Most women normally experience buying the wrong products at least twice in their lives. Now that we have a list of top 10 best hair straighteners and curlers, you can enjoy shopping worry-free with us.

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7. Hauchi Curling Iron Flat Iron and Ceramic Hair Straightener

Huachi 2 In 1 Curling Iron Flat Iron-Hair Straighteners and Curlers

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This is a new hair beauty set, because the Huachi 2 in 1 combines hair curler and travel hair straighteners in one. With the button protection, you can switch from curl to straight and from straight to curl. The Huachi 2 in 1 travel hair straightener and curler features the temperature setting up to 100C- 150C for colored hair and for normal hair is 150C – 180C. And, as one of the best straighteners for thick hair, you can always use its 180C – 230C temperature, too.

6. Lychee Portable and ceramic Curler & Straightener

Lychee Salon Portable 2 in 1 Curler & Straightener

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This Lychee Salon Hair Straightener and Curler features an advanced ceramic plates which provide even 30-second heat-up for smooth, shiny hair with less frizz. The temperature goes up to 180c. This comes in a pink color. Not only for straightening for thick hair, but you can also curl your hair in different styles.

The ceramic plates provide heat, so you don’t have to spend much time on doing your hair. The temperature control is up to 180c. This tool is just only 7/8″ x 9″ Inch (23 mm x 230 mm) that should be available in your house. If you love your hair, grab one now.

5. OBEST Cordless and ceramic hair straightener

OBEST Hair Straightener Cordless Ceramic Flats Iron

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Create today’s best looks with this two-in-one style plus hair straightener and curler. Using the 2000MA international LCR18650 will help you to save your time. This hair tool advanced ceramic technology that provides heat to nourish your hair as you style for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair. It is also provides the floating plates for constant contact and fast styling. The outside size is about 184*27*38mm. Its weight is only 83.2g. Fully open, you will see the 1 battery, 1 USB charging line, 1 storage bag and 1 charging- adapter.

And, please take note that after charging, the battery needs to be posted into flat iron first to heat up.

4. JVSURF Automatic Instant Hair Steam Curler and Straightener

Automatic Instant Hair Steam Curler JVSURF Professional

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Another recommendation for you is the Automatic instant Hair Steam Curler JVSURF which is designed to modify the shape of your hair. This product has two color options, namely Black and Purple. It weighs just only 0.4kg. The automatic instant hair curler and straightener are small, yet perfectly formed. It features advanced tourmaline ceramic plates which provide even heat distribution for smooth and shiny hair.

An auto off feature will make user feel safe while using. For safety reasons, it will automatically shut off after 60 minutes.

3. Remington Ultimate Styling Ceramic Hair Straightener

REMINGTON Pro Ultimate Stylist 4-in-1 Multi-Styler

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Another good quality hair steamer goes to the Remington S6600 Ultimate Styling Ceramic Hair Straightener. This one can give the beautiful hair shape you want. The classic black color item has two functions: curling and straightening your hair. At only 1 inch in length, the tool makes it perfect for styling and fringes and curl as well as perfect travel size hair straightener.

Tourmaline ceramic-coated reduces frizz, protects hair from damage and adds shine. It will auto shut off after 1 hour.

2. Vokai Labs Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler

Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

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All in one style that can be used as a Curler and Straightener with the Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Ceramic Flat iron (Korean product). It weighs only 7.5 oz. This product is an accessory that you should have in your home and when you are traveling. It is great for both thick and thin hair. The Sleek Ceramic-Coated plates provide heat while causing no damage to your hair.

It will straighten your hair faster and curl your hair with the style that you want. And, do not hesitate to return and ask for help if you have any problem with your tool as it comes with a 1 year warranty.

1. Herstyler Super Style Hair Straightener and Curling Wand Set

Herstyler Super Styler Hair Straightener

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The digital hair straightener is a great alternative for the traditional flat iron straightener. It is known for quick straightening. But that’s not it, this multi-functional hair styling tool-straightens, waves, and curls the hair in every style you want. The ceramic plate will help shine your hair and reduce frizz. The maximum temperature of the tool is 500degrees. This icon technology comes with a 1.25 flat iron and curling. This tool could actually save your time especially when you are in a rush. Best yet, the item is also backed by a 1-year warranty.