TOP 5 Best Heated Office Chair Reviews in 2021

Working sometimes becomes an enduring part of life. It could become boring or stressful. At the same time, the work hours could become restless if there are piles of workloads awaiting. However, your time at office will be better if you sit on a massage chair and deal with your business. It is going to help you to be more productive and cheerful at work. At the same time, it is going to help you to be healthier as the massage operation allows your body to move to some extent. Here are the top five best heated office chairs you may take a look for your 2021 shopping list for office. They contains a number of great qualities as follow.

List Of Top 5 Best Heated Office Chair Reviews in 2021

5. OFM Essentials

Essentials Massage Office

OFM Essentials is a comfortable office chair as it combines the recliner chair with padded arms, headrest, swivel and matching ottoman. The chair could be functioned as a massage chair since it adopts Shiatsu-style massage system. The system is adjustable and heated; therefore, you could enjoy the ultimate comfort. You could also choose any angles that is comfortable for your relax because the chair could swivel 360 degrees. The seating surface is equipped with pliable and smooth leather. As a result, the product looks luxurious and comfy. The chair comes in a three-dimension size as followed; 32 x 30.3 x 41.8 inches while it weighs 59 pounds. The product comes with a black-leather color. Thus, it boosts the image of the product to be more luxurious and classic.

The comfy chair is a good option for your new office buildings. The chair could support up to 250 pounds while the limited warranty comes in three-year term. Such combination is great because you got them all at once. The massage system will comfort you while the design will make your office more modern. The technology will also excite you as the design is cutting-edge. OFM Essential is also an office chair that reclines for naps

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4. OFM Massage

Essentials Massage Office

OFM is similar with OFM Essentials when it comes to color as the product is cover with black leather. The office chair back massager comes with a three-dimension size as followed; 42.71 inches x 28 inches x 31.89 inches while it weighs 47 pounds. OFM Massage also adopts Shiatsu-style massage system which could be heated and adjustable. As a result, a maximum comfort is guaranteed for the users. The chair comes with arms and headrest while there is also a pad on the back. The seating surface is smooth and pliable while the swivel has a 360-degree capacity.

The seat could be fully adjusted. At the same time, there is a recliner on the seat back so that you could enjoy more comfort. The product could support up to 250 pounds capacity while a three-year limited warranty is guaranteed. OFM Massage chair could help to boost up your productivity and mood at work. We believe you would be more successful in career with the assistance from OFM Massage.

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3. HomCom

HomCom Race Car Style

HomCom comes with black mixed up with blue color in an awesome rigid pattern. The design gives a fresh look to your new office buildings. The massage chair could heat up. As a result, you could get a warm massage. In addition, there are four positions that you could adjust for your backrest and two other positions for your seat. The product comes with a “soft PU leather” so that you could enjoy comfy from resting on your seat. The product’s three-dimension size is as followed; 26.5”L x 26.5”W x 49.5”H.

There are also rolling casters so that it is not difficult to relocate your chair. The sponge back is thick while the height could also be adjusted all the way you wish for. The assembly is required once you get the product however. Lastly, the chair is made of materials as followed; PVC, Plastic, PU and Steel 5. HomCom is also highly recommended for gamers who stay in front of computer for long hours. Either for gaming or working, HomCom will not disappoint you.

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2. Murtisol

 Murtisol Massage Gaming

Murtisol office chair has an ergonomic design while there is also lumbar support for your seat as well. You could also adjust height as the seat also comes up with pneumatic design. There are five different functions attached with the product including press, auto, pulse, wave and normal. There are three durations you could choose including 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes. Besides such technology, there is also a remote control so that you could adjust the settings by the control. The chair has a leather with soft PU quality while there is an ample padding as well. The weather resists water and oil. The swivel is 360 degrees.

The leather chair with footrest could support the weigh up to 240 lbs. Furthermore, you could also choose the vibration strength for massaging between high and low. The heating function could range between sixty and seventy degrees. The product is also certified by the standards including GS/ CE/SAA/UL. The certificates themselves prove the performance capacity and durability of the product. Murtisol will help to better your day at work.

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1. Gantherm

Gentherm Heated

Gentherm chair comes with cooling and heating system at the seat cushion and back. You could choose between low and high settings while there is also occupancy sensor for auto-shutoff as well. Therefore, it could save up your energy and guarantee your safety. The electric office chair is operated by Li-Ion battery with high capacity.

The battery is rechargeable and could last for eight hours for each charge.  The cushion foam looks luxurious. At the same time, the cable at seat side has an ergonomic design that you could adjust for different heights.

The chair could support up to 400 lbs. The technology adopted in this chair is marvelous. The 3D diffuser is adopted in the cooling and heating operation. Moreover, there is a control panel that you could adjust the temperature for either high or low level. While the other four mentioned products have their own advantages, Gantherm has its own unique points that you could not miss.

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The five products have variety of advantages and great points that you could take into consideration. Each one is unique as it has different ability to please you. However, in general, a good massage chair must possess a number of qualities. First, it has a great design. Whether the design is classic or modern, you do not wish your office chair to look ugly. Second, the massage operation is great. It could help you to enjoy more comfy.

Third, technology adopted in the massage chair is cutting-edge. It could range from variety of settings to remote control. Fourth, you could adjust settings such as height so that you could customize the chair into your ways.

Fifth, the chair is supposed to have other extra comforting items such as footrest, headrest and more. An office chair with footrest or headrest is an ideal. Lastly, it is well-recognized and highly recommended as the product receives numerous certificates. There are more to know about a good massage chair. If you wish to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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