TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates in 2021 

When we, as humans, all want a house to stay in, the dog also requires a shelter to serve as a personal space. This is the reason why the dog crate design comes and accommodates the dog’s demand. Today, we have the top 10 best heavy duty dog crates for you. Please follow us along until the end to explore more about the potentials of the dog crate.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates in 2021 

10. COZI WOW Heavy Duty Dog Crate

COZIWOW Heavy-Duty

The first candidate for our reviews today is the dog crate from COZI WOW. It is dedicated to providing a personal private space for the dog to enjoy with the best comfort. This dog crate is built from a metal material, and therefore, it offers both strength and durability at the same time. It is also resistant to rust and corrosion as well.

It features dual entry doors at the front and side areas. The door is secured by sliding bolt latches that secure it from the top. The door can be removed when you are in need of cleaning. Inside the dog crate, there is a floor tray where all the messes and debris are trapped inside. You can clean it on a daily basis by taking it out.

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9. Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog Crates

 Lemberi Heavy Duty Dog

If you are looking for the best healthiness for your dog, Lemberi’s dog crate can be a great consideration. This dog crate only takes 10 minutes to install with screw bolts and wheels provided. The parts are already pre-assembled for you upon arrival. The crate is built with a durable frame that uses only the strongest 20-gauge steel. Each steel tube measures its diameter at 0.5 inches.

Another great feature about this dog grate is that it includes the anti-escape lock. This is a desirable feature when you have a mad dog in the house. It also prevents the dog from getting injured by any accidents as well. In the interior area, it is built-in with a mesh tray where it stores the dog food. It is removable for the cleaning.

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8. BestPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

 Large Dog Crate Dog

BestPet is another famous pet product brand that you can rely on. This dog crate is built with 2 door panels. One is located in the front, while the other stays on the top. It enables you to feed the dogs and cats very easily from any angle that you prefer. There is a pan inside, and it can be removed when you need a deep clean of the crate.

The dog crate is equipped with wheels for convenient transportation, yet the wheels can be locked when you are not in need of moving. It is built with heavy duty steel, and it protects itself against rust and corrosion. However, it is non-toxic to the health of the dog as well as dog owners. Moreover, there is a safety lock to prevent the dog from coming out.

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7. PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Crate

PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog

PUPZO’s dog crate is well known for its durability and stability. It is made from carbon steel, and it is resistant to rust and corrosion. This heavy duty crate features a heavy load as it can support up to 110lbs. Moreover, the surface is guaranteed to be non-toxic to the dog’s health.

It is very easy to clean this dog crate thanks to the floor grate design. The steel tray can be taken out to make the cleaning achieve within a breeze. It is also very easy to move around since it is equipped with 4 wheels. Two of them are lockable to secure the dog crate in place for convenience.

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6. BestPet Heavy Duty Dog Crate

 Dog Crate Cage for Large

Here comes another heavy duty dog crate from BestPet. It features a considerably larger size for larger dogs and cats. This dog crate is very easy to install thanks to the versatile design. After use, it can be folded down within minutes. The parts are already pre-assembled for you. This dog crate is equipped with 4 lockable wheels, and 2 wheels can be locked to secure it in place.

It features both of the front and top doors. This makes it convenient for you to feed the dogs from any angle you prefer. The dog crate also comes with a removable pan, so that you can remove it whenever you need to clean the whole crate. The dog crate is made from heavy duty steel, and the surface is non-toxic.

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5. Homey Pet

Stackable Heavy Duty

This heavy duty dog crate design makes feeding easy and convenient. It is equipped with 4 feeding entries, and there are 2 feeding bowls provided. You can open the extra door when you need to move your pet as well. In this set, it offers all the parts that you are in need of, including latches, trays, casters, and dividers.

The divider panel is removable and adjustable at the same time. The size of the cage can be adjusted depending on the size of the dog you have. The trays can be removed when you need to clean the interior area of the cage. Moreover, this cage is stackable, allowing you to make up to 2 or 3 tiers with confidence.

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KELIXU Heavy Duty Dog Crate

What about this heavy duty dog crate from KELI XU? The construction is safe and reliable at the same time. It is made of heavy duty steel which is also resistant to rust and corrosion. It prevents the dog from escaping as well. Moreover, this dog crate is equipped with casters that have a 360-degree rotation ability. Yet, it can be locked when you want it to stay still in place.

With the metal frame design, it ensures the best ventilation for the dog. It also provides superior visibility, allowing you to see your dog from the outside. Still, the plastic tray inside is removable when it comes to the cleaning time. You can simply wipe it clean to look new and clean again. Also, the assembly requires only 2 – 4 minutes to achieve.

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3. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny

Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny

There are many great features for the dog crate from Haige. It is built from a heavy duty frame that involves corrosion-proof steel in the construction. It is very difficult to damage this crate, and the surface is non-toxic to the dog’s health. This dog crate is suitable for the medium and large size dogs.

The dog crate is equipped with locking casters. The casters are able to move in a 360-degree direction, but it can be locked. The plastic tray is detachable to make the cleaning much easier and more convenient.

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 LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog

We should not miss this heavy duty dog crate from LUCKUP. It provides a heavy duty construction, involving hard steel to support the structure. The surface features a non-toxic finish to make the dog healthy. It is equipped with both top and front doors. The doors are made for the interaction between the owner and the dog.

This dog crate is very easy to assemble since you only need to attach the wheels with screw bolts. It is also easy to clean with the removable tray. The tray is dedicated to keeping track of the leftover food and messes.

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LUCKUP Heavy Duty Dog

Now, we have another model of dog crate from LUCKUP. This dog crate is dedicated to taking good care of the dog in all conditions. This dog crate is designed for large and medium-sized dogs, and it is equipped with a locking mechanism to secure them in the cage.

It is made with a double door design, and the top door serves as an entrance for the interaction with your dog. It is very easy and convenient when it comes to cleaning time. This is because it can be removed for cleaning. It only requires about 3 – 5 minutes to assemble the whole cage.

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Buying Guide

Below are some considerations when it comes to the final decision of choosing a dog crate.

Construction: it should provide a heavy duty construction to protect the dog inside. Also, it should include various door entries for access and interaction. The door should be built-in with locks to secure the dog inside.

Removable tray: a high-quality dog crate will never miss the removable tray inside. This is where the food for the dog lies in. Yet, it can be removed to make it easy for cleaning.

Locking casters: the dog crate should be equipped with 4 locking casters as well. It provides 360-degree rotation ability, while it is also lockable when you are not in need of transportation.


In short, above are the top 10 heavy duty dog crates. It is recommended for you to get one and have the dog protected inside. It would become a lovely shelter for the dog to stay in for a lifetime.


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