TOP 10 Best Heavy Duty Tripod Reviews in 2020

A camera tripod might be what really popular among photographers for their studio or outdoor photography. It is because it helps stabilize the camera during capturing and give you a great ease of shooting. However, it is just right that you do not want to experience it breaking down during the time of use. This means that choosing a heavy duty one is what you exactly need to do.

We have brought together a 2020 selection of the best heavy duty tripods which come with extraordinary features you would be in love with.

List Of Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Tripod Reviews in 2020

Which heavy duty camera tripod suits you?

The following is a list of review of most recommended camera tripods in the market. We have picked the best selling ones for you to consider.

10. miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty Aluminum Video Tripod

miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty

Let’s start with a very heavy duty video camera tripod which is a product of miliboo. Made of grand quality aluminum, its leg tubes are very durable and stable to use during shooting. Its adjustment feature allows its users to adjust it from 14mm to about 12mm for various shooting option. Built together with spreader in the middle, it helps to provide greater stability to the entire construction.

Miliboo MTT601A Heavy Duty Aluminum Video Tripod features a position locking design to make it more convenient for users during taking video. More than this, it has a rotatable design which enables users to move around up to 360 degrees for a good panoramic shooting.

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9. eCostConnection Action Camcorder Tripod

80" Inch Elite Series Professional

If you are looking for a professional tripod for your DSLR Camera, eCostConnection Action Camcorder Tripod is a good fit. This product features standing legs that can be adjusted in height to make it comfortable for choosing the right angle. It allows you to lift it up from about 26’’ up to 80’’ high. Moreover, the legs are greatly constructed into 3 height sections which offer you various great position for shooting.

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Being made of premium aluminum steel, durability within the construction is nothing to be doubted about. This tripod is also attached with crank handle for ease of pole setting up.

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8. Bosch Aluminum Heavy Duty Elevator Quick Clamp Tripod

Bosch Aluminum Heavy Duty

A product from Bosch is highly regarded as the best photography tripod due to many good reasons. First off, it is about its design. Coming with an eye-catching appearance, the construction of blue and stainless steel makes it fit with most of cameras and camcorders. Furthermore, its extendable tube poles allow users to conveniently adjust them into a desirable height. Coming with a base that can be adjusted, you can easily swivel it around to find a correct angle.

It does not only swivels, but it allows you to also tighten it for greater stability during photoshoot. Apart from all of these, its portability is what makes it even more interesting. Its lightweight and foldable characteristics allows you to store and bring it to every outdoor setting with convenience.

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7. Fancierstudio Professional Video Camcorder Tripod

Fancierstudio Professional

One of the best affordable tripod to introduce next is Fancierstudio Professional Video Camcorder Tripod. With the most affordable price, this tripod still offers you the best and most durable construction ever. The entire build of this product is highly constructed with heavy duty aluminum and top quality rubber for great use. It features interlocking crutch for its legs which makes it more stable during shooting or recording.

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It comes with 3 segments for its position and allows you to adjust it from low height up to 75mm height. In addition, the feet are equipped with rubber that offer additional stability to the tripod.

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6. BONFOTO B690A Aluminum Portable Tripod

BONFOTO B690A Aluminum

Another good tripod for dslr camera that is very popular among photographers is BONFOTO B690A Aluminum Portable Tripod. Its compact and lightweight feature allows users to be able to take it anywhere. Weighing about 2.6 lbs, this BONFOTO B690A can be extended from 13.8 inches to 55 inches at max. Its aluminum construction is designed to promote greater durability and for both home and outdoor usage.

Once it extends high, stability is what you need during photographing. The bottom of this tripod features a spring-loaded hook to gather and maximize stability for a great footage capture. You might also want to rotate your camera for capturing views from various angles. Thanks to its ball head, it allows you to tilt to record what you want.

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5. VILTROX VX-18M Professional Video Camcorder Tripod

VILTROX VX-18M Professional Heavy

VILTROX VX-18M gains a spot on our best tripod stand reviews because it has all of the characteristics the best tripod should have. This product weighs about 13.2 lbs which is capable of holding any camcorders, DSLR cameras, or other larger studio video cameras. Constructed with top quality aluminum, this tripod can load up to 22 lbs of weight. It is highly built together with fluid drag head and a fast release plate for ease of panoramic view capturing.

Besides all of these, VILTROX VX-18M has a 60mm ball diameter which makes lifting up the head a quick thing to do without having to lift the legs up. It is also designed for ease of action shooting as it comes with a rotatable head pans.

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4. ZOMEI Aluminum Portable Tripod

ZOMEI Aluminum Portable

Released in 2016, ZOMEI still receives a lot of popularity as the best studio tripod in 2020. Surprisingly, its construction is mainly built and designed for outdoor use as well. This product has a very lightweight aluminum build, yet it is sturdy enough to hold up to 22 lbs of weight. Its foldable design makes packing, storing, and traveling very easy for users. From its pegs to its head, they are highly built to extend so that users can take photo or record video at their convenience.

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If you are also interested in using only a monopod for photography, ZOMEI is actually right for you. Simply remove the its three pegs and center column and screw them back together into one, your monopod will be right in front of you.

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3. Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod

Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod serves you best for both home and outdoor photography. It weighs relatively light because it features aluminum construction. This tripod comes together with a camera mount head that is made with grand materials to ensure a secure place for your camera. Also built with slow-motion cables, this tripod helps you to take perfect photography or video both horizontally and vertically.

There is also a sliding mounting screw attached with the tripod to let its head slide and return back quickly and smoothly. With an ability to extend, it is able to go up from 32 inches to 45 inches in height.

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2. ZoMei Z818 Aluminium Travel Tripod

ZoMei Z818 Light Weight

Are you looking for a tripod that comes with both beauty and durability to take with for traveling? ZoMei Z818 Aluminium Travel Tripod is what we would recommend. Users are able to fold it down as compact as possible because its legs can be folded 180 degrees to produce a compact storage size of only 18 inches. This product comes with multi-functional design that you can use it as both a tripod and monopod by just having to redo a little setup.

Talking about stability, ZoMei Z818 will not disappoint you. It features a column hook which is best at keeping a great stability even with a heavy loading weight. On a plus, there are separate locks for both head and pan which makes adjustment even more convenient for users.

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1. Ravelli APGL4 New Professional Tripod

Ravelli APGL4 New Professional

Being able to extend the highest height of 70 inches, Ravelli APGLA New Professional Tripod is the greatest assistance for your outdoor photography life. Starting off from its head, you will see that there is a quick release camera plate attached to assist you in removing from or setting up your camera. What is more, its head is nicely built with tilt adjustment pistol grip that makes rotating possible for your shooting. Being built with quick release locking system around leg area, users can adjust the right position quickly and stablly.

If you look at the bottom of the feet, you will see that pieces of rubber and spikes are also there to keep the entire construction with additional stability. Thanks to a fast releasing center column, users can now have a very easy time folding it or inverting it into a monopod.

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All in all, it can be seen that, each of these top 10 best heavy duty tripods comes with different design, different construction, and functionality. However, all their jobs are to keep your camera stable and assisting you during shooting with your convenience and peace of mind ensured. If you are looking for one to assist your indoor or outdoor photography, getting one among the list is truly the best option.


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