TOP 8 Best In Wall Subwoofer Products To Buy – [Buyers’ Guide]

OSD Audio IWS88

While ordinary speakers are known among many people in our society, the subwoofers are later introduced to bring another level of surround sound into our indoor space. As of in-wall subwoofers, these ones are for placing in our house wall or any indoor space wall. With in-wall subwoofers, you will experience a more powerful sound and deeper audio signal better than what ordinary speakers can offer.

So, for today, we would like to take you to know more about the entertainment tools for your indoor space which the in-wall subwoofer and bring you the top 8 of in-wall subwoofers for your entertainment choices.

List Of Top 8 Best In Wall Subwoofer Reviews in 2020

8. Monoprice In Wall Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice in WallOur today top 8th in-wall subwoofer is from Monoprice. This carbon fiber made speake could bring you with such good quality sound into your room. Made from carbon fiber, it means that the speaker can hit more diligently, go lower, and handle more power. The Monoprice comes in pair of speakers but its size is only 8 inches for each side which can save a lot of your space and it is lighter than the other types as it weighs only 8 kilograms. It consumes less power but can produce more louder and deeper noise. This is the Best 8 inch subwoofer. 

The design of this monoprice in-wall speaker is very simple but look so cool with its black color. The input power of this type is of 200 watts. It is best known as an outstanding 3 ways speaker or an in-wall subwoofer for its sound quality, simplicity and style.

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7. Micca M-6S Subwoofer In Wall

Micca M-6S

One among Micca brand, this loner Micca M-6S in-wall subwoofer is one of the best choices for music lovers. Micca provides many types of in-wall speakers but today we choose the most recommended one which the M6S model. It comes with only a single speaker but you can purchase as many as you can upon your preference. The in-wall size is only 6.5 inches which is smaller than the previous one. The handling power is about 80 Watts. You can place this cute little in-wall subwoofer anywhere you want either in your ceiling or in your wall.

With carefully selected material for this M6S, you will get to experience such an exceptional product from Micca for its valuable performance. It could provide you the high-quality audio with deep bass and clear signal.

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6. Klipsch In Wall Subwoofer

Klipsch R-3650

Another highly recommended in-wall subwoofer product is the Klipsch set of 5 in-wall subwoofer and its home theater equipment. These in-wall style speakers could deliver such a lifelike audio into your room. This elegance set of 1000-Watt energy subwoofer will deliver a deeper sound of music and movie.

This set of in-wall subwoofer is known for its user-friendly installation and set up. Purchasing this set you will 5 items bundled together including on center channel, one pair of black in-wall speaker for front use, left and right, and another two surround-sound bass for the left and right space.

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5. Theater Solutions SA200 in wall subwoofer amplifier

Theater Solutions

Another choice for your entertainment time is the best partner for your in-wall speakers. If you can’t find a good partner for your free-time, you can consider this theater solutions which is very reliable and best suited with your in-wall speakers. This one can be used for in-wall and in-ceiling entertainment. It has got such a good framework for a home theater experience that you could listen to your music and watch your movie without any distracting noise.

This SA-200 works with practically all home sound recipients with subwoofer yields. With its simple design, this one is super easy for set up at home as it only weighs 5 pounds.

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4. Micca M-CS Center Channel in wall sub

Micca M-CS

This dual in-wall or in-ceiling speakers will offer you very smooth sounds of music with signature bass that won’t disappoint you with any of distracting voice. The 5.25-inch woofers cooperate to create great bass yield, conveying significant execution and guaranteeing consistent reconciliation if a subwoofer is utilized. As it is made with a very simple and small size, it could be placed anywhere in your room that would well-fit so it could be your best options among other types.

With a super careful selection of its material, this in-wall subwoofer is very sufficient and long-lasting for use. Micca manufacturing can bring you a warranty of variety of sounds tastes for your stressful day.

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3. Theater Solutions SUB8SM Slim

Theater Solutions

Here comes the third introduction to the in-wall subwoofer or in-wall speaker for today’s list. This SUB8SM model is made in a very high quality. Talking about its size, it is designed for only 8 inches slim which is very convenient to use and place in any type of furniture. The body of this in-wall subwoofer is covered by wood material that make it very unique than the other type of speakers. For this type, it is offered at very affordable price point, and you can own a very high-quality product containing powerful bass and unsurpassed audio in any environment even with your rap song or any action movie.

It has an auto function of shutting off in order to reduce power consumption if you leave them unactive for up to 2 minutes. The maximum loading power is up to 250 watts at peak.

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2. Acoustic Audio in wall audio system

Acoustic Audio

This one is also a product from Goldwood produced and designed in USA. It is an acoustic audio model HD S10 for in-wall style. The size of this one is only 10 inches and it is made along with its white color frame that you can paint on. The subwoofer itself utilizes 300 watts of power. If you are looking for an in-wall speaker that could save your space; for example, at home, in your room or at office, you can consider this small simple subwoofer. Even though it has a simple shape and surrounded with plastic-like material, it is still can provide you with a very smooth and precise sounds of music and audio from movie you are watching. Moreover, the best part is that it also has the bulletproof cone.

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1. OSD Audio sub wall

 OSD Audio IWS88

Let us introduce to you the last product for our top 8 in-wall subwoofers here. It is the model from OSD Audio manufacturing. It is designed in black and white color which looks very classic and attractive for many musicians. This one is a dual type of bass with 8 inches in-wall speaker that can handle power up to 350 watts which is very high compared to other previous models. This IWS-88 In-Wall Subwoofer performs brilliantly in your home auditorium.

Since this is an inactive speaker, it will require a subwoofer enhancer to control it and empower it. If you are finding a tool to make your music or movie become more realistic, you can choose this OSD Audio on-wall subwoofer for your entertainment partner.

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Buying guide for in-wall subwoofer

After reading through all of the options we have listed above, we assume that you can choose your right partner for music entertainment. To aid on your decision about which one you should go for, we would like to come up with some guiding tips for your consideration. Sometimes, by just knowing the products you cannot guarantee or decide which one is the best for your preference so some more clue would not a problem for choosing the right products. Hence, here’s a look at some handy buying guides

In-wall spacing

As we are discussing about the in-wall subwoofer so one thing that should come to your mind when buying is the product size. We would suggest that you should look for any type of in-wall speaker that would not kill your space. So, above mentioned in-wall speaker have its considerable small size that you should choose. If you buy those that has a big size, it will invade all your room space which is very annoying and it doesn’t look good for decoration either.

Sound Quality

By stating about sound quality, we mean that you should pick any in-wall subwoofer or in-wall speakers that contain such smooth, clear, and have perfect bass. It should be the in-wall speaker that can deliver excellent and brilliant audio to your environment that should be in your mind. It is very important to consider about the sound quality when thinking about buying the speaker because it is what we use the speaker for.

If you purchase something with low sound quality, it will annoy you every time your turn on your music. That is why sound quality sound be a number one priority to think about. When purchasing any types, you should test its sound quality in the first place.

 Power Consumption

It is also crucial to think about its power consumption or power handling. A good choice for in-wall speaker is the one that can perform very well with low power consumption. As we already know, most people always look for any product that can still deliver its best quality even though it has low power. So, with this, you can save your expense as well as you don’t have to worry about how much of power it consumes every time you use it.


In conclusion, these products should be in your buying list for this year because they are all part of our everyday entertainment companion; especially in the time of stress that music would heal your stressful mind. So, all you need is a high quality of speaker just like these best in wall subwoofers that you can place in your wall. You can listen to good music and watch any good movie with high-quality sound provided by these speakers.

More than that, by using these types of product you can save your precious space because they are all small in size plus they can be placed in the wall and in your ceiling very easily. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your space anymore.