TOP 10 Best Ionic Air Purifiers in 2020 – Review and Buying Guide

Gideon Mini Plug

To help you breathe better and avoid aspiration problems, you need good the best ionic air purifier. In this article, we have compiled the best list of ionic air purifiers.

List Of Top 10 Best Ionic Air Purifiers in 2020

10. OION Technologies

OION Technologies

OION Technologies is the top tenth air purifiers in 2020 that you can trust. It’s an eco- friendly product which can save the environment and money. A static ionizer purification which removes airborne contamination as small as .01micron such as allergens, pollen, mold, smoke, pet anger, unsatisfying odors, dust and other flying pollutants. It contains UVGI technology that can kill germs, viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms which causes diseases.

It’s has long-lasting filter with ultra-low energy usage about 7.5 watts and it also has a high and low settings to conserve energy. It has a carbon filtration which can decrease odors, bad smell , freshen the air and absorbs vaporous airborne pollutants.

It’s really quiet fan that silently absorb air in for purification and cleans and sanitizes the air around you which is really good for your little lovely kids to sleep very well and soundly at night.

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9. hOmeLabs


hOmeLabs comes in a round circle shape which is a very stylish air purifier. It’s an affordable air purifier that will remove nearly a hundred percent of the pollens that come from air. It is designed with an animated carbon filters to decrease the bad smells from both indoors and outdoors like cigarette smoke, fireplace flames, VOCs, pet smell and kitchen smell. It’s durable and very convenient to use that can last about 700 hours of continuous use. It’s only take about 10 seconds or less to replace the filter in just four easy steps. Firstly, you need to rotate the bottom cap counterclockwise to open and detach the bottom cap. Secondly, if filter is dirty or no longer work, remove and replace with a new filter. Then, place the bottom cap back onto the device and mangle clockwise until you hear it click in place. Lastly, using a thin object press and grasp the reset button for 3 seconds to restart the filter check signal.

There are three stages of decontamination which are pre filter for removal of large substances, HEPA filter for a very small pollen , scarp and activated carbon filters for bad smell removal.

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Plixio Portable

Plixio is an eliminating plug-in ionic air purifiers that come in a round shape resembling to a tiny ball that you can plug in like a charger. It’s very convenient to use in everywhere such as in your house, office, bathroom, closet or any space with limited air flow since it’s very tiny. This ionizer is very unique since they don’t produce any chemical smells and don’t require a filter. You also can control the ozone output with a moveable dial between a range of 10-50mg per hour. It will satisfy you if you have a sensitive skin since it helps to reduce asthma and allergy symptoms by fighting against the source of odors and pollutants.

This air purification system is fit enough to use it anywhere with a soundless noise while in use. It’s also one of the eco-friendly product come with a year warranty that help save energy when compared to larger units as it is able to use only less than seven watts which can save some of your money.

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7. Best Choice Products

Best Choice

Best Choice Product is one of the well- known company which produce a lot of good quality products that also included this fresh air ionic purifier. It was designed in a rectangular shape that a black stainless steel with a solid cherry color wood covered at outside and at the back of this air purifier comes with a zinc copper metal. It will absorb the bad smell from molds, pollen, allergies, chemical gases, dust, tobacco smoke, pet smells, paint fumes, food and beverages that can causing you sneezing, asthma, itchy eyes, sinus and ear irritations. It covered up to 3500 square feet of space. It has O3 control and ionization button control which function an air purifier and ionizer that you can switch it high or low whatever you would like.

There is a negative ions created around the clock to keep down dust and particle pollens and its plate receiver slot-allows lodging and removal of ceramic plates for cleaning up.

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Envion Therapure

Envion air purifier look like a stand air conditioner which is in black color. It works really best to absorb the bad smell and dust without giving you even a little bit of sound. It helps to purify the air in medium to large size rooms up to 500 square feet and up to three times in one hour. Especially it destroy cold and flu viruse , form spores and staph and strep bacteria. It will improve the air quality around your house with this modern, chic and effective ionizer pro turbo air purifier(TA400).It was designed with three fan speed settings for ideal airflow.

It will save your money since it’s a long lasting filter which is easily clean and lasts for years. It used less energy than a compact vividly colorful bulb.

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 hOmeLabs 3-in-1

Another air purifier product of hOmeLabs which come in 3 in 1 version that has four stages of purification technology. The heavy duty filtering process included pre-filtered to catch big pollens, a HEPA filter with an activated carbon and ion booster to capture texture allergen and help you breathe easily as well as the UV-C sanitizer that kills surrounding bacteria, viruses, and germs . It can absorb dust, pollen, smoke, mold or pet smell to even the tiniest substances that flows in air very efficiently. This air purifiers ionic use a 360 degree air sound to kill useless odor made by pets, cooking, or cigarette smokers. Then the extra fresh ionic booster helps to release a ton of negative ions to thoroughly purifying surrounding air.

You can trust your air breathe because this air purifier help to absorb 99% of impurity air that is very fit if you are easily get allergic or have a stuffy noses and it also help to protect your respiratory system.

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Gideon Mini Plug

If you want to live in a healthy lifestyle with a Gideon , you just need to plug it in and you will get a fresh and comfortable environment around your house in a quick way. It has a ultra violet kill that can destroy the structure of bacteria and eliminate all of the bad smell so you can easily inhale the fresh air. It’s really convenient to use since you plug it into anywhere you want it to be fresh and you can inhale the clean air later. It’s the best if you put it in your bathroom, kitchen, pet area, baby nursery , classroom and so on.

Its soundless operation which can used continuously 24 hours per day that is very safe to touch provide you a security and healthily lifestyles for you and your family. It will help to save up your energy cost since it only consume 8 watts only and its filter is washable.

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3. Biota Bot

Biota Bot

Biota Bot come in two different series which are MM208 black color and MM6081 white color. It contains of charcoal which is really work to remove formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, smoke smell , pet smell and cooking smell.

This ionizer produces 10 million negative ions per second and is actively to absorb dangerous bacteria that flows in air without creating ozone. Its special feature can sense air quality and activate fan speed in time needed. The replacement of filter will blaze and ring when filter is needed to be clean or replace. The Biota Bot has 5 stages of air refreshing. The first stage is to absorb large particle elements like hair and dust. The composite filter is a double HEPA filter which activate carbon filter with a molecular sieve absorption layer. The antibacterial HEPA filter remove nearly a hundred percent of harmful substances that flows in air of 0.25 micrometer or larger than this which you can’t see it by your eyes. The activated carbon filter will absorb the unnecessary bad smell and dangerous substances that can harm your health. The last stage is the molecular sieve absorption layer absorb smaller particles and the plasma ionizer purify even farther and reduce mold spores and pollens from the air.

It is efficient to know that filter should be replace every 6-12 months and make sure to remove the protection plastic from the filter before using.

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Clevr Wood Ozone

Clevr comes in rectangular shape which is resemble to a big black speaker. This air purifies characterized as two bumps to control ion and fan also the ozone production. You can use ozone monitor and full power mode to capture bad smell and bacteria when you are away or turn off the ozone mode and use as a ionizer air purifiers while you are staying to get a clean environment. It is constructed with a modern wooden casing with more precise ozone output and make an incredible environment at where you put it in. Ozone monitor produce ozone which is a weak bond of oxygen with added single oxygen atoms. Extra oxygen atoms attach and damage air pollutants by changing their molecules. After the interactions, the important product remaining is the fresh breathable oxygen.

It’s a natural ionic air purifier and ionizer that can cover up to 3800 square feet of space and come with a year warranty.

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Wein Travel

Wein is a three star ionic air purifier reviews that is designed in a stylish and unique look. It is made up from solid platinum emitter and electroplated gold grid. It is a ionic purifier that can absorb 100 feet per minute air flow and made in United State of America. It helps to improve your surroundings environment by acting as your first line of fighting against viruses, bacteria, mold, smoke, allergens and other dangerous substances in air. It’s really perfect if you have a long journey to anywhere , you can take this air purifier with you in order to prevent of fatigue and other travel related health problems which give you a pleasant and wonderful trip.

It is a silent, non-filtered, tiny and maintenance free ionizers that you can carry it everywhere with you for providing a clean air around you which is really convenient and comfortable.

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Buying Guide

Before buying the high quality ionic air purifiers and ionizer , it’s very important to know the ionic air purifier benefits which are :

1. To Help with Allergies

The pollens that fly in the air have weaken the immune system and cause many symptoms like a fever, catching a cold, headache and so on. Air purifiers and Ionizers will help you to clean your environment in order to be fresh and neat.

2. To Reduce Asthma Triggers

The main factor that cause an asthma issue is inhaling in polluted and dusty air. Ionic air purifiers are one of the best ways to clean the environment inside your house for a healthy lifestyles.

3. To Prevent Dust

No matter how many times you clean your house, dust and bacteria always stay still on everywhere that sometimes you couldn’t notice and see it through your eyes.
Air purifier is the best thing that can help you reduce the dust by absorbing and trapping these things before they can form into a new generation.

4. To Eliminate Mold

Mold spores are very harmful and dangerous to your health but air purifiers and ionizers will help you to destroy and clean out all the mold and bacteria in order to make sure your stay healthy inside your house.

5. To Reduce Pet Dander and Hair

If you have a pet inside your house which produce a bad smell. Don’t worry because Ionizer will collect and remove pet dander, which will make your pets become healthy and make a clean environment around your house.

6. To Remove Smoke and its Odor

These products are really good at removing and reducing smoke and bad smell that you aren’t satisfy with it to provide you a clean and good smell environment that won’t cause any bad effects to your health conditions.