TOP 10 Best IPad Case for Kids Reviews

ZenRich New iPad

Whether you’ve worried about your kid dropping their iPad on the ground or smashing the iPad, there is a case for you. Here, in this article, we are looking at the top ten best iPad cases for kids.

List Of Top 10 Best IPad Case for Kids Reviews

10. Chinfai 

iPad 2017/2018 Case Kids

The very first product that we want to introduce to you in this list is this Chinfai tablet case for kid. The cool thing about it is that is BPA-free and FDA-approved for your baby’s safety. It has multiple viewing angles and it has a shock absorb design. This case is made out of silicone. The silicone will probably be easier to clean, touch feeling, and you don’t need to worry about the shock or drop this case because of its thickness around the edges.

The design is cute, and the ipad’s speaker and power button on the tablet that are easy to press even with this case on. Your kid will definitely like that. This case is compatible with iPad 5th and 6th generation, iPad Air&Air2, and iPad Pro in a variety of colors.

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9. ZenRich

ZenRich New iPad

If you are looking for the best case cover for your tablet, probably this ZenRich tablet case is your choice. This case designed specifically for iPad 9.7 inch 5th and 6th generation. It is made of durable flexible rubber-like silicone that can protects your iPad against scratches as well as keeps your iPad secured and protected from drop.

Moreover, this case is equipped with shoulder belt that makes it easier to carry it at anywhere. This shoulder belt is adjustable and removable. This case dimension is 10.7 x 9.5 x 1.2 inches and coming in a variety of colors.

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8. TopEsct

TopEs iPad Mini Case Kids

This TopEsct case is a good choice if you are looking for a rugged protection and cute design for your kid.  This case is designed with high quality child-safe silicone that is very easy to install and remove from your iPad, non-slip, anti-dust, and scratch-free, and even from the incident drop.

It also can protect the back of your iPad as well as the slide. The cut-outs of this case is very clear that allow you to enjoy all of its features such as charger port, speakers, cameras, earphones, and power button. This case fits an Apple iPad Mini3, iPad Mini2, iPad Mini and iPad Mini Retina Models.

It has 3 handles and the back side had a pull out stand. It also comes with a strap so you can carry the case on the shoulder if you want. The best thing that comes with this case is the seller also includes a tempered glass protection in the package. This is such a great purchases that I highly recommend for parents with young kids.

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7. Pixiu

iPad 4 Case,iPad 2 Case

Here is durable and functional case for tablet from Pixiu. The outer cover is soft and feels good when you hold it. This case is really easy to fit to your iPad as well as protect from scratches and easy to clean. The use of anti-static silicone in this case could reduce surface dust and make your kid easy to hold.

The case also provides you a confident feeling if your iPad drops accidentally. The side buttons work great and the port for charging is easy accessible. This case is compatible with Apple iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad2. It even comes with two colors navy blue, and green. The price is fantastic for the quality of this best ipad mini 4 case.

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6. Pure Sense

Pure Sense Buddy

Another recommendation from us is this outstanding Buddy tablet case by Pure Sense. This case is designed specifically for kid, but great for everyone. This case offers a good level of protection for your iPad with the durability for all those accidental drops. More importantly, its soft foamy exterior equipped with shoulder strap makes it easier to carry around and easy to grip for children hand and prevent from falling.

There are accurate openings that you can easily access to volume, changing port, headphones, speaker, and front and back cameras. This Buddy case is compatible with iPad Pro 12.9 1st and 2nd generation

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New iPad 9.7

Next, this is another highly reviewed tablet covers from KIDSPR. This case comes with very cool design for you. It has three different adjustable angles that allows your kid more convenient to watch movie, cartoon, and other entertainment. Trusty three-layer protection ensures that your iPad have fully body protection from drop, dust, scratches, bump, and even rain.

The silicone material used in this cover provides a better grip that can prevent damages from slips and falls. This case is specially designed for iPad Pro 9.7 2017 and 2018. The KIDSPR also offers 1-year warranty for this case with an unconditional return and exchange policy.

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4. Speck

Speck Products iGuy

The Speck tablet case is another top-rated case for iPad you should check out. This freestanding foam case for iPad (iGuy) is the perfect partner for families with young kid. It function is not different from others on the list, but it is more flexible. Foam construction, and lightweight make it easy and fun to hold with had. Its free standing offers a very convenient viewing angle for your kid. This iGuy compatible with Apple devices like iPad 4, iPad 3, and iPad 2.

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3. HDE

HDE Case for iPad

Here, let’s check out another infamous brand, HDE. This case is awesome in some of its functions. This case cut-outs is very convenient and clear to use. It allows you to access to speaker and cameras usage while a pop out on the button let you charge your tablet at ease without removing it from protective shell. This tablet case is also equipped with a handle, makes it a little easier for your child to hold on to a tablet.

This is one of the tablet cases that also can protect your tablet form random spills, bump, and drop. This HDE case comes in a variety of colors that you can choose to fit your kid’s preference. It is compatible with new iPad 9.7 6th &5th generation.

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2. TopEsct

New iPad

Another highly recommended option from us is TopEsct tablet case. This case is also built with kids friendly silicone material that offers more useful for your iPad such as easy to install, remove, clean, non-slip, anti-dust, and could protected your iPad from falling. This tablet cover is designed with three handles and kickstand on the back that will make it easier for you kid to carry.

The cut-outs of this case is also convenient that enables you to access to tablet functions easily. This case comes with four color blue, pink, green, and purple. This case fits in with 2017 new iPad 9.7 inch, iPad Air/5.

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1 Supcase


For the last of the most highly rated tablet case for kids, let us introduce to you the Unicorn Beetle Pro for iPad 9.7 2017/2018 by Supcase. This UB pro is both dependable and highly functional. It is very durable. It comes with a built-in screen protector and kickstand. The kickstand on the back is actually pretty sturdy and useful.

The screen protector isn’t glass, but the plastic that it is seems decent that you don’t need to worry about the sensitivity of the touch screen. This case provides full access to iPad ports and can protect from dust and scratches. It comes in a variety of color that you can choose.

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So we are at the end of our list about top ten best case iPad case for kid, and now it is your turn to decide which one is your favorite based on our informed information. So what are you waiting for? Get one for you kid as a gift.